Game controller takes your real blood whenever you lose

Forget playing games for cash -- if you really want to raise the stakes, try losing your actual blood when you lose in the virtual world. That's the concept behind Blood Sport, a crowdfunded project that modifies game controllers to drain your body when your character takes damage. Their Arduino-based technology turns a gamepad's rumble signals (which often indicate that you've been hit) into commands for a blood collection machine. In theory, every digital punch or gunshot draws some of the red stuff from your arm. And before you ask: Blood Sport limits transfers based on your age, medical conditions and weight, so you won't pass out just because your gaming skills aren't up to snuff.

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Programming Buzz Lightyear

Using this instructable, we will program the ProtoSnap to enable the Buzz Lightyear action figure to speak his famous catch phrase, "To infinity and beyond!" Materials 1 Buzz Lightyear action figure1 solderless breadboard1 ProtoSnap circuit board1 relay1 mini USB cable4 jumper cables2 alligator c...
By: jsunPE

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Instructables 24 Nov 14:57

Hacked E-Card

Description of ProjectIn this instructable I will be demonstrating how you can easily manipulate sound by using Arduino programming and hacking into an electronic card. This project will include the use of a protosnap mini and some wiring.You will need:You will need a:1-Electronic Card1-Protosnap Mi...
By: BrodieL

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Instructables 24 Nov 03:36

Hack a ghost toy and draw a ghost program

Hack this ghost toy to control its spin and draw a spooky program.The other day I picked up this ghost toy and decided to hack into it to. This instructable teaches you how to control its motor with a potentiometer and program it's light pattern with a protosnap -proto mini. Theres also a program ad...
By: RobertR8

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Instructables 24 Nov 03:25

DS3231 OLED clock with 2-button menu setting and temperature display

This is an OLED clock I built using an Arduino Micro, a tiny OLED 128x64 display using the SSD1306 controller and I2C interface, and a precision DS3231-based real-time clock module with rechargeable battery backup. It features a menu system for setting the RTC (no serial port or USB required)Two ver...
By: df99

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Instructables 24 Nov 02:52

Is Cold Air Coming into Your Home?

Is cold air coming into your home? With this project you will make a small pocket sized tester that will test your windows, doors, etc. to see if cold air is coming in. This project uses the Arduino Uno and a ATMega328 microcontroller to find the average temperature using thermistors and see if cold...
By: Blockman301

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Instructables 23 Nov 20:00

ESP8266 mini Tutorial

In this first introduction to the ESP8266 I will show you what this 5$ wifi board can do and how to handle it properly. Watch the video! The video gives you a pretty good idea about what the ESP8266 is and how to handle it. But here I will provide you with some additional info about this board. ...
By: GreatScottLab

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Instructables 23 Nov 18:37

Send sensor data (DHT11 & BMP180) to ThingSpeak with an Arduino

I wrote this instructable because Thingspeak -nevermind how easy to set up- has a few hurdles that I ran into and that, judging from reactions, other people are struggling with as well.Things you need:ArduinoWS5100 EthernetShieldThingspeak AccountSensors (such as DHT11 and BMP180)Internet connectio...
By: diy_bloke

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Instructables 23 Nov 11:44

Intel Galileo: Display Sensors Data on LCD Display

Let's display sensor data on LCDThings you need : Galileo gen2 board Galileo light sensor grove Galileo LCD display groovePre-requisites/Assumptions You have Intel XDK Installed You are not from mars and you understand simple programming Connect light sensor grove to A0 Connect LCD di...
By: iLakshmiKanth

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Instructables 23 Nov 07:22

Intel® Galileo : Share Laptop/PC WiFi to Galileo over LAN

You don't have WiFi module for your Galileo and want your Galileo to be on Internet?...Don't worry...You can share your PC's Internet connection to your Galileo using LAN/Ethernet and get your Galileo online on Internet. Step 1 : Enable Internet sharing on your laptop Pre-requisites :: Windows OS...
By: SunilK6

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Instructables 23 Nov 06:43