Processing Tools For Arduino

There are many ways to control your Arduino. Many many many ways. These can be through another Arduino, buttons, potentiometers, R/C, and more. One really cool way is through the computer. There are also a bunch of ways to accomplish this. An easy way is to use Processing. Processing is a program th...
By: RobotsWillRule

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Instructables 30 May 01:09

Don't Press the Red Button - Arduino Style

Don’t Press the Red Button - Arduino StyleIt’s a gag and / or prank device to have some fun with family and friends.It has voices, noises, sounds and a flashing light and must be seen to be appreciated.The video says it all.Red Button Parts Breadboard Power SupplyArduino mini ( I used an old An...
By: paulindallas

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Instructables 30 May 00:45

Alarm Box

I will show you how to add an alarm to a box to frighten people who try to look inside. ;) Parts BreadboardSpeaker (the one I am using is a Mastertone 8 ohm speaker)Nine volt (9V) batteryBattery connecting wiresArduino (I'm using the UNO)33 ohm resistorbuttonJumper wiresBoxMasking tapeUSB connect...
By: laassp13

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Instructables 30 May 00:07

Project A.P.O.R.V

Intro:Dear Instructables readers and esteemed judges. Me and my project Partner have built a purpose built vehicle by using An Arduino and two continuous rotation servos. We are High School Students who made this as a end of the year project in our engineering class. Please keep this fact in mind wh...
By: Somel99

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Instructables 29 May 21:11

Lego Robot Fight

By Thawarat Karn Panusokul Joe Maruca Material and Tools 1. LEGO2. Arduino3. 2 Bottom switch 4. Balsa Wood 5. 2 RadioShack No. 27307666. 9V battery packs10. A lot of wire 11. External battery pack 13. Super Glue Dragon Lore BABY ! 1. Make 2 different robots out of legos.2. Glue mounting adapte...
By: nykarn

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Instructables 29 May 20:42

Using Arduino Leonardo as mouse and keyboard, controll by bluetooth.

One awsome feature in Arduino Leonardo, which make it special board, is that it can act as mouse and keyboard on computer. this could be usefull to controll the computer by different way, such as joy stick and here BLUETOOTH!things used here are : *Arduino Leonardo board*USB cable*HC-05 bluetooth ad...
By: 3azzoz

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Instructables 29 May 20:09

Arduino Weather

Some Arduino projects that revolve around the weather. Tidal Clock Smart Thermostat DIY Miniature Thermometer LED wind indicator Easter Egg Anemometer (Wind Speed Meter) Digital Thermometer With Arduino & DS18B20
By: epitts2

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Instructables 29 May 19:10

Behind The Mirror - Hidden Places

For more information and detailed diagrams, visit today.Gage Jaeger Get an Arduino, Breadboard, Photocell, and 8 ohm Speaker. Ground the assembly, put in a 4.7k ohm resistor and a 100 ohm resistor, and hook the wires to the Power Supply ports on the Ar...
By: Jaeger1999

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Instructables 29 May 16:42

How to use Potentiometer - Arduino Tutorial

For those beginning to learn about robotics, particularly in the area of building circuits, you may have come across the question of how to change the brightness of a LED, without having to keep switching parts. Quite simply, the solution to this issue is a potentiometer.Potentiometers are variable ...
By: codebender_cc

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Instructables 29 May 14:42

Hidden Compartment in a Shoe

In this instructable, you will learn how to how to make a hidden compartment in a shoe. First, you will need a shoe with a heel. I chose a man's dress shoe because it has a wider heel compared to a lady's shoe. Cut the Heel Next, I cut the heel of the shoe for the compartment. I used a clamp to h...
By: Pede267

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Instructables 29 May 03:03