How to Plug'n'play with Neopixels

Don't you just love those Adafruit Neopixel rings? I have the 12, 24 and the massive 60 pixel rings, and up until now all my sketches have been configurable to run with any of them, with the size statically set at compile time with a line such as#define PIXELS 24So if I change the ring for a differe...
By: p_leriche

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Instructables 06 Oct 22:21

DIY Connected objects for happy connected people

What happens when a creative technologist wants his family to know he’s thinking about them? He creates a project with Arduino Yún! IMissYou is a simple project transforming a picture in a connected object thanks to a capacitive layer made with Bareconductive Paint and inserted behind the photo. The ‘touch’ is detected by the Arduino through the glass of the frame by a spike in the values (with a basic Capsense library), sent to the internet via wi-fi and delivered to a phone with Pushover.

Martin Hollywood, the Arduino user who made  the project, wrote us:

Looking at the photograph of my family that I have on my desk one day, I missed them and wanted to be home. I touched the photo and realised that somewhere between those was the germ of the idea…

I wanted my family to know I was thinking of them, but I didn’t want to create two products; think GoodNight Lamp – I do love that project. In any case, there was no guarantee they would even notice a ‘blinking’ photo frame responding to my signal. Making the Receive a PUSH notification seemed like a no brainer, but the last time I developed for mobile was iOS 1! There are a number of service apps out there: Pusher, Pushingbox but I decided on Pushover. It had a 7 day trial period and good API support (I’ve since bought a license).

Take a look at his blog for more details and if you want to give him some tips to make it a real product.

InfraRed Receiver

Ever wanted to be able to control your Arduino project with an InfraRed remote control? I'll show you how to build a very simple IR-receiver. Gather Materials 1. Some kind of Arduino. For this, I'm using a Pro Trinket from Adafruit: The Pro Trinket has th...
By: molecule13

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Instructables 06 Oct 22:14

ARDUINO fume extractor with touch sensitive buttons

Hi, thanks for checking out my first instructable.After after a year with the mk1 , I realised its time to upgrade. The main things i concentrated on the upgrade was LIGHTING and SIZE. On the mk1, i had a single throw switch which worked fine, but keeping up with modern tech.. i decided to add touch...
By: icey.hood

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Instructables 06 Oct 21:21

Connecting a 4 x 4 Membrane Keypad to an Arduino

There are a lot of instructions and example of how to connect 4 x 3 membrane keypad but I couldn't find instructions on how to connect a 4 x 4 Membrane Keypad to an Arduino. Install Keypad Library This library is now available via the Arduino IDE library manager. If you are using a modern IDE (1....
By: bborncr

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Instructables 06 Oct 20:42

Arduino FPV headtracker

The Challenge.To make a headtracker for FatShark Predator FPV goggles to work with a dji Phantom V2 with Tarot T-2D GoPro gimbal.The dji controller has a pinwheel to control the angle of elevation of the camera. This is attached to an autocentering pot.The voltages present on the pot pins are 0v and...
By: JulianArnott

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Instructables 06 Oct 13:46

Programming an Arduino from Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install the Arduino IDE on your Raspberry Pi so that you can write and upload programs onto an Arduino.Items needed:1x Raspberry Pi 1x ArduinoPlus what ever cables are needed such as USB to Arduino. Installs Assuming you have a Raspberry Pi setup(if not chick here ), we start from t...
By: nfarrow

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Instructables 06 Oct 11:12

Random Number Generator with Leds and Arduino

What you need for this Project.An Arduino or Arduino Clone.14 Male to Male Jumper Wires.1 Push Button.11 220 Resistors.1 10k Resistor.11 3mm 5mm or 10mm Leds any will work just fine. Wiring This code will make it so when you push the button the leds will randomly turn on and off. int LED1 = ...
By: Robert 7320

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Instructables 06 Oct 10:25

Arduino weather station with RF433 MHz modules

In this project I will show you how make two Arduinos talk to each other using RF frequency (wireless)In the past I published four instructables that lead to this one :The first two are about connecting a serial LCD with I2C to an Arduino UNO and a NANO
By: eliesalame

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Instructables 05 Oct 23:33

ESP8266 as Arduino Part 2

LAZY OLD GEEK (LOG).So this is a followup to ESP8266 as Arduino: are some of the problems and solutions I’ve had since I wrote it.USB adapters:So my favorite USB adapter is/was the PL2303. (see picture). Well, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 ...
By: msuzuki777

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Instructables 05 Oct 20:35