Wirelessly Connect Arduino to OpenFrameworks via Bluetooth

This instructable will cover how to connect adafruit's BlueFruit to the arduino and then establish a line of communication with OpenFrameworks. For the purpose of this guide we are just using a photoresistor to show how you can recieve information from the arduino into OF, but you could use any sens...
By: Snax_and_Macs

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Instructables 02 Sep 03:57

World Clock in German using Arduino

While in Germany last year, I saw a world clock in a store similar to this one in a store that was priced at 900€. I read several instructables online on how to create a World Clock so I decided to give it a shot. I want to thank the following Instructables that I used as a starting point to create ...
By: trzimm

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Instructables 02 Sep 01:23

Motion Controlled Ultrasonic Lamp

Recently I've been learning about Ultrasonic waves and how to harness their power. It's simple enough to make some type of sonar device, but I wanted to take at a step cooler and see if I could use Ultrasonic waves to not only detect movement, but also the direction of that movement. So let's take i...
By: gigafide

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Instructables 01 Sep 22:19

Attiny85 RF Transmitter to Arduino Uno Receiver (Manchester library /w Arduino 1.0)

For this project you will need:Arduino UnoAttiny85315 Mhz Transmitter315 Mhz Receiver10uF CapacitorBread BoardBread Board Jumper CablesWire Jumper Cables Download Arduino Software, Attiny Support, and Manchester Radio Library The Arduino software can be found at this link:http://arduino.cc/en/Mai...
By: finlander912

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Instructables 01 Sep 18:22

Music and language skills get a boost with Toot

Toot is an interactive and sound-active toy designed for children aged between 3 and 6 years old that wants to enhance their auditory, music and language skills. It was developed by Federico Lameri as his thesis project of Master of Interaction Design at Supsi and prototyped using Arduino Leonardo.

The toy is composed by eight little cubical speaker boxes:

On each speaker children are able to record a sound. In order to listen back to the recorded sound the speaker must be shaken as if the sound was physically trapped into a box. After having recorded sounds on them, the speakers can be placed in a sequence after Mr.toot, and by tapping on his head it is possible to trigger the playback of the speakers in a sequence. toot is also matched with a mobile application that offers different kind of interactions and experiences. it allows to play some exercise that will teach children to listen, understand and catalog sound and melodies.

The app expands the possibilities of interaction, offering different exercises created with the help of musicians and educators from different areas of expertise,  some of them are also inspired by a Montessori sensorial activity.

Take a look at the video interview with Montessori educator Fanny Bissa:


Arduino Blog 01 Sep 18:20

Arduino Projects

Arduino based projects DIY Smart Home Automation using Android TEA5767 FM Radio Breakout Board for Arduino Use TEA5767 FM Module to Create an Arduino based FM Radio Shower Monitor Arduino with LCD display Augmented Water
By: AmitabhS

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Instructables 01 Sep 18:15

Hackgyver weather station

Since some time on my hackerspace, one of our member (futex) made a weather station with a Raspberry Pi.After viewing his work i had the idea of making one but instead of using an RPi as plateform i've focused my work on Arduino, my weather station collect: Temperature Humidity Room brig...
By: Xylit0l

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Instructables 01 Sep 17:27

Arduino Wireless Mailbox Detector Device

If you are anything like me, you look forward to the mailbox arriving like a kid on Christmas Eve. Since the time my mailbox arrives is not always consistent I would check my mail multiple times a day. To solve this problem, I created a wireless sensor that tells you whether there is mail in the com...
By: 1Serg

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Instructables 01 Sep 14:49

1 ChaOs(c); a very primitive $10 1 channel oscilloscope

I always wanted to have a simple oscilloscope, but like many colleague hackers the budget did not allow for it.Finally (at Banggood) I found a 1.8" TFT display, and with an Arduino Pro Mini, 5 * 1kOhm resistors, some simple switches and some Arduino programming I now have a very, very basic 1 channe...
By: middelbh

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Instructables 01 Sep 14:29

Stand for Freetronics Dot Matrix Display

I had bought a couple of the Freetronics Dot Matrix Displays (DMD) last year but found them unwieldy when trying to use them. It wasn't a problem with programming the Arduino for the DMD. It was their physical size on my desk and that they were always face down, I was worried that something might ...
By: switch62

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Instructables 01 Sep 14:21