Fractal Lamp Design Based Off Of Koch Vases

The Fractal Lamp was designed using an IKEA dioder lamp with customized 3D printed and laser-cut parts. A customized control box adjusts the desired color of lamp, giving it a unique look.

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Arduino odometer for bike (1.1 mA total current, no display)

Here is a simple, (somewhat) compact, and low power (only about 1.1 mA current draw) odometer that can be installed on a bicycle. Wheel rotations are detected by voltage spikes generated from a magnet (zip-tied to a spoke) moving near a wire coil (mounted on a chain stay). In order to keep this pr...
By: spencerearly

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Eduardo Zola Upgrades Little Pong with New Pong v2.0

Eduardo Zola’s New Pong v2.0 offers up retro gaming goodness using a pair of 8 X 8 LED matrix boards. A MAX7219 and Arduino MEGA 2560 microcontroller provide the muscle to get the game off and running.

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Speedy Drinkmaker Keeps Party Guests Hydrated

After five weekends of work, [Alex] completed his automatic drink maker, the RumBot. What makes this automated bartender different from others is the fact that it is fast. VERY fast. It can serve drinks to five different locations in as little as 3 seconds per drink. By [Alex]‘s estimation, this could keep a party of 100 people going without anyone waiting on a drink.

The RumBot can make either of five pre-programmed drinks at varying levels of alcoholic intensity, ranging from 1 (“Virgin”) to 10. And for that extra push over the cliff, you can turn the knob to 11 (“Problem”).

Drink selection itself is handled by a simple digital I/O on an Arduino with a 1950s-styled user interface. The frame is built out of wood and uses 3D Printed plastic parts. It houses a very robust servo on a belt stage to move the drink nozzle, and special sensors placed at either of the five drink locations detect a cup ready to be filled. Any cup placed at any of the positions will automatically be filled based on the RumBot’s settings at any particular time.

Based on the quality of the build and the increased speed of this automatic drink maker, this should be a huge hit at any party. With all the knobs turned to 11 though, it might be a good idea to have a breathalyzer on hand! All of the code and schematics for the project are available at the project site as well.

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An ARM-based GPS/GLONASS Tracker Board joining Arduino At Heart

We are excited to announce that OpenTracker v2 by Tigal is our new partner in the Arduino At Heart Program and ready to be backed in an Indiegogo campaign.

OpenTracker is a  fully open source commercial grade GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker that comes with a free web interface for tracking it on Googlemaps or OpenStreetMaps.

The interface allows the tracking of a single vehicle or larger fleets simultaneously: currently it is possible to track the location, speed, altitude, heading, and address of the vehicle as well as save logs of location data for later use. With additional sensors it is also possible to track humidity, temperature and other parameters when desired.

The OpenTracker v2 is the second version of the original OpenTracker with many improved features, and a significant reduction in price.



Let’s have a look at some tech specs. The OpenTracker v2 is ready to run out-of-the-box and includes the same powerful 32-bit ATMEL SAM3A8C ARM controller as the Arduino Due, a Quectel M95 GSM/GPRS modem for wireless connectivity, a Quectel L76 GPS/GLONASS module with Assisted GPS, CAN-BUS, plenty of I/O options and a wide operating temperature range of -35°C to +80°C. The included CAN-BUS, plentiful I/O and on-board GSM/GPRS modem can be used to create many interesting applications such as CAN-BUS logger, SMS Gateway, SMS Remote Controller, and Weather Station with SMS notifications to name a few.

The OpenTracker v2 is available as a complete bundle including the Board, High-Quality Aluminum Enclosure, Power and Programming Cable as well as a GSM/GPS Antenna, or as a stand-alone board for those interested in using the board as an enhanced Arduino Due. The free online tracking interface is available at

Support them on Indiegogo! (only a couple of days left but it’s flexible funding and going ahead with the manufacturing in any case!)

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Ultrasonic 3D Radar.

This page is next level of Virtual Touch Screen project. 

Do you have this impression, like video I posted earlier was outdated? Software to draw a handwriting, mouse interface, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to use a new era  technology? And here it is.

Technically, there are two hardware parts were added, to fully demonstrate extra ordinary sensitivity of the VTS project. First one is the BlueTooth module. And second is a tablet, running android. Device that I have, doesn’t support USB host mode (OTG), otherwise I may be fine w/o BT, just transfer a data over USB cable, as it was done in two previous demo video clips.  Have to say, it was not easy to represent 3D perspective on a flat screen, and picture below shows what I designed to complete a task:

Don’t think it requires a comments, the tricky part was to create an elliptical grid to show a distance. The number of circles is not limited to 2, I’d think about how to film next demo video, that ‘d show a “volume”.

Enjoy the movie:



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Teensy MIDI USB foot controller for controlling Mobius Looper

Motivation:Playing in a 2 piece band, with the drums and lots of other samples being played back as backing tracks, there was a need to use a looper to add in more elements to the tracks. A hardware based looper fails in this respect, since there is no way to maintain synchronisation. Meaning, sli...
By: Thrifleganger

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Are you experiencing problems with your new MicroView?

If you're having problems with your MicroView, you aren't alone, as it appears that close to 2,000 boards may have been sent out without bootloaders. We talk to Marcus Schappi about the problem.

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DIY Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Tryk (Tricycle)

This is my first Instructable that I post or share here. In doing this Instuctable .it Teach me on how to focus seriously, it is big help for me because it motivated and inspired me to do more. But My main goal here is to motivate some people that even it is hard they can do with their selves and sp...
By: lew01001

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DIY Solar Tracker

Introduction We aim to introduce young students to engineering and teach them about solar energy; by having them build a Helios as part of their curriculum. There is an effort in engineering to push energy generation away from the use of fossil fuels and towards greener alternatives. One option for ...
By: pdaniel7

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