Build a Portable Step Counter using ATtiny85 and MPU6050

In this tutorial, we are going to build an easy and cheap Pedometer using ATtiny85 IC, MPU6050 Accelerometer & Gyroscope, and OLED Display Module. This simple Arduino based step counter is powered by a 3V coin cell, making it easy to carry when you go out for a walk or jog. It also requires very few components to build and the code is also relatively simple. The program in this project uses the MPU6050 to measure the magnitude of the acceleration along the 3 axis (X, Y, and Z).

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He’s the Operator of His Pocket Arduino

The band Kraftwerk hit the music scene with its unique electronic sound in the 70s in Germany, opening the door for the electronic music revolution of the following decade. If you’re not familiar with the band, they often had songs with a technology theme as well, and thanks to modern microcontroller technology it’s possible to replicate the Kraftwerk sound with microcontrollers as [Steven] aka [Marquis de Geek] demonstrates in his melodic build.

While the music is played on a Stylophone and a Korg synthesizer, it is fed through five separate Arduinos, four of which have various synths and looping samplers installed on them (and presumably represent each of the four members of Kraftwerk). Samplers like this allow pieces of music to be repeated continuously once recorded, which means that [Steven] can play entire songs on his own. The fifth Arduino functions as a controller, handling MIDI and pattern sequencing over I2C, and everything is finally channeled through a homemade mixer.

[Marquis] also dressed in Kraftwerk-appropriate attire for the video demonstration below, which really sells the tribute to the famous and groundbreaking band. While it’s a great build in its own right and is a great recreation of the Kraftwerk sound, we can think of one more way to really put this project over the top — a Kraftwerk-inspired LED tie.

Cornhole Boards Play Victory Songs

How do you instantly make any game better? By lighting it up and playing at night. We would normally say ‘drinking’, but we’re pretty sure that drinking is already a prerequisite for cornhole — that’s the game where you toss bean bags at holes in angled boards.

[Hardware Unknown] loves cornhole, and was gifted a set of portable, folding boards that light up around the ring for nighttime action. These turned out to be the perfect basis for reactive boards that light up and play sound whenever points are scored. Both boards have a vibration sensor to detect bags hitting the top, and an IR break-beam sensor pair across the hole. An Arduino Nano reads from the sensors and controls an amplifier and a DF Player for sound.

Players get a point and a song for landing a bag on top of the board, and three points and a different song for making it in the hole. We love the Easter egg — anyone who manages to trip both the vibration sensor and the break-beam detector at the same time will be treated to the sound of a flock of honking geese. Check out the build journey after the break.

No good at cornhole? This one doesn’t let you miss.

Programming ATtiny85 IC directly through USB using Digispark Bootloader

The ATtiny family is a series of one of the smallest microcontrollers in the AVR market. These microcontrollers are capable of utilizing many of the libraries available on the Arduino platform. The ATtiny85 microcontroller chip is 8-pin, 8-bit, AVR microcontroller. Its small size and low power consumption make it a great match for portable projects with small footprints and low power requirements.

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Bet You Didn’t Know Arduinos Are Psychic

Are you running out of ways to entertain yourself and your family? If you’ve read all the books and watched all the movies, it might be time to explore the psychic abilities of silicon. [Hari Wiguna] has just the trick to keep them guessing for a good long time.

This trick doesn’t take much, just a couple of Arduinos, some momentary buttons, a number pad, and a large helping of math. As you can see in the demo after the break, there is nothing connecting the two, not even 802.11(n). On the randomizer Arduino, [Hari] generates random numbers with the push of a button until the audience sees one they like. Then [Hari] locks in the number with the other button.

What happens next is key: the randomizer generates another random number, but uses it as a hint to set a sentinel digit. The randomizer Arduino subtracts the larger of the two digits in the number from nine and stores the result as the flag. When the next number comes up that has the flag digit in the correct place, the number after that will be the random number chosen at the beginning.

The psychic Arduino’s secret is that it knows the first guess it receives is special. It does the same sentinel digit math as the randomizer, so when the guesser enters the guess with the sentinel digit, it knows the next number entered is the winner. Clear as mud? Check out the second video below where [Hari] explains the trick, a new take on a magic classic.

Looking for a more exciting way to generate random numbers? Try using fish tanks, lava lamps, or muons from outer space.

Portable Arduino Weighing Machine with Set Weight Option for Retail Packing

Digital load scales are another miracle of modern-day engineering and design. Yes, we are talking about the weighing scale we often see in most of the grocery stores and other places, but have you ever wondered how a weight scale work? To answer that question, in this project, we are going to take a look at the load cell and its working. Finally, we will be building a portable Arduino-based load scale with the HX711 Weight Sensor, which can measure weights up to 10kg.

Circuit Digest 23 Nov 12:24

Beer Pong Difficulty Level: 10

Beer pong is a fun enough game for those of a certain age, but one thing that it lacks is a way of cranking up the difficulty setting independent of the amount of beer one has consumed. At least, that was the idea [Ty] had when he came up with this automated beer pong table which allows the players to increase the challenge of this game by sliding the cups around the top of the table.

The build uses a belt-driven platform under a clear cover with a set of magnets attached. Each of the cups on the table has a corresponding magnet, which allows them to slide fairly easily back and forth on the table. The contraption is controlled by an Arudino Nano with a small screen and dial that allows the players to select a difficulty level from 1 to 10. The difficulty levels increase the speed that the cups oscillate on the table, which certainly adds another layer of complexity to this already challenging game.

While we hope to eventually see a beer pong table that can automatically arrange the cups as the game is played, we do appreciate the effort to make an already difficult game even more difficult. Of course, if you have problems with the difficulty level you might want to pick up a PongMate CyberCannon Mark III to help with those clutch beer pong shots.

Hack a Day 22 Nov 06:00
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MagTag Day of Week

I’ve been very excited by CircuitPython’s move into the ESP32-S2 space. The ESP32-S2 is a WiFi-enabled microcontroller with built-in USB and a crypto engine so it can do HTTPS properly. And in Python! CircuitPython is much more pleasant than Arduino for network-based tasks, where there’s lots of string processing. So for this week’s Deep Fried [...]
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Build an Arduino Scoreboard using Outdoor P10 LED Matrix Display and Update Scores Remotely using Smartphone

An electronic scoreboard is one of the most important gadgets anybody can have during any sports tournament. Old manual scoreboard using conventional methods are very time consuming and Error-prone, hence a computerized scoreboard becomes necessary where the display unit needs to be changed in real-time. This is why in this project, we will be building a Bluetooth controlled wireless scoreboard in which we can change the score on the board just by using an android application.

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