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On Your Phone While Driving an Electric Skateboard

Skateboards are fun, but you have to do all that pesky kicking in order to get anywhere. That’s why [Nick] decided to build his own electric skateboard. Not only is the skateboard powered with an electric motor, but the whole thing can be controlled from a smart phone.

[Nick] started out with a long board deck that he had made years ago. After cleaning it up and re-finishing it, the board was ready for some wheels. [Nick] used a kit he found online that came with the trucks, wheels, and a belt. The trucks have a motor mount welded in place already. [Nick] used a Turnigy SK3 192KV electric motor to drive the wheels. He also used a Turnigy electronic speed controller to make sure he could vary the speed of the board while riding.

Next [Nick] needed some interface between a smart phone and the motor controller. He chose to use an Arduino Nano hooked up to a Bluetooth module. The Nano was able to directly drive the motor controller, and the Bluetooth module made it easy to sync up to a mobile phone. The Android app was written using MIT’s App Inventor software. It allows for basic control over the motor speed so you can cruise in style. Check out the video below for a slide show and some demonstration clips.

It’s a popular project, and eerily similar to the one we saw a couple months back.

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Electric Mountain Board with Wireless Control

As though an electric mountain board isn’t cool enough for zipping around, this industrious inventor just added wireless control.  We previously featured Andres Guzman’s mountain board which, at the time, was controlled via a PlayStation Controller.  This time, he uses a glove laced with sensors & switches to control the device

A power supply and an Arduino are mounted to the glove, as well as a transceiver serving as the communication link between the board and the glove. Speed control is provided by a flex sensor and a dead-man switch stops the board if Guzman takes a fall.  An awesome build to add to our collection of robotics & Arduino projects!

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