Make noise (Arduino),Tweet and SMS using Android App

Contents: Introduction: Materials, Tools and ReferencesCircuit and SketchAndroid App development:Conclusion: Introduction I have been recently listening and reading a lot about Internet of Things (IoT) and among them home automation and controlling the home appliances using smart phones intrigued...
By: Bhanu Kishan

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Instructables 25 Oct 00:20

Evil LED Goat

Around Halloween, even the most innocent of things seem to turn evil. For example our office mascot, Goat, has started acting weird lately...This tutorial teaches you how to make your own plush toy with LED eyes that can be controlled by an iPhone. The perfect Halloween scare! Get the parts We w...
By: simsalapim

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Instructables 24 Oct 21:55

Awesome ArduLIGHT

There is a new trend to make the car look different from the other similar cars. One of which is to make the car lights lit / blink not as usual. Such trend began in BMW cars, as BMW uses Lighting Control Module (LCM) to regulate all lightings in the car, from head light lights, tail lamps up to cab...
By: saftari

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Instructables 24 Oct 21:48


Lets build an Arduino based flight controller that can do wireless PID tuning, Orientation lock and altitude hold and position lock with the help of A GPS. Ok So this DIY flight controller is an educational Arduino based module. It's simple to make, easy to program and is a great project for experie...
By: treyes4

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Instructables 24 Oct 21:44

Smart Home Thermostat

These days we hear a lot about the Internet of Things and how Smart Devices will be Internet enabled to do cool things and make our lives better. Smart Thermostats have the capability to save a lot of energy by keeping the temperature of your home steady, heating your water to just the right tempera...
By: akellyirl

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Instructables 24 Oct 21:42

Time-lapse with any camera, using Arduino

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to capture situations where filming would be entirely impractical, or even impossible. For those moments time-lapse photography is a god-send, until you realize that your camera did not ship with that feature and there seems to be no way arou...
By: Switch and Lever

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Instructables 24 Oct 17:20


IntroductionDigital vocalizer is a project for social purpose. we are trying to implement a system which make a communication gap between deaf people and normal people as less as possible. Deaf people make use of sign language or gestures to make understand what he/she trying to say but it is imposs...
By: tushar197

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Instructables 24 Oct 16:50

Spooky Ghost with Arduino

Have you ever wanted to make a simple rig to frighten your neighbors, all in the holiday spirit? Look no further. This Arduino ghost is one of the most simplistic and easy decorations you can make! Its great for children and beginners to Arduino alike! Using a simple blink function and two LEDs in p...
By: Nolan5454

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Instructables 24 Oct 16:16

Garage Genie - Parking & Remote Control

The Garage Genie is a car automation Arduino gadget. Click on the two images above to see the animated explanation. It aims to do a few things:1. The “traffic lights” tells you when you’ve inched your car up close enough when parking. The lights are control by an Arduino using an ultrasonic dist...
By: electronichamsters

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Instructables 24 Oct 14:13

OLED clock with Pacman mode

This large 2.42" OLED I2C module can be used as a replacement for the smaller 0.96" display for which I originally designed the ProMini OLED clock shield. It is built around the same SSD1306 chip, and it only comes in yellow (for now).

MikeM wrote this great Pacman clock sketch for it (available for download here), shown in the video below.

To display on the OLED, Mike used U8glib graphic library. Initially tested on the 0.96" OLED, the sketch froze after some time, for a yet to be explained reason. The same sketch works perfectly with the 2.42" display. Mike spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the culprit is software (bug in the U8glib) or hardware.
(Any feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated.)

The clock can also display the time as HH:MM:SS on the whole screen, as shown in the photo below, also courtesy of Mike.

My next step would be to design an enclosure for it. For that I will probably need some more help :)

Wise time with Arduino 24 Oct 02:41
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