Arduino & Android Based Bluetooth Controll Password Protected Smart Door Lock (Save your Home) Tracked Arduino Robot Intro to Robotics Arduino Ethernet Camera Laser Spirograph Using arduino Garduino Upgrade, Now with more Twitter! How to Create a Light Stop Motion Video ...
By: raminizer

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Instructables 04 Sep 23:52

Magnetic Door Sensor and Arduino

Hello, So I wanted to connect a magnetic door sensor to my door, to log basically if anyone came into my room while I was away at school, or if I entered the room after my school time, it'd play some cool welcoming sound. The following instructable is your guide to setting up a reed switch to do wha...
By: rsaiyid

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Instructables 04 Sep 19:39

Projects to Try

Mushroom Environment Control - Arduino Powered Arduino Ultrasonic "Parking Spotter" An Arduino, Hydroponics, and You: A Solar Powered Microcontroller Garden Air Conditioning web controlled by Arduino Arduino Controlled Relay Box
By: JonnyG000

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Instructables 04 Sep 15:53

Build MIDI Bass Pedals for About $150

MIDI bass pedals, similar to pedals organists use to play bass notes, but instead used to play a MIDI synthesizer or sound module, have been popular for the last few decades. In addition to keyboard players, many electric bass players, such as Geddy Lee of Rush, have used them to expand the palette...
By: vanceg

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Instructables 04 Sep 08:31

Connect to Blynk using ESP8266 as Arduino Uno wifi shield (Mac only)

This is a tutorial to show you how to connect to Blynk using an ESP8266 - 01 as an Arduino Uno wifi shield. This tutorial is very detailed to help out those who are very new to this stuff. -Hardware needed:Arduino UnoJumper cablesSolderless breadboardUSB 2.0 cable type A/B to connect the Arduino Un...
By: nolmath

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Instructables 04 Sep 06:31


Hi welcome to my new Instructable on Home Automation.This project was started to solve some common problems faced by everyone. Imagine it is a cold winter night,you are reading a novel on your bed, before going to sleep. After reading few pages,you are feeling drowsy and your eye getting closed.Oops...
By: deba168

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Instructables 03 Sep 20:59

Developers: builders or explorers?

Last spring we collaborated with VisionMobile to run a survey on IoT developers and also the value that Open source has in the field.

We discovered that Between IoT developers there is a big chunk of open source enthusiast. 1/5 value the importance of using open source tools and platforms.

Developer that define themselves explorers cover a crucial role in the field. It is from them that all the truly new, out-of-the-box ideas come from.

Only by exploring seemingly crazy ideas can the Internet of Things reach its full potential. The open source ecosystem is often the area where these ideas bloom.

While open source is so valued between developers, there is still a lot of work to be done. 60% of the opensource enthusiast in fact, think that open standards are missing in IoT.

We are really happy that the connected Home is the most interesting vertical market for developers, and we can’t wait to see what this big group of explorers will develop in the next future. Hopefully the next big invention will be open source.

Find a full article on Developer Economics website.

On Casa Jasmina website you can explore the infographic in high-res with some  interesting data:

The most important role of Internet of Things developers is to explore new possibilities. The technology is widely available; in no small part because of open source software and hardware projects. Now we need to learn where we can take it. We can build it, but should we?

Arduino & Android Based Bluetooth Controll Password Protected Smart Door Lock (Save your Home)

We everybody are concerned about the security of our home. World becoming smarter and smarter everyday and we want to control and secured our thing in smarter way. In this tutorial I will explain how to made a arduino based DIY smart lock which can be open and closed using password sent from android...
By: taifur

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Instructables 03 Sep 16:15

DIY thermal imaging infrared camera

Hello!I'm always looking for new Projects for my physics lessons. Two years ago I came across a report on the thermal sensor MLX90614 from Melexis. The best one with just 5° FOV (field of view) would be suitable for a selfmade thermal camera.To read out the temperature I use an Arduino. In the inter...
By: stoppi71

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Instructables 03 Sep 12:33

Introducing the Edison

The Edison is tiny. It's the size of an SD card. Despite its size, though it has built in WiFi and Bluetooth LE and enough processor and memory to get the job done. Edison can do more!!! As you can see, a few of those modules piled up to produce a very capable solution...The picture shows how the...
By: Slk_Stephane

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Instructables 02 Sep 21:08