EMF(Electromagnetic Field) Detector

This is a quick and easy instructable on how to make your own EMF Detector. You can use it to detect electromagnetic fields produced by your electronics. I like how the addition of the piezo buzzer makes it sound like a geiger counter for detecting radiation. Things You Will Need 1. Arduino or ...
By: Proto G

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Instructables 26 Apr 06:33

Control A Computer With Your Mind!

Controlling your computer with your mind definitely seems like something still out of a sci-fi movie, but mind control is actually a relatively easy and cheap thing to accomplish. Using a cheap EEG toy, let's use the power of our mind to send commands to our computer. There’s a lot to do, so let’s s...
By: gigafide

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Instructables 26 Apr 03:41

Automated Candy Dispenser

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (www.makecourse.com)The following are step by step instructions for creating your own Automated Candy Dispenser. All parts can be 3-D printed and the control system is Arduino...
By: markarichard

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Instructables 26 Apr 02:32

DIY cheap glove controller and propeller car

HI there,In this instructable I'll show you how to make the cheapest glove for controlling your robots or any other Arduino or raspberry pi based projects and for demonstration example I'll also include how a little tutorial how I made car controlled by this glove. This whole glove is pure improvis...
By: ivver

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Instructables 26 Apr 00:58

Arduino-wtv020-Sd-16P / Talking Distance Meter

Hello my friends,I want to present my arduino project to all of you :)First of all, I want you to know that project is not complex as you think.The Materials That I Used For This Project1) Arduino Uno / Arduino Nano or Micro (recommended)2) Mp3 Sound Module (wtv020-SD-MINI or wtv020M01 / The bot...
By: BurakTutal

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Instructables 25 Apr 22:01

Arduino Security Alarm

IntroductionHello all, and welcome to my first project. I will be showing you in full detail how to make your very own intruder alarm. Read all the steps very carefully. Miss one little thing, and you can fry a circuit, or the code won't be correct. Check below that you have all of the necessary sup...
By: KNEXnCoding

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Instructables 25 Apr 21:52

DIY Arduino Solar Tracker

Hello NerdsPrevious week i saw an amazing instrcutable of Geo Bruce's nice and simple solar tracker.So,i thought to make my own and here is the output.It is inspired from Geo Bruce's Work. Items Required Some items will be required which are easily available in electronic stores.The items are as ...
By: abhirooprobotics

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Instructables 25 Apr 19:08

KY-008 Laser Module x Laser Detector x ISD1820 Voice Recording Module

We've just found a great module that can give you more possibilities and this is Laser Detector. It can detect laser with the transparent sensor and send high or low output to Arduino. Using with KY-008 Laser Module together you can make it as a switch and instruct Arduino turning on / off something...
By: eLab Peers

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Instructables 25 Apr 16:06

Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device

This Instructable will provide you with the instructions to build a Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device. The device consists of two parts: the Transmitter and the Receiver. The Transmitter senses motion, flashes an infra red LED light(viewable with night vision and some cameras), and se...
By: waylon meurs

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Instructables 25 Apr 08:34

Arduino stuff

Various project pieces that involve an Arduino. Arduino Web Enabled RGB Lighting A watering controller that can be home networked Arduino sprinkler valves + wifi + twitter Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control SOLAR POWERED ARDUINO WEATHER STATION how to use the IR library wit...
By: DBrianKimmel

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Instructables 25 Apr 05:12