Home Automation DIY Project Using Arduino UNO & Ethernet Shield

" The main goal of this project is that, How to control home appliances like TV, fan, tube light, or anything using your computer or portable device "The heart of this project is Ethernet shield and definitely the brain of this project is Arduino uno board they both work together to Turn on and off ...
By: Electronicslovers

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Instructables 30 Apr 19:28

Buglar Alarm Using PIR MOTION SENSOR

In this INSTRUCTABLE, We are going to make a simple BUGLAR ALARM using PIR MOTION SENSOR & ARDUINO HOW DOES IT WORK?The PIR sensor itself has two slots in it, each slot is made of a special material that is sensitive to IR. The lens used here is not really doing much and so we see that the two s...
By: miymakers

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Instructables 30 Apr 19:01

1Sheeld Controlled Arduino Vehicle

Using 1Sheeld, remote control an Arduino powered vehicle with the accelerometer in your Smartphone/Tablet. Essentials You will require the following items, or equivalent.1) Any Arduino powered vehicle platform. Pictured is the Dagu Wild Thumper 4WD with Sabertooth Dual 25A 6V-24V Regenerative Mot...
By: L1Ranger

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Instructables 30 Apr 18:45

360 Degree proximity sensor

3.5 $ P.I.R. Arduino Intruder Alarm

Passive infrared sensors are great for motion detection projects, i brought it recently for a college project and i was actually being tempted to use it .Unfortunately all i got from The INTERNET were not that much fun .I took out some of my favorite old parts and started tinkering with it .The res...
By: geekrex

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Instructables 30 Apr 15:06

Aduino Constellation Box

Arduino Constellation BoxFlicker sketch arduino programmed Leds placed inside a box punctured with hole around its entirety to reflect an image of constellations on the surround walls around it. INPUT- button on outside allows user to press the button to activate a strip of led's along the top insid...
By: ac_perry910

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Instructables 30 Apr 14:53


Bascically this How Does it Work?The DHT11 is a basic, ultra low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and spits out a digital signal on the data pin (no analog input pins needed). Its fairly simple to use,...
By: miymakers

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Instructables 30 Apr 14:50

1 Wire LCD Controller for Arduino

Whilst working on an ATtiny project I found I was lacking the required number of pins and needed to attach an LCD with just 1 wireI had found a Instructable on how to use a shift register to control the LCD using only 3 wires, but once again this was too many pins, and the hacks to make it work with...
By: semaja2

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Instructables 30 Apr 14:43

K.K. Bossa Song and Animation on an Arduino

What does it do?Plays the song K.K. Bossa from Animal Crossing and an animation using an Arduino Uno, a piezo, and a 16X2 LCD.The animation is based off of Animal Crossing New Leaf.The top video is with the male villager and the bottom video is with the female villager (toggled within the sketch).Th...
By: Jerloom

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Instructables 30 Apr 14:23

Smart Humidifier (make Your Room Comfortable)

There are three key components to healthy air. It must be fresh, clean, and have the proper humidity. Humans are sensitive to humidity because the human body uses evaporative cooling, enabled by perspiration, as the primary mechanism to rid itself of waste heat. Humans can be comfortable within a wi...
By: taifur

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Instructables 30 Apr 10:35