Easy Arduino Pro Mini TV-B-Gone Disguised

TV-B-Gone was getting on my Dreams ;)Wanted to try TV-B-Gone for many years, but un-fortunately I never found all the components to make one, and with bad shipping services in my city, it was turning out to be super expensive to get it thru express shipping like Fedex etc.Finally I found out someone...
By: ghpk

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Instructables 07 Mar 06:08

Encrypting messages with Cuckoo and Arduino Yún

Jochen Maria Weber is a Researcher and Designer at the intersection of Interaction- and Industrial Design. He shared with us Project Cuckoo, a project running on Arduino Yún and looking at our interactions with intercepted social networks and how alternative ways of communicating might change them:

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and co. collect our data and are forced to have a backdoor for state surveillance. Therefore Cuckoo encrypts messages into randomly generated words, meanings and noise in order to scatter them over multiple communication networks simultaneously. Each letter of an original message gets translated into complex forms of certain length forming new sentences. Those sentences get posted to aforementioned social networks, next to randomly generated noise-sentences for distraction. The encryption method can be changed with every new message. Any receiving Cuckoo-unit following the respective social network accounts can filter and decrypt the important posts according to their encryption method and time stamp. Cuckoo combines social networks to build a hidden one on top of their infrastructure. An egg in the others’ nests.

Cuckoo uses an Arduino YUN to connect wirelessly as a stand-alone device to the internet. It also does the en- and decryption of all messenges and made it comfortable to connect to Twitter, Skype and Tumblr API with Temboo.

Take a look at the video on Cuckoo’s website.

Arduino Blog 06 Mar 23:14

Crying Baby Detector Using 1Sheeld

The biggest problem that mothers face is that they can't leave there babies alone in a room asleep, That they must sit next to them, And leave anything else in there hand because getting afraid if the baby starts to wake up which is a wasting of time, From there came my IDEA Crying Baby Detector is ...
By: kerolos.magdy.5

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Instructables 06 Mar 17:07

How to make a useful Photoreflector for Arduino

This is a how to make a useful photoreflector for Arduino.Photoreflector is a sensor that is often use for line tracer. Tools Soldering ironSolder (1.0mm)Nipper Materials Photoreflector LBR-127HLD 50JPY180 Register10K Register Fixed a photoreflector Fold 1 and 4 of the photoreflector ...
By: takaokouji

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Instructables 06 Mar 16:14

Beginning Arduino

This collection is a list of Instructables that will help the beginning Arduino User. I have tried to pick Instructables that illustrate a concept with a simple circuit and sketch. Some of them were written by me, and any instructable written by someone else was used with their permission. Multipl...
By: JRV31

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Instructables 06 Mar 15:56

Internet Controlled Arduino (no Ethernet shield)

Ethernet Shields are a lot of fun, but they can be expensive. In this project I will show you how to control your Arduino from any computer that is connected to the internet, without using an Ethernet shield. This project is completely free, assuming you already have an Arduino. Ingredients: ...
By: ZachariahZebadee

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Instructables 06 Mar 04:25

Internet of things ESP8266 basic code Adruino to update data

Dear all, Internet of thing (IoT) is now a revolution, listen all objects t via wifi connection. I also read this new on newspaper, and then I buy module ESP8266 to test. Starting to play this module I also search all document on web,I face with some problem and cost a few hours for this test. I po...
By: TamNguyenE11

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Instructables 06 Mar 03:14

Illumaphone: Light-based Musical Instrument with Arduino

Ever wanted to build your own electronic musical instrument? In this Instructable, I walk through the build process for my Illumaphone, a light-based, spatial musical instrument that I built for Jeff Snyder's Computer Music class at Princeton. It consists of six coffee cups. Wave your hands over the...
By: bonniee

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Instructables 06 Mar 02:26

(Ascensor) Elevator model using Arduino, App Inventor and other free software

Construcción, paso a paso, de un ascensor a escala usando arduino (como controlador del motor y entradas y salidas por bluetooth), app inventor (para diseño de aplicación como panel de control del ascensor) y freeCAD y LibreCAD para diseño.Abajo encontraréis 3 archivos:inoelevator.zip - código ardui...
By: juanitog

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Instructables 05 Mar 23:15

Digital FM Radio

Daniel Leiva Aragonés and Eric Pedrosa Montiel, students of 'Creative Electronics', a Beng Electronics Engineering 4th year module at the University of Málaga, School of Telecommunications, we decide to make as final project a FM radio using Arduino Uno development board.This radio will allow us the...
By: Electronica Creativa

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Instructables 05 Mar 19:02