A digital nose detecting air pollution and dust particles

After Anywhere, Turbo-gusli and Solaris, Dmitry Morozov shared with us Digioxide, a new interactive work using Arduino Nano, hc-06 bluetooth module, gas and dust sensors, LG mobile printer :

This project aims to raise public awareness of the environmental pollution by artistic means.
Digioxide is a portable wireless device equipped with sensors of air pollution gases and dust particles that is connected to computer via bluetooth. This allows a person with digioxide to freely move around a city, seek out ecologically problematic places and turn their data into digital artworks.

The information about the concentration of dust and harmful gases, such as CO, CO2, HCHO, CH4 and C3H8 and spme others is algorithmically transformed into generative graphics, forming an abstract image. The device’s mobile printer allows instant printing of this air “snapshot” that can be left as an evidence on the place, or given as a present to a passerby.



Tiny electric ukulele

This tutorial teaches you how to make the world's smallest (and probably only) capacitance-piezo-buzzer ukulele.A ukulele is an instrument from Hawaii that looks like a small guitar with four nylon strings. Our strings will be made of wire and work by measuring the capacitance and then play the corr...
By: simsalapim

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How to Make a Jar of Fireflies

Do you want to travel to the mysteriously glowing woods filled with fireflies buzzing thought the night? Make your very own Jar of Fireflies! This object could function as a nightlight or centerpiece for an indoor or outdoor table-setting. It turns on and off with the twist of the lid. It is for any...
By: NicoleS3

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New Project: Arduino-Controlled Halloween Props

I worked out a system that lets you control all your animated Halloween props with a single microcontroller.

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Build your paper touch TV reomte control using arduino

Hello every one,i am vigneshraja. i did this project for fun. i thought if my tv remote become touch remote.so i made this project by combining the IR remote library and capacitive touch library of arduino.for touch buttons i use paper pieces that is sketch by pencil.watch my project video here to s...
By: vigneshraja

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Your Baby is under control with Linino

We imagined a system for controlling the sleep of an infant, through the use of a number of sensors that now describe.A flex sensor place in the cradle, monitors the movements and an sound sensor measures the intensity of the cries. Everything is kept under control from a web page which will alert u...
By: Djando

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Humanoid Robot voiced controlled with Arduino Mega, raspberry Pi and 1Sheeld

Humanoid Robot is a robot shaped in the form of a human. A humanoid robot is used in many different fields such as education for young children, on field marketing for companies, research and development tool , entertainment and for tasks that are unsafe to be done with real people so humanoid robot...
By: NeoMaeloP

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Seed Motor Shield V2 Coding Tutorial

In this Intructable we'll talk about a common problem in programming, the Top Down method of programming and learn how to control the Seeed Motor Shield V2.0 for the Arduino Uno. So lets jump right to it. In manufacturing and in my side projects I encounter a common problem in all types of co...
By: syfrog

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Custom OBD II Gauge in With OEM Look

https://github.com/stirobot/arduinoModularTFTgaugesI built a custom OBD II gauge in the clock of my Subaru BRZ (GT86, FRS) and a lot of people wanted me to build them one. Here is how you can build one of your own. My wife is about to give birth to our second son and all the code is open source, so...
By: JustinN1

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2 Minute Ultrasonic Alarm

The ultrasonic sensor works by sending out sound waves and counting how long it takes for them to come back ( having been reflected from the nearest object. In this circuit the ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 plugs straight in to the Arduin, with pins 7 and 4 being used and GND and Vcc. The distance is ca...
By: Robotix_au

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