Arduino Plays Timberman or how to cheat in video games

Playing addictive and repetitive video games is a pleasure for some people but not so engaging for others. Valentin Haun found the solution to reach high score without getting bored: he made an Arduino Uno playing Timberman for him.

You can find the code and the circuit example for this program on Github

Take a look at the older and slower version made for iPhone

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MaKey MaKey Monome

(additional info on my website.Objective: build a monome - a complex electronic music instrument - using easy-to-learn, inexpensive components and a process that's so easy a kid could do it. Gist: This touchscreen music instrument is essentially 4 parts: MaKey MaKey (or Arduino) Neopixels cop...
By: jdeboi

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DIY Drum Machine with Raspberry Pi + Hover

Hover can be combined with an Raspberry Pi to make a drum machine. You can customize each tap and gesture for different sound effects or even voice clips.This example was inspired by the BeetBox ( WHAT YOU NEED Raspberry Pi: You can use any Raspberry Pi ...
By: JustHoverBoard

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Car datta logger Using OBD II protocol (atmega 2560+ SD card + lcd 16x2)

Ok first of all this was a final project for my microprocessor course in my University, and its intended to clarify and guide to someone has a similar project or just want to do it and learn , since when i was doing this project it wasn't so easy to find the information and examples to do it i th...
By: JohanpG

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Instructables 24 Jul 20:45

Bike Dashboard

In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a electronic dashboard for a bicycle. We'll be using an Arduino and a few off-the-shelf parts to create a system with light control and an LED speedometer. Materials Arduino Micro (RadioShack #: 276-258) 12V 10W halogen bulb (RadioShack #: 272-01...
By: Aleator777

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Play Custom Melodies on Arduino

I was tinkering with my Alarm Clock/ Timer Shield, and I decided to make a custom alarm melody for it to play. I was able to work out this method of reading sheet music and making Arduino code and I think it may help other non-musicians do the same. I am really not a musician at all, so please excus...
By: ProfMuggs

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Arduino Controlled Model Moon synchronizes phase changes with actual lunar calendar

See it in action.YouTube Video of Model Moon cycling through lunar phasesThe as-delivered Uncle Milton Moon In My Room includes an infrared remote that controls the model moon from across the room. The remote has buttons to turn the LEDs on or off, trigger each progression of the moon's phases seque...
By: e024576

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Instructables 24 Jul 03:44

Data transmission of non-internet connected solar systems with Arduino, PHP and MySQL

DescriptionThe aim of this arduino project is to acquire and transfer data via the GSM network. The benefit is to be able to collect data (for example monitoring of a solar plant) even if there is no hard wired internet connection available.This is how it works: A value is read from arduinos anal...
By: datatrans

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Instructables 24 Jul 02:03

Automatic Garden Watering Device - Arduino

As part of the Content Creation course for my MLIS degree, I needed to come up with a final project and wanted to learn to use an Arduino. In the end I came up with this device to automatically sense when the soil in my garden is dry and turn on a switch to water it.I know there are other devices ou...
By: dvrieze daniels

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Hacked e-cigarette vaporizer can send smells…in space!

This 3D printed scent distributor was put together by eight people from three states during the 2014 NYC NASA Space Apps Challenge. The team went on to take 1st place in the competition.

The project is called Senti8 and uses a FLORA Arduino micro-controller and a Neopixel LED strip purchased from Adafruit. A smartphone mobile app then remotely connects to the device allowing the user to choose which scent they would like to send to their friend, who is also wearing one of the wristbands.

They came up with the idea by simply asking an American astronaut named [Doug Wheelock] what he missed the most while travelling through the boundless reaches of outer space. To their surprise, he said that the thing he missed the most was his sense of smell.

Originally, the project was envisioned to be a wearable technology for space tourism. But over time, the project morphed into a wristband that would allow people to remember places or planets visited. Even memories unique to those places through scent could be experimented with.

One of the team members, [Brooks], was spotted wearing the Senti8 at the Wearable Tech LA conference in Pasadena, CA on July 17, 2014. The LED lights lining the outside could be seen all the way across the large auditorium as she chatted up with local Crashspace members as they prepared to present their design-oriented hacks to the public.

She gave an interview demoing the wristband which can be seen in the video posted below:

The Senti8 Intro video can be see here as well:

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