UCL - IIoT - Schoole Made, Coffee Machine

We are a group of students from UCL, we have made a Coffee Machine, from the scratch. In our process we used 3D-, laser printer and an Arduino Mega 2560. Our education is Automation Engineering, and we are on our third Semester. This is a self chosen project, where we have to learn about, industry 4...

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Instructables 20 Nov 15:51

Thermal Printer Interfacing with Arduino Uno

You just made payment to a restaurant and received a small bill or dispensed cash from an ATM and received the transaction receipt. These receipts are printed using a Thermal printer or receipt printer.

Circuit Digest 20 Nov 10:26

UCL-Embedded-Omnidirestional Handsfree Car

This is how to build an omnidiretional car, that will follow your hand as you move it above the car. The file "3d prrint omni-bil" is a 3D print, for the frame of the car. The file "omni-car" is the code for your arduino board. In the code there is a constant called "a". Depending on your motor you...
By: akse0378

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Instructables 19 Nov 21:27

Lightify Alexa

About ProjectI was always fascinated by addressable RGB LED strips. The endless colour effects and animation capabilities have always catch my creativity so few years ago I have decided to develop a library for the Arduino boards called ALA (Arduino Light Animations). Alexa is now giving me the poss...
By: himanshuphp

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Instructables 19 Nov 10:06

UCL - Embedded Controlled car

We had big ambitions for this project. Self driving car! Following a black line or driving around free avoiding obsticals. Bluetooth connections, and a 2nd arduino for controller with wireless communication the car. Maybe a 2nd car that could follow the first one. In the end we had alot of problems ...
By: AnthonyUCL

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Instructables 18 Nov 16:38

UCL- IIoT - Green House Data Collection

We decided to keep on working on our greenhouse but this time with collecting data New Thing We Added to the Greenhouse FlowChart Code Guide Node Red Data Collection - SQL SQL is a website we use to store the data that we get from Arduino. IO-Liste
By: mrporsmose7000

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Instructables 18 Nov 15:52

UCL - IIOT Greenhouse

This project is an extension of our earlier project with the Greenhouse (https://www.instructables.com/id/EAL-EMBEDDED-GREE...). In this project we added a database, where we log all our data and then visualize it with node-red for a greater overview. The content we log in our database is Humidity, ...
By: Mango Krigeren

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Instructables 18 Nov 15:52

Pinball Machine

This is an easy to use pinball machine! It's relatively small (A3 size) and can be adjusted to what you feel most comfortable with.It incorporates the following:- Arduino- Autodesk Fusion 360- Soldering (optional)- 4 screws (1.5mm width, and around 8mm height)- 3D printing- 1 Potentiometer- 2 servos...
By: Declan Sullivan

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Instructables 18 Nov 15:52

UCL-Embedded -Relay Communication Box

The main idea about this project is to control a set of two relays and a DHT11 sensor with a Blynk app using WiFi communication and a Nodmcu esp8266 micro controller. Parts List 1x NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12E WIFI Development Board. 1x DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Module1x Mini Bread Board...
By: Obayda_haj

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Instructables 18 Nov 00:56

Basic embedded programming tyverialarm

I denne instructable vil jeg vise hvordan jeg har lavet etalarmsystem der virker ved hjælp af en magnetisk sensor der samtidig indstillet efter timer så den selv skifter mellem standby tilstand og alarmtilstand. Hvor standby vil alarmen aldrig aktiveres. I alarmtilstand vil den kunne aktiveres hvis ...
By: bommersholdt

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Instructables 18 Nov 00:10