Sprinter: Two Player Jumping Game using Arduino Android and Bluetooth

This project is utilizing the concept of physical computing by making it more interactive for the daily lives of the people. As, we know computers games are very much popular and have taken the world by storm and now people spend time on by playing it for hours on the chair most of the time. Our ide...
By: Umar_Farooq

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Instructables 27 Feb 04:02

Arduino Drawbot 2.0

This is a tutorial for creating an Arduino Drawbot. This design is based off of a design by biomech75 and if you would like to see what he used for his project you can check it out at this link below.Arduino Drawbot by biomech75https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Drawbot/List of Materials- 1 B...
By: mavila25

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Instructables 27 Feb 03:52

Arduino Desk Clock

Welcome to my Arduino Desk Clock tutorial!This project was heavily inspired by the Arduino Watch Sport by Alexis Ospitia. Here's the link to his project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Watch-Spo...This clock can be powered by the internal battery, or by usb through the FTDI breakout board ...
By: th3bearsfan

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Instructables 27 Feb 03:47

drawing car arduino

For a project at school I had to make "digital street art". One of the requirements was using arduino. I made a small car that draws the sound levels as it moves along. what you will need for the basics is: Arduino Uno Rev3Arduino Motor Shield Rev32x 9V batteryADAFRUIT: Electret Microphone Amplifie...
By: AnneliesL

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Instructables 27 Feb 03:30

DIY Syringe Pump Saves Big Bucks for Hacker’s Lab

If you had a choice between going to your boss and asking for funds for a new piece of gear, would you rather ask for $3000 to buy off-the-shelf, or $200 for the parts to build the same thing yourself? Any self-respecting hacker knows the answer, and when presented with an opportunity to equip his lab with a new DIY syringe pump for $200, [Dr. D-Flo] rose to the challenge.

The first stop for [Dr. D-Flo] was, naturally, Hackaday.io, which is where he found [Naroom]’s syringe pump project. It was a good match for his budget and his specs, but he needed to modify some of the 3D printed parts a little to fit the larger syringes he intended to use. The base is aluminum extrusion, the drive train is a stepper motor spinning threaded rod and a captive nut in the plunger holders, and an Arduino and motor shield control everything. The drive train will obviously suffer from a fair amount of backlash, but this pump isn’t meant for precise dispensing so it shouldn’t matter. We’d worry a little more about the robustness of the printed parts over time and their compatibility with common lab solvents, but overall this was a great build that [Dr. D-Flo] intends to use in a 3D food printer. We look forward to seeing that one.

It’s getting so that that you can build almost anything for the lab these days, from peristaltic pumps to centrifuges. It has to be hard to concentrate on your science when there’s so much gear to make.

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How to Backup Your Arduino Sketches for Free Using Bitbucket

Hello everyone! In this instructable I'm going to show you how to backup your Arduino sketches for free using Bitbucket.Bitbucket is source control service which is very similar to Github. It allows for storing of projects or code which can be accessed from other machines, or viewed directly on thei...
By: witnessmenow

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Instructables 26 Feb 22:43

All Remotes Into You Smatphone

Every time I'm trying to watch a TV program or listening some music I don't found the appropriate remote control.In my living room I got many device: a Tv, a DVD player, an HiFi, a projector with its own screen.... Every device have its own remote that usually is lost in the sofa or in my kid toys b...
By: EllisB1

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Instructables 26 Feb 16:53

Arduino Distance Measuring project

Display the results from the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor on an LCD Display__Hardware Required:-- Arduino Board- Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04- LCD Display- 10k ohm potentiometerUltrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Connections:- (Follow step 2)- The HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module has 4 pins, Ground, VCC, Trig and Echo. Th...
By: pushpamtronic

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Instructables 26 Feb 14:45

Wireless Printer Switch 3.0

This is the device by which you can switch on or off your printer or any other device connected to it.Watch the video you would get basic idea about this (subscribe my channel) and view my innovative videosget inspired. Step 1: Requirements. Hardware:1.Arduino UNO2.Ethenet Shield3.Relay cardSoft...
By: Vedant 2004

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Instructables 26 Feb 14:07

Hand and Phone Controlled RC Car

What you need: RC Car (I used this one) Arduino Nano (Arduino) ESP8266 Wifi module (Sparkfun) 9DOF Gyrometer/Accelerometer/Magnetometer (Adafruit) 5V 4-Channel Relay Module (Amazon) Blynk App for iPhone/Android 2xAA Battery Pack(Amazon) 3.3V FTDI USB to TTL Serial Monitor(Amaz...
By: mmitchell210

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Instructables 26 Feb 12:48