Arduino Controlled Smart Hydroponic Modular System

We love electronic and plants. We have create our hydroponic system during the activity "Robotic in family" in the Juan de Lanuza School.We want to create a portable system in order to show it in all the school and to cultivate regional plants during the year.HydroponicHydroponics for us is not only...
By: Innovart Studio

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Instructables 20 Jul 16:24

Binary LED Marble Clock

Now I think just about everybody has a binary clock and here's my version. What I enjoyed was that this project combined some woodwork, programming, learning, electronics and perhaps just a little artistic creativity. It shows time, month, date, day of week, temperature and humidity on the marble di...
By: shawvale

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Instructables 20 Jul 16:18

Knight Rider Meets Ironman Reactor

i saw some ironman arc, only with led, and the neopixel code was all with changing colors, so I wanted a mixture of kinght rider and ironman arc reactor, only with white light.will describe better in the upcoming weeks Code I only wanted white lightuint32_t low = strip.Color(0, 0, 0); uint32_t hi...
By: rao003

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Instructables 20 Jul 15:54

How to Build a N64 TASBot

I would like to start out with giving out two shoutouts and a description for a TASBot. The first shoutout goes to Arduino, if they had not formed their company, this tutorial would not be here. The second shoutout goes to SM64Vidz, for his amazing video that started this tutorial(
By: ChocolatePancake

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Instructables 19 Jul 23:49

Ardubuino (an Arduboy Compatible Clone)

Arduboy is an open source credit card size gaming console that has an active community not only on its software where alot of people develop their own game for the platform but also on its hardware where there are also alot of people came up with their own custom arduboy hardware.I personally cannot...
By: chalei

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Instructables 19 Jul 20:59

Energy Harvesting Design Doesn’t Need Sleep

Every scrap of power is precious when it comes to power harvesting, and working with such designs usually means getting cozy with a microcontroller’s low-power tricks and sleep modes. But in the case of the Ultra Low Power Energy Harvester design by [bobricius], the attached microcontroller doesn’t need to worry about managing power at all — as long as it can finish its job fast enough.

The idea is to use solar energy to fill a capacitor, then turn on the microcontroller and let it run normally until the power runs out. As a result, a microcontroller may only have a runtime in the range of dozens of microseconds, but that’s just fine if it’s enough time to, for example, read a sensor and transmit a packet. In early tests, [bobricius] was able to reliably transmit a 16-bit value wirelessly every 30 minutes using a small array of photodiodes as the power supply. That’s the other interesting thing; [bobricius] uses an array of BPW34 photodiodes to gather solar power. The datasheet describes them as silicon photodiodes, but they can be effectively used as tiny plastic-enclosed solar cells. They are readily available and can be arranged in a variety of configurations, while also being fairly durable.

Charging a capacitor then running a load for a short amount of time is one of the simplest ways to manage solar energy, and it requires no unusual components or fancy charge controllers. As long as the load doesn’t mind a short runtime, it can be an effective way to turn even indoor light into a figuratively free power source.

Controlar Dispositivos Electrónicos a Través De Mensajes De Texto - SIM800L Y Arduino

El día de hoy vamos a construir un pequeño proyecto que nos servirá para controlar cualquier tipo de dispositivo electrónico, desde lamparas hasta televisores, a través de mensajes de texto. Todo esto lo vamos a realizar con algunos materiales y componentes electrónicos que necesitaremos, entre ello...
By: eltallerdetd

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Instructables 19 Jul 19:25

How to Create Custom Character for LCD

Hello there, fellow electronic enthusiasts, ever wanted to create your own custom characters for your boring L.C.D. display and spice things up a little in display aspects of your project? If yes, then this Instructable is for you, let’s get started. Watch The Video Gather The Requirements w...
By: MissionCritical

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Instructables 19 Jul 18:31

Digital Hourglass Using PICO

We all have started working on a project for an hour, only to end up working on it for 3 hours unknowingly. And today, we're going to fix this problem, and we'll do all of that in less than an hour!We will create an alarm that uses LEDs and a buzzer to alarm you when the time interval finishes. It w...
By: MellBell Electronics

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Instructables 19 Jul 16:57


This instructable is the written version of my "Arduino : How to Use a Servo Motor with an External Power" YouTube video that I've uploaded recently. I strongly recommend you to check it out.Visit YouTube Channel Tutorial Servo, can be powered by another power source without Arduino power. Only t...
By: Tech Hunt

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Instructables 19 Jul 16:24