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New on the Shed—the Light Blue Bean

We looked at Punch Through Design's Light Blue Bean before, but now the hardware is shipping. Get yours from the Maker Shed.

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Ultimate Ardunio Microcontroller Pack: Last Chance to Save $30!

Still haven't picked up an Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack? Sunday at Midnight PST is your last chance to save $30 on this kit, the equivalent for getting an Arduino FREE!

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Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit Now Available in the Maker Shed

The Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit, which includes two Arduino-compatible gas sensors and the book Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, is now available in the Maker Shed. Use the sensors together to accurately measure ground-level air pollution and store the data for future analysis, or create a device for gas leakage detection in your home.

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Mintduino Game Pack – Learning Arduino from the Ground Up

Want to learn about Arduino from the ground up? The Mintduino Game Pack teaches you all about basic electronics, breadboarding and programming piece by piece. When you finish, you'll have a fun, two player game to play with a friend and a firm grasp in the world of microcontrollers.

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Learn a New Skill in the New Year – Getting Started with Arduino

Why not add learning a new skill to your repertoire in the New Year? I know you've seen loads of projects that use the Arduino, and with special deals on our Getting Started with Arduino Kit, there's no better time to learn how to use this versatile microcontroller.

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LED Atmospheric Analyzer Kit Now Available In The Maker Shed

The Maker Shed LED Atmospheric Analyzer Kit is now available in the Maker Shed. Use it to create a photometer, a device that measures how much blue, green, and red light are penetrating the atmosphere.

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New in the Maker Shed: Arduino Due

The newest Arduino has just arrived in the Maker Shed. The Arduino Due is the first 32-bit ARM powered Arduino and packs a number of high-level features into a low-cost package.

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New in the Maker Shed: Arduino WiFi Shield

Looking for a way to network enable your Arduino projects without wires? Look no further, you need the Arduino WiFi Shield available in the Maker Shed! This shield fits atop your Arduino and will connect to an 802.11b/g network with relative ease. The shield comes completely assembled and uses pass [...]

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In the Maker Shed: Using the Minty Mote Arduino Remote

Do you want to add a simple wireless remote control to your Arduino projects without spending a bundle? The Minty Mote Kit (available in the Maker Shed) can be used for door bells, basic home automation, a simple robot controller and more.

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MaKey MaKey in the Maker Shed!

After a delay from hurricane Sandy, MaKey MaKeys have arrived in the Maker Shed! In case you haven't heard, the MaKey MaKey is a Arduino based interface for computer interaction. It lets you to turn nearly any somewhat conductive object (like oranges, bacon, or your labradoodle) into a keyboard key.

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