Accelerometer Controlled Light Gauntlets

This Halloween, I decided to be Alina Starkov from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. In the books, she's the one and only Sun Summoner, doing magic with light and heat. Since those powers were beyond me, I put together a set of Arduino-controlled gauntlets instead, that would light up on gesture...
By: palladias

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Instructables 31 Oct 05:50

Making a Semi-Modular Perfboard Arduino

This instructable will outline the steps necessary to create a functional, modular, yet slightly minimal, but reliable, Arduino clone. It is my first instructable, so enjoy!When I set out to build this Arduino, I didn't plan on making an instructable for anyone else to build one. However, while res...
By: jdgabbard

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Instructables 31 Oct 04:12

Tank with video controlled by app inventor android and bluetooth

Bueno, el objetivo de este proyecto DIY es el poder implementar un vehículo con orugas.El cual cuente con: 1. Transmisión de vídeo 2. Las instrucciones de desplazamiento sea por comandos a través de bluetooth 3. El "control" de este vehículo, o sea el encargado de enviar los comandos sea una aplicac...

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Instructables 31 Oct 02:13

Gesture controlled slideshow image view

Controlling an image viewer with hand gesture.Swipe right to next image, swipe left to previous image. Parts and the circuit Parts:- 1x Arduino leonardo (pro micro)- 2x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensorCheck the image for the connecting.Arduino code is on the bottom.The idea is very simple:If swipe right...
By: planetleak

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Instructables 30 Oct 22:42

Universal Remote Laser Tag

Blast away your friends for hours on end with this custom laser tag system. Who needs to pay to play in an arena when you can make your very own game? Best of all, no special equipment is required, because the "guns" are regular universal TV remotes! Parts and Materials This list includes enoug...
By: Aleator777

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Instructables 30 Oct 22:35

Bluetooth Cybot on the move

A while back I wrote a couple of instructables for user interface creation and the control of the Cybot base using commands from either the keyboard or from a bar code scanner.Links to these are below:User interface: Control: http://www.ins...

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Instructables 30 Oct 21:16

Smart home with arduino

Hello.I will show you how to build your own smart home. It shows the temperature both inside and outside, the window is open or closed, shows when it rains and make alarm when the PIR sensor senses move. I made the application on the android to display all the data (you can also watch it on browser...
By: Nikus

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Instructables 30 Oct 18:19

Bluetooth-Enabled Danger Sign for Lab

[A Raymond] had some free time at work, and decided to spend it on creating a wireless warning sign. According to his blog profile, he is a PhD student in Applied Physics. His lab utilizes a high-powered laser system. His job is to use said system, but only after it’s brought online by faculty scientists. The status of the laser system is changed by a manual switchbox that controls the warning signs wired around the lab entrances. Unfortunately, if you were in the upstairs office, you only knew this after running downstairs to check. [A Raymond's] admitted laziness finally got the better of him – he wanted a sign that displayed the laser’s status from the comfort of the office. He had an old sign he could use, but he wanted a way for it to communicate with the switchbox downstairs. After some thought, he decided Bluetooth was the way to go, using a pair of BlueSMiRF Bluetooth modules from Sparkfun and Arduino Uno R3’s.

He constructed a metal box that intercepted the cable from the main switchbox, mounting one BlueSMiRF and Uno into it. Upon learning that the switchbox sends 12V AC signals over three individual status wires, he half-wave rectified the wires and divided their voltages so that the Uno wouldn’t fry. Instead, it determined which status wire that had active voltage. and sent a “g(reen)”, “y(ellow)”, or “r(ed)” signal continuously via Bluetooth. On the receiving end, [A Raymond] gutted the sign and mounted the other BlueSMiRF and Uno into it along with some green, yellow, and red LEDs. The LEDs light up in response to the corresponding Bluetooth signal.

The result is a warning sign that is always up-to-date with the switchbox’s status. We’ve covered projects using Bluetooth before, from plush birds to cameras- [A Raymond's] wireless sign is in good company. He notes that it’s “missing” a high pitched whining noise when the “Danger” lights are on. If he decides to add an accompanying (annoying) sound, he couldn’t go wrong with something like this. Regardless, we’re sure [A Raymond] is happy that he no longer has to go back and forth between floors before he can use the laser.

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Bluetooth Control RC Tank + Android + Arduino

May peace be upon you This is my first instructable. It is about controlling your rc tank via bluetooth instead of using radio frequency. There are many project like this but this is my way. hahahaI started to think that I am so lazy to bring the controller of the rc tank. So I got the idea to make ...
By: jeneral

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Instructables 30 Oct 01:44

Command Line Assembly Language Programming for Arduino Tutorial 3

Welcome to tutorial number 3!Before we get started I want to state a philosophical point. Don't be afraid to experiment with the circuits and the code that we are constructing in these tutorials. Change wires around, add new components, take components out, change lines of code, add new lines, delet...
By: 1o_o7

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Instructables 30 Oct 00:04