Hackaday Prize Entry: E.R.N.I.E. Teaches Robotics and Programming

[Sebastian Goscik]’s entry in the 2017 Hackaday Prize is a line following robot. Well, not really; the end result is a line following robot, but the actual project is about a simple, cheap robot chassis to be used in schools, clubs, and other educational, STEAM education events. Along with the chassis design comes a lesson plan allowing teachers to have a head start when presenting the kit to their students.

The lesson plan is for a line-following robot, but in design is a second lesson – traffic lights which connect to a main base through a bus and work in sync. The idea of these lessons is to be fairly simple and straightforward for both the teachers and the students in order to get them more interested in STEM subjects.

What [Sebastian] noticed about other robot kits was that they were expensive or complicated or lacked tutorials. Some either came pre-assembled or took a long time to assemble. [Sebastian] simplified things – The only things required after the initial assembly of the chassis are: Zip-ties, electrical tape and a few screws. The PCB can’t be disassembled, but the assembled PCB can be reused.

The hardware [Sebastian] came up with consists of some 3mm material that can be laser cut (acrylic or wood) and a sensor board that has 5 IR LEDs and corresponding IR sensors. The chassis can be put together using nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver, and the sensor PCBs are well documented so that soldering them is as easy as possible. An Arduino is used as the brains of the unit.

[Sebastian] has come up with a great project and the idea of a platform like this with a couple of lesson plans included is a great one. He’s released the hardware under an Open Hardware license as well so others can share and add-on. Of course, there are other line following robots, like this miniature one created with analog circuitry, and there are other open source robots for teaching, like this one. But [Sebastian]’s focus on the lesson plans is a really unique way of approaching the problem – one that will hopefully be very successful.

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Arduino Uno and RFID Access Control With Relay Module

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How to Program Arduino Pro Mini Using Arduino UNO.

Hello guys, Today I'm sharing a simple method to program Arduino Pro mini using Arduino UNO. This tutorial is for those who are getting started with arduino and want to reduce the size of their project by using an Arduino Pro mini.Arduino Pro mini is just a small version of UNO with same Atmega 328...
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Arduino Tutorial - Digital Input - Button - Monitor Serial

Como foi explicado em tutoriais anteriores (Ver aqui https://goo.gl/PN7fmS) os pinos digitais do Arduino podem ser definidos como saídas ou neste caso como entradas, assim neste tutorial iremos explicar o funcionamento dessas entradas digitais através de uma pequena montagem, cujo o objetivo é lig...
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DIY Sesame Street Alarm Clock

Hi everyone! This project is my first. Since my cousins first birthday was coming up, I wanted to make a special present for her. I heard from uncle and aunt that she was into Sesame Street, so I decided to make an alarm clock based off Arduino. This project is really straightforward and it's simply...
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Arduino and Relays for Beginners With Infrared

If you're a beginner and not so sure about the basics of electricity and electronics, I recommend Afrotechmods on YouTube.This tutorial is loosely inspired on Relay Basics by MKme Lab on YouTube.A microcontroller is a useful tool that brings hardware and software together allowing you to connect out...
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Motorgan is an electromagnetic organ

What do you get when you combine three small motors with a guitar pickup and a touch keypad? That would be the Motorgan by Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov (aka ::vtol::). The result is a unique Arduino Mega-controlled instrument that looks and sounds like he somehow combined a V8 engine with a pipe organ.

The electromagnetic/electromechanical organ uses two differently sized PC cooling fans, as well as a gear motor to produce various sounds. A separate keypad is used for each motor, and each of the 24 keys can be tuned with a potentiometer, which reportedly allows one to “make any kind of music.”

The speed of each motor is controlled by voltage changes via touch keyboard with 24 keys. Keyboard is split into three parts (registers) for each motor, so it’s possible to play chords/polyphonic lines by taking one note from each register. Electromagnetic fields produced by motors are picked up with a single coil guitar pickup.

As you might suspect, it’s not exactly an easy instrument to play, but the results are certainly stunning, or perhaps you might even say “shocking.” Be sure to check out ::vtol::’s latest project in the video below!

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Parabolic Solar Tracker in Carton (DIY Arduino)

[FRENCH]L'objectif est de créer un tracker solaire parabolique autonome permettant de suivre le soleil, et donc d'obtenir le meilleur ensoleillement possible. [ENGLISH] The goal of this project is to create a parabolic solar tracker that is going to follow the sun during the day , to get the maxi...
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