Based on Arduino DueInspired by NestFeature :Temperature and Humidity, Light Sensor,Smoke sensor, alarm, led, text indication and time display on LCD.Allow Bluetooth connection on Android device so you can read more detail and control an LED on the unit to on/off. LCD navigation buttons will give mo...
By: AdiM3

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Instructables 04 Mar 05:23

Servos pan and tilt with joystick

Basically I wrote a small code to control servo's with an analog joystick.I wrote it because I couldn't any or any explanation how to do it (or I didn't search right), and that's also why I'm uploading it.This is my first upload ever here so bare with me.I wanted to move a camera on the top of the s...
By: mars_crash

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Instructables 03 Mar 22:05


I made this as an extension to my ARDUINO TIMELAPSE SHIELD.Basically its an endless servo mounted to a skateboard wheelset.So everytime the timelapse shield turns a step, the dolly drives 3mm. FRONT AXLE the main/front axle is built from mainly skateboard parts, as there are:2 wheels2 sets of bea...
By: InevitableCraftsLab

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Instructables 03 Mar 21:40

How to make an Arduino sound synthesizer with MIDI interface

With this synthesizer you can make Arduino reproduce totally customized waveforms. Due to the MIDI interface, it can be connected to any instrument which such feature and play it with the sound you want. Materials Arduino (in this case Arduino UNO) Instrument with MIDI interface Wire for connec...
By: Cristhian180

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Instructables 03 Mar 10:23

Control an LED with PWM output

As you may have noticed in the Arduino board (Uno, Mega-etc.) Are present some PIN that have next a symbol like a wave.This symbol indicates that the output can also be used in "PWM" or "Pulse-width modulation".Using this function, it is possible to vary, for example, the frequency of switching on a...
By: dev.alessiobigini

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Instructables 03 Mar 07:44

DIY functional Sonic Screwdriver

Last Halloween my oldest son Colin dressed up as the Doctor from Doctor Who and I cobbled together a Sonic Screwdriver for him from bits of junk I scrounged up in the garage. Upon seeing the Sonic Screwdriver my youngest son Sam decided he absolutely had to have one. Sam however declared that his sc...
By: Honus

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Instructables 03 Mar 07:40

Power from trees!! And using this power to collect data form the environment.

It is very well known that when putting a copper and a zinc rod into a potato, a voltage can be measured across the two rods, that is how the potato clock works. However we can take this idea further using a tree. As a tree has a higher volume than a potato, more energy can be transferred from the z...
By: robinotics

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Instructables 02 Mar 23:58

Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

Get Resources For ProjectArduino Uno REV 3Seeed Ethernet Shield V1Ethernet Cable CAT-5WiFi Modem (Preferably Motorola Surfboard) Connect Seeed Ethernet Shield To Arduino PINS Connect Ethernet ShieldGet The Seeed Ethernet Shield And Connect It As Shown In The Picture To The Arduino Uno. Connect...
By: Matthew Blevins

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Instructables 02 Mar 23:13

5x5 LED Matrix Animations

DON'T WORRY ABOUT 5 X 5 X 5 PROJECTS. focused on 25 leds 5 x 5. 25 LED's - I used blue 5mm LED's purchased on eBay 5 resistors - I used 100 ohm, but the exact value will depend on what LED's you use. I will explain how to calculate in the Wiring step. Arduino - I used a UNO How to wires them ...
By: ironheartbj18

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Instructables 02 Mar 21:10

Making a lasercut Movie Recommender with Intel Edison

Some days ago we posted on Intel Makers Community an educational tutorial focused on Intel Edison. Our team explored Internet Queries to build a lasercut Movie Recommender and help you find a good movie title  extracted from The Open Movie Database starting from the 50s to the 10s and according to your favourite genre:

Pressing the button will activate the Movie Recommender and the search begins. After the magic is done, the curtain will open to reveal the movie that fits the criteria.

So get this project done, make some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to watch a sci-fi movie from 1988… “My Stepmother is an Alien”?!

Follow the link and create your DIY Movie Recommender!

Take a look at the video below to see how it works!

Arduino Blog 02 Mar 20:55