R E L A Y D U I N O _ High Voltage control !

This Instructable is only for Arduino programmers who want to build a board which can directly operate on 220v and can control AC appliances. TO DO ! #1 PCB design#2 PCB etching#3 components soldering#4 programming Components ! 1) 12-0-12 500mA transformer2) Atmega 328p-pu3) bridge rectifier4...

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Instructables 25 Jul 01:34

The Cat Has Left the Building - ESP8266 PIR Monitor

ESP8266 PIR Motion Detector to IFTTTOr The Cat has left the Building!OverviewWe just installed a Cat Door in our garage and I wanted to see how many times per day (actually night) our cat went in and out the door. We could tell the cat was using the door as we would find it outside sometimes and ins...
By: rgrokett

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Instructables 24 Jul 23:05

How to Use the NRF24L01’s IRQ Pin to Generate an Interrupt With Arduino

In this instructable we look at how to use the pulse signal from an nRF24L01+ transceiver module's IRQ pin to trigger an interrupt in Arduino. You can find the code from the video on my blog: http://forcetronic.blogspot.com/2016/07/using-nrf24l01s-irq-pin-to-generate.html
By: ForceTronics

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Instructables 24 Jul 22:17

Arduino: Pushing the Limits || Arduino Timers.

the arduino has great abilities and features indeed, the language, the speed, the easy to use, the great development board, the documentation, the price, and the interfacing ability to a lot of devices and programs. you will not get to know how great these features are, until you use the Arduino wit...
By: Motaz Bany-Amer

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Instructables 24 Jul 21:19

Dual Axis Solar Tracker with Online Energy Monitor

[Bruce Helsen] built this dual axis solar tracker as one of his final projects for school.

As can be experimentally verified in a very short timeframe, the sun moves across the sky. This is a particularly troublesome behavior for solar panels, which work best when the sun shines directly on them. Engineers soon realized that abstracting the sun away only works in physics class, and moved to the second best idea of tracking sun by moving the panel. Surprisingly, for larger installations the cost of adding tracking (and its maintenance) isn’t worth the gains, but for smaller, and especially urban, installations like [Bruce]’s it can still help.

[Bruce]’s build can be entirely sourced from eBay. The light direction is sensed via a very clever homemade directional light sensor. A 3D printer extruded cross profile sits inside an industrial lamp housing. The assembly divides the sky into four quadrants with a light-dependent resistor for each. By measuring the differences, the panel can point in the optimal direction.

The panel’s two axis are controlled with two cheap linear actuators. The brains are an Arduino glued to a large amount of solar support electronics and the online energy monitor component is covered by an ESP8266.

The construction works quite well. If you’d like to build one yourself the entire BOM, drawings, and code are provided on the instructables page.


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Hack a Day 24 Jul 21:00

"GREY MATTER Minion" Radar

Lets make cool radar... using arduino.... Have fun guys.... Prepare these items........ 1. Arduino microcontroller(I'm using arduino uno)2. Ultrasonic sensor3. Servo motor4. Clay5. Wires6. Breadboard Circuit Diagram Prepare the circuit using this picture Coding.. Upload the code for ardu...
By: bevylabs

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Instructables 24 Jul 15:58

Controlling Devices Wirelessy From Your Phone Using Arduino Bluetooth Module

In this project we will explain how to connect and control an Arduino and the devices connected to it, from your iPhone using the Bluetooth module (KEYES HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Port Module) you can use the same concept to simply control LED or you can go all the way to control a Quadcopter or a ...
By: FABLABJubail

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Instructables 24 Jul 14:51

Getting Started With Arduino : Blink

Hello everyone, Welcome to my first instructable.In this instructable we'll be learning how to program an Arduino UNO to blink a LED. Parts For, Blinking a LED with arduino we'll need:An ArduinoA LEDA 220 ohm resistorSome jumper or hookup wires Wiring Hookup all the components according to the...
By: Michael-John-123987

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Instructables 24 Jul 14:06

Arduino : Reading Sensor Data Using Bluetooth

This tutorial demonstrates a simple way to make use of bluetooth for reading data in arduino projects.The aim of this tutorial is to gather sensor data from a simple temperature sensor and transfer it to the PC using bluetooth communication. On the PC side, a simple arduino sketch is written, which ...
By: Shreesh Mohalik

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Instructables 24 Jul 09:37


Hectic part with any project is coding but in this instructable i will explain that there is no need of coding for gps to function.I will use all default setting and with multiple visuals in smartphone ,windows software , weblink options.default gps baud rate 9600 and 1hz fresh rate and bluetooth m...
By: ankitcdac

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Instructables 24 Jul 05:10