"GREY MATTER Minion" Radar

Lets make cool radar... using arduino.... Have fun guys.... Prepare these items........ 1. Arduino microcontroller(I'm using arduino uno)2. Ultrasonic sensor3. Servo motor4. Clay5. Wires6. Breadboard Circuit Diagram Prepare the circuit using this picture Coding.. Upload the code for ardu...
By: bevylabs

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Instructables 24 Jul 15:58

Controlling Devices Wirelessy From Your Phone Using Arduino Bluetooth Module

In this project we will explain how to connect and control an Arduino and the devices connected to it, from your iPhone using the Bluetooth module (KEYES HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Port Module) you can use the same concept to simply control LED or you can go all the way to control a Quadcopter or a ...
By: FABLABJubail

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Instructables 24 Jul 14:51

Getting Started With Arduino : Blink

Hello everyone, Welcome to my first instructable.In this instructable we'll be learning how to program an Arduino UNO to blink a LED. Parts For, Blinking a LED with arduino we'll need:An ArduinoA LEDA 220 ohm resistorSome jumper or hookup wires Wiring Hookup all the components according to the...
By: Michael-John-123987

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Instructables 24 Jul 14:06

Arduino : Reading Sensor Data Using Bluetooth

This tutorial demonstrates a simple way to make use of bluetooth for reading data in arduino projects.The aim of this tutorial is to gather sensor data from a simple temperature sensor and transfer it to the PC using bluetooth communication. On the PC side, a simple arduino sketch is written, which ...
By: Shreesh Mohalik

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Instructables 24 Jul 09:37


Hectic part with any project is coding but in this instructable i will explain that there is no need of coding for gps to function.I will use all default setting and with multiple visuals in smartphone ,windows software , weblink options.default gps baud rate 9600 and 1hz fresh rate and bluetooth m...
By: ankitcdac

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Instructables 24 Jul 05:10

ArduIoT U1, 4 zone water irrigation.

Using U1 from arduIoT, I made an 4 zone irrigation system.You are going to use in this example the LCD, Buzzer, RGB led, rotary encoder, push buttons or the U1 from arduIoT.You can use 4x relays to switch on/off the water values, or you can use the custom made PCB with 4 MOSFETs.From U1 you get the ...
By: arduIoTc

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Instructables 23 Jul 23:16

Alarm Clock and Temperature With ArduIoT U1 (arduino Compatible)

A arduino alarm clock with U1 board from arduIoT.com.By editing the example included in the arduIoT library, you can change the format from 24 hour to 12 hour and the temperature from C to F.You can do more things like add an infrared led to switch your bedroom TV or radio on when the alarm goes off...
By: arduIoTc

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Instructables 23 Jul 21:48

Using Adafruit Bluefruit App With Arduino 101

The Arduino 101 has Bluetooth LE on it. This tutorial is going to cover a way you can connect to it using the Adafruit Bluefruit LE app. Things needed Arduino 101- https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoard101Adafruit Bluefruit LE appIOS - https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa...And...
By: keebie81

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Instructables 23 Jul 21:04

Controlling DC Motors With Arduino and L293

Easy way to control DC motors.All you need is knowledge in electronics and programmingIf you have any questions or problems you can contact me on my mail:iwx.production@gmail.comVisit my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuS39O01OyPeChjf... So let's begin. Materials All materials...
By: iwoox

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Instructables 23 Jul 15:15

Humidity and Temperature LCD Display with Power Saving Mode: Minimal parts, Fun, Quick, and Very Inexpensive

Since my study was not always at the best temperature, I decided it would be useful to display the ambient temperature on my desk. The cost of a sensor that provided humidity, in addition to temperature, was not prohibitive; therefore a display of humidity as well as temperature was included in this...
By: R Jordan Kreindler

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Instructables 23 Jul 14:58