Automated pumpkin patch to scare trick-or-treaters!

Using eight jack-o’-lanterns and an Arduino Mega, “CrankyCoder” built his own automated pumpkin patch.

CrankyCoder’s favorite holiday, as well as his family’s, is Halloween. After creating a skull that follows people around a few years ago, he decided to take things up a notch with his “Creepy Pumpkin Patch.” His patch includes eight pumpkins on the edges of a path with homemade pressure switches in between. As trick-or-treaters walk by, the patch is activated, making the pumpkins spin creepily.

Cleverly, CrankyCoder employs two pie pans with marbles in between for each rotating pumpkin, creating ball bearings to support the weight. Also, instead of a candle or other complicated electronics, he’s using flickering LEDs from the dollar store to produce a creepy lighting effect.

With Halloween just days away, be sure to check out the project’s video seen here or its GitHub page to get started on your own Creepy Pumpkin Patch.

Gato Laser

VAMOS: Montar dois servo-motores SG-90 e conectá-los em Arduino Uno R3. Desenvolver código em Ardublock (visual) para mover a montagem em dois eixos (x e y). O movimento será aleatóreo de forma que uma caneta laser montada no topo irá iluminar o chão e mudar a posição de tempos em tempos, incentivan...
By: WirttiP

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Instructables 27 Oct 16:51

Pinguino Project (a PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino)

Hey Guys i am Back after 2 months with Awesome Project,This is a Complete tutorial to make PIC Microcontroller based Arduino ,which can run Arduino Programs on PIC18F4550 or PIC18F2550 Microcontroller , one advantage on this microcontroller is ,it does'nt require any External Programmers, Since it h...

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Smart Curtain

Tired of opening and closing the curtain every morning and evening, I tried to design a device that can open and close the curtain in my room automatically according to the illumination outside. My initial design is to use a motor to move a a rubber conveyor that is connected with the curtain. Here'...
By: Zhangyifan

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The Mischievious Robots of Halloween! Part 2

Hey everyone. We’ve been busy in our labs preparing the entire clan of our special Halloween series of Robots! The next robot is here for everyone to see! With the last robot we introduced, it had a very interesting story, and it was said that in order welcome in Halloween, there were secret meeting...
By: Makeblock Robotics

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Simple Supermarket App Using RFID RC-522 and Arduino Mega

Its good to see you guys again here on my another tutorial , here i'm going to help you to create a simple supermarket application using RFID RC-522 and Arduino with Processing to create simple GUI.Note:don't run Arduino serial monitor while running processing code because port conflict will occur a...
By: Johnson Selva

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81 7-segment displays combine to form mega Sudoku game

Using a rather large custom PCB, Hari Wiguna made a Sudoku board using discreet LED displays and a physical keypad.

Most people, buy a book and play Sudoku with a pencil or perhaps just get an app. Those that are really dedicated buy a standalone game, but this wasn’t good enough for Wiguna, who made his own electronic board not out of a normal LCD screen, but from 27 three-character LED modules to display the game on a glowing grid. Input is done via a keypad, which uses the grid layout to allow for two-button selection of any square.

Though extremely impressive, it doesn’t yet have a puzzle generator. Wiguna would welcome any contributions for this code-wise!

You can find out more about this project on his pageon GitHub, as well as in his detailed YouTube videos below.

Arduino Blog 26 Oct 18:41
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Dad builds a ‘Princess Cumulus’ costume for his daughter

Maker dad Royce Husain and his daughter Zoey have made it an annual Halloween tradition to build fun and exciting new costumes. Following in the footsteps of last year’s El Niño project and the incredibly popular Minnie Mouse stick figure from 2014, the duo is back with another elaborate getup: a Princess Cumulus thunderstorm that is admittedly “a bit impractical for actual trick-or-treating.” (But cool nevertheless!)

The costume itself consists of a cotton-covered inflatable suit along with LED strips connected to an Arduino programmed to produce a flashing lightning effect.

Be sure to check it out below!


Pomoduino Timer

Pomodoro Technique is a popular time management method. It is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improves mental agility. And by breaking down the work into 30 intervals and separated by short breaks, one can largely improve his productivity.Although I found it less helpful when using a pomo...
By: chaoyu_

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Mountain Electrocardiography

2016/10 - MFA D+T - Mountain Electrocardiography - BY: MAXianghan给朕的江山号号脉 - 作者:马香涵。 Plan Your Design Sketch out the interaction you want to have. Draw out the mechanism behind it. Let Arduino Talks to Processing Make serial communications between Arduino and Processing. Sending data from Ardu...
By: MAXianghan

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