Arduino Star Ship Console (Prototype)

Watch the video above to see how to build the circuit, and a see a demonstration of what the circuit does.LIST OF MATERIALS_________________Arduino Mega (1)LCD Shield (1)Jumpers (16)Red LED (1)Green LED (1)RGB LED (1)Breadboard (1)Push Button (3)10K Resistor (3)330K Resistor (3)USB Cable (1)USB to W...
By: Doctorcraft773

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Instructables 31 Mar 22:57


DTMF or dual tone multi frequency is nifty little way of controlling machines with your cellphone. This instructable shows you, gentle reader how to make a cheaper than dirt DTMF controlled robot that can also function AUTONOMOUSLY, yeh! that's right AUTONOMOUSLY when things get tight.The project is...

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Instructables 31 Mar 21:07

Using Arduino Esplora with graphical programming languages

Alan Yorinks shared on Arduino Community on Gplus a physical computing environment he created to make it easier for 10 and 11 year old’s to start playing. He picked up an Arduino Esplora, and wrote some software so that it could be controlled from the Scratch and Snap! graphical programming languages. According to Alan, the Arduino Esplora has on-board integrated sensors, actuators and make it a perfect match for the graphical programming languages that the kids love to use.

By combining an Arduino Esplora microcontroller with the esp4s library and either the Scratch or Snap! programming languages, that first line of code can be written in minutes!

Take a look at his documentation on Github.

Arduino Blog 31 Mar 18:50
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Chinese Whispers For Arduino

The game of Chinese Whispers or Telephone involves telling one person a sentence, having that person tell another person the same sentence, and continuing on until purple monkey dishwasher. For this year’s Arduino Day, [Mastro] was hanging out at Crunchlab with a bunch of Arduinos. What do you do with a bunch of Arduinos? Telephone with software serial.

The setup for this game is extremely simple – have one Arduino act as the master, listening for bits on the (hardware) serial port. This Arduino then sends those bits down a chain of Arduinos over the software serial port until it finally loops around to the master. The result is displayed in a terminal.

With only about a dozen Arduinos in this game of Telephone, [Mastro] did get a few transmission errors. That’s slightly surprising, as the code is only running at 1200 bps, but the point of this game isn’t to be completely accurate.

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Build a Fan with LEGO and faya-nugget

As a kid, I dreamed to build everything with Lego, especially those could move and even form a robot. Sadly back in late 90's, the first generation Mindstorm were just way too expensive for me. When I first met Arduino, I soon realized this could be a great alternative for Mindstorm controller. It e...
By: wellywelly

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Instructables 31 Mar 05:25

Animatron 8.3: An Animatronic Controller

Animatron started as an Excel spreadsheet and then grew into a FreeBasic program. The program ran on my laptop and communicated to my robotic penguin to control it's behavior. The next generation is what I am going to describe in this Instructable.It is an ~800 line sketch, which runs on an Arduino ...
By: djsfantasi

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Instructables 31 Mar 03:52

Nokia 5110 screen projects

Here are some awesome projects you can make with a Nokia 5110 screen. Arduino based mini arcade cabinet Arduino Digital Magnetic Compass (HMC5883L - 2 display modes) DIY Game & Watch Arduino Mario Clock Build Your FM transmission Station with Arduino Temperatur Anzeige für mein...
By: ibenkos

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Instructables 31 Mar 00:37

How to setup a Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0A60SZLF Analog Distance Sensor

As I started trying to use this sensor, I had some difficulties whilst setting it up.The whole problem arises when you start to convert the analog voltage into distance. As you may or may not know, the sensor produces an output in analog voltage, that is then, read by the Arduino, converted into an ...
By: Tisila

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Instructables 30 Mar 22:08

Network time syncronized clock for Arduino

Here is an example how to build Arduino clock which is syncronized with the time of given HTTP server in the net. My plan was to build simplest possible internet time syncronized clock. I decided to synchronize my Arduino clock with my Wlan router's time, the router itself is synchronized to the net...
By: kariaa

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Instructables 30 Mar 21:58

Mario LCD Book

Materials Required:Arduino UnoBreadboardComputer1 LCD 16x2 White on Blue16 wiresPotentiometerBoxExacto knife Schematic Refer to this schematic while connecting the circuit. Breadboard For reference, see this link: Build it Follow the sc...
By: CCT482

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Instructables 30 Mar 20:22