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LEO the Arduino Compatible robot

Hi Lets Make Robots,

We have a robot kit on Kickstarter that we think people might like. It is the first kit we designed that makes use of our HUB-ee wheel hub motors (which you can already get from places like Sparkfun and

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Oreo-creme hater builds Rube Goldberg CNC router to remove the Stuf

Look, we understand the need to find a project to occupy your time and interest. So we’re not going to ask the wrong question (why?) for this one. This guy hates the creme that connects the chocolate cookies to make an Oreo. So he built a complicated system to separate the cookies and remove the creme. Check out the video after the break for a hardware overview (where we catch a glimpse of an Arduino RBBB) and a complete demonstration.

Although the project is a marketing gimmick for the company, we really love the fun they had making the video and the device actually works! Drop a cookie in the chute and it will be lifted into position for cleaving with a hatchet (we’re unsure what the string mechanism on the hatchet is for). The two pieces are then grabbed by some servo-powered grippers and transferred to a CNC router bed where a Dremel tool removes the residual creme before dumping the cookies out into your hand.

Once again, marketers should take note of this style of advertising. Notice the two main features achieved here: including a product in something we’re genuinely interested in and not being annoying (we’re looking at you Head-On).

[via Reddit]

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Hack a Day 01 Mar 17:01

Motor Shield with current measurement

Hi all,

Today I want to introduce our new product - Motor Shield to you.


The Motor Shield is a platform for robotics and mechanical applications based on L298N. The biggest characteristic of this Motor Shield is it can measure the driver current via the two high power cement resistor(the two big white resistors in the picture).

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Let's Make Robots 01 Mar 09:19

12 DOF hexapod kit now sold by SparkFun

The 12 DOF hexapod kit from DAGU is one of the simplest hexapod kits ever!

Quick and easy to assemble, the body only consist of 12 leg segments, 12 foam rubber feet, 12 servos and a base plate with a hole pattern that allows controllers and sensors to be easily mounted.

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Let's Make Robots 26 Oct 18:09
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Spider controller now sold by SparkFun

The DAGU Red back Spider controller is an Arduino Mega (1280) compatible controller that is especially designed for driving a large number of servos. All 70 I/O pins are terminated in servo compatible 3pin male headers as well as the standard female header and the power supply is a switchmode power supply delivering 5V @ 3A from an input voltage of 7V - 32V.

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Let's Make Robots 26 Oct 17:41
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New Micro Magician V2

The new improved Micro Magician V2 is here! It has all the features you loved in the original Micro Magician but with an ATmega328P, improved power supply that can work at lower input voltages and both 5V and 3.3V LDO regulators for powering all your sensors. The new black and yellow PCB looks great and is easier to read.


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Doodle Bot on Instructables and MAKE Projects

Well I sent 2 Doodle Bots to Andrew to show at Makers Faire and for anyone interested I have now put detailed, step by step instructions here:


MAKE Projects:

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Let's Make Robots 29 Sep 15:48

Doodle Bot - beginners platform

The Doodle Bot is a very simple robotic platform for beginners, students and hobbyist.

The Chassis is a simple laser cut panel with two ball raced geared motors and a servo for raising and lowering a white board marker, jumbo chalk or crayon. Each wheel is fitted with an 8-pole magnet that is monitored by hall effect sensors to form two simple wheel encoders.

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Introducing BoardX: The Open Source Miniature Robotics Motherboard

Hi Everybody!

Long time robot enthusiast here, but just joined up after searching for some robotics tutorials. I'm searching for ideas to create a beginners robotics kit for my open source project, BoardX.

I'm going to post some information here, and if anybody is interested in purchasing one, send me an email and I'll give you instructions on how to get a discount!

Here's my site:

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Parker1 WiFi / 4G Mobile Robot








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Let's Make Robots 19 Jun 12:22
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