Maker Faire Rome 2014 – What have you built with Arduino?

Many of you were with us last October  in Rome for the European Maker Faire together with more than 500 makers from all over the world! The event was massive and 90 thousands people visited the booths, the workshops and the presentations taking place in those days.

To celebrate the amazing moments we created a series of short videos showcasing the use of Arduino in projects hosted during the Faire. Our crew explored the whole exhibition and talked with a lot of makers presenting a project with Arduino inside. We asked them four simple questions:

  • What have you built?
  • Which problem does your project solve?
  • Why did you use Arduino as a controller
  • How long did it take to make it?

Now it’s time to  share with you the videos.
In this page you can find the video promo with a preview of the upcoming videos and the first interview (of  18 interviews) to the makers: Stefano Ceroni talks about his “Brain-controlled bionic hand”:

Arduino Blog 22 Dec 16:24

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Instructables 22 Dec 08:31

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Instructables 22 Dec 07:21


Hi friends,Its first time for this 17 year old boy in here so please excuse me if there are any MistakesYour suggestion and comments are greatly appreciatedHere I am to share my experience-to add few components to your remote control car to control it using Any Android that can download apps and has...

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Instructables 22 Dec 07:00

POV Globe

A simple persistence of vision globe. PLAY VIDEOThis is a project I've had in mind for quite some time and the "Make It Glow" contest was just the motivation I needed to inspire me to pull out an old 5 LED POV display and take it to the next level, using shift registers. If you enjoy this instruct...
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Instructables 22 Dec 01:32

ATtiny85 dual digital readout

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Instructables 21 Dec 22:27

Intel Edison Temperature logger with RBG-LCD

First of all, Thank you very much Instructables+Intel for the Edison board and the grove starter kit plus! This project is the first thing i did with the board just to test it and it is very easy for anyone to do. More user friendly project's that anyone can build coming soon! Unboxing and setting...
By: mkarvonen

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Instructables 21 Dec 20:06