Bluetooth Robot with computer Interface

Control the motion of a two-wheeled robot wirelessly from a virtual remote on the computer screen. Using the bluetooth HC-06 receiver and two continuous rotation servos, an Arduino based robot can be programmed to receive values over bluetooth and control the robot accordingly. These control values ...
By: stuartrucker

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Control of a DC motor with Arduino and Visual Basic

Hello friends this is my first post in where I will try to bring more Novelty des often. Today theme is with Arduino and Visual Basic. The project that we see today is controller one dc motor with Arduino and Visual Basic. To control a dc motor is not enough voltage of 5 v arduino ...
By: bouchy

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Instructables 28 Jul 23:33

Bar Mixva: The Drink Mixing Robot

If you’d like a “cool refreshing drink,” but don’t really feel like mixing it yourself, why not just build a robot to do it for you? It might not save time in the long run (I seriously hope not), but as creator Yu Jiang Tham notes, “It’s great fun at […]

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Arduino, Mini Sonar Robot

In this project I want to make a mini-sonar robot with arduino pro mini. Sonar or ultrasonic sensors work on a principle similar to radar or sonar, which evaluate attributes of a target by interpreting the echoes from radio or sound waves respectively. Active ultrasonic sensors generate high frequen...
By: m-shams

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Instructables 28 Jul 19:04

Fritzing is out with a new release including Arduino Yún microcontroller!

Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative that makes electronics accessible as a creative material for anyone. You can easily learn how to build a circuit for you project and also design your own PCB.

Last week, the Fritzing team announced the new release with a number of new parts, especially a number of popular microcontrollers, among which also Arduino Yún:

We have upgraded to their latest version Qt5, which brings stability and speed improvements (especially for Mac OS X users). This also enables us to port fritzing to Android, iOS, etc.

You can download Fritzing 0.9.0b at this link.


Arduino Blog 28 Jul 16:39

Home automation system using Arduino and SIM900 GSM module

Hi there! As I've was almost finishing my studies at Faculty of Engineering, I had to make a graduation project and my thought was to make a jaw-dropping thing (I know that's hilarious :D ) to show everybody that I'm a good prototype maker and I can turn ideas into real and useful things. I know GSM...
By: Timofte Andrei

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Instructables 28 Jul 14:25

Digioxide: A Portable Device That Makes Art Out of Environmental Pollution

In an effort to raise public awareness of environmental pollution, artist Dmitry Morozov has created a device called that makes digital prints from the pollutants it detects.

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Build your own Talking Tom toy with SCRATCH and Arduino

Do you like Talking Tom? What about making our own interactive (Arduino/Scratch) Talking Tom toy? In this instructable we will show you how to build this toy using sensors and bi-directional ScratchArduino communication to make the program in Scratch not only command the puppet, but also to contr...
By: awangenh

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Instructables 28 Jul 12:20

A Better Google Glass For $60 (This One Folds)

For [Tony]‘s entry for The Hackaday Prize, he’s doing something we’ve all seen before – a head mounted display, connected to a Bluetooth module, displaying information from a smartphone. What we haven’t seen before is a cheap version of this tech, and a version of Google Glass that folds – you know, like every other pair of glasses on the planet – edges this project over from ‘interesting’ to ‘nearly practical’.

For the display, [Tony] is using a 0.96″ OLED connected to an Arduino Nano. This screen is directed into the wearer’s eye with a series of optics that, along with every other part of the frame, was 3D printed on a Solidoodle 2. The frame itself not only folds along the temples, but also along the bridge, making this HMD surprisingly compact when folded up.

Everything displayed on this head mounted display is controlled by  either an Android phone or a Bluetooth connection to a desktop. Using relatively simple display means [Tony] is limited to text and extremely simple graphics, but this is more than enough for some very interesting applications; reading SMS messages and checking email is easy, and doesn’t overpower the ‘duino.

The project featured in this post is an entry in The Hackaday Prize. Build something awesome and win a trip to space or hundreds of other prizes.

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Projection-making Advertising Blimp. by AnTiProcrastination

Hi! This is AnTiProcrastination. We are from University of Michigan -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (see Logo. in Figure 1) located in Min Hang District of Shanghai (Figure 2; cited from AnTiProcrastination is formed as a team in the course "Introduction to Eng...
By: AnTiProcrastination

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