distance measurement with 2.4 ftf and ultrasonic sensor

this is very simple arduino circuit with ultrasonic sensor and 2.4 inch tft display, powered by arduino uno.the arduino uno calculate the distance and update the display every 1 second.watch this video to see how it works. Tools and parts the only tool we need is a pc with arduino IDE.in this exa...
By: TheOverclocker

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Instructables 28 Nov 17:54

Power Outage Notifier

The Load Shedding Notifier is a simple project which notifies you when there is a power outage/interruption as well as when power is restored. It sends the notification via SMS to a specified mobile number.My country is currently experiencing increased Load Shedding events due to lack of water for e...
By: daryllukas

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Party Like a Sci-Fi Billionaire with the Music-Sensing Light from Ex Machina

Now you can recreate the infamous dance scene from Ex Machina with some cardboard, LEDs, and Arduino.

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Digital Synth VRA8-X for Arduino Uno

Made by ISGK Instruments https://github.com/risgk/digital-synth-vra8-xConcept Experimental Synthesizer (MIDI Sound Module) for Arduino UnoFeatures Monophonic Synthesizer (or MIDI Sound Module) Serial MIDI In (38400 bps), PWM Audio Out (Pin 6), PWM Rate: 62500 Hz Sampling Rate: 15625 Hz, Bit D...
By: risgk

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Instructables 28 Nov 14:54

Arduino Temperature Monitor and Visual LED Meter

This is a really fun Arduino project that will read the temperature, send it to the Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE and according to the temperature it will adjust the number of LEDs that light up. It is really easy to put together and the programming part does need some skill,but I have provided the ...
By: LukasCDesigns

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Send email with ESP8266 and Arduino UNO

How to get Adafruits "send_email_smtp.ino" to send email with ESP8266 and Arduino UNO.The module works on 3.3v logic according to documentation, but I had no issue with 5v rx and tx of arduino, play it at your own risk !! Firmware on the ESP8266 To get it working, must the firmware on the ESP826...
By: kryder91

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Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Arduino and Raspberry Pi


I am building and testing a telepresence wheeled rover bot that has two methods of control:

1. Web Interface (Manual Mode): This consists of a control panel on a web page served using WebIOPi on a Raspberry Pi which, when activated, sends commands to an Arduino Nano AT Mega328P via a two wire i2c interface (Forward, Back etc). 

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RGB LED with Arduino

In this project we are going to interface 5 RGB (Red Green Blue) LEDs to Arduino Uno. These LEDs are connected in parallel for reducing PIN usage of Uno. 

A typical RGB LED is shown in below figure:

The RGB LED will have four pins as shown in figure.

PIN1: Color 1 negative terminal or color 1 positive terminal

Circuit Digest 28 Nov 06:21

Basic Toolkit for the Basement Biohacker

Laying hands on the supplies for most hacks we cover is getting easier by the day. A few pecks at the keyboard and half a dozen boards or chips are on an ePacket from China to your doorstep for next to nothing. But if hacking life is what you’re into, you’ll spend a lot of time and money gathering the necessary instrumentation. Unless you roll your own mini genetic engineering lab from scratch, that is.

Taking the form of an Arduino mega-shield that supports a pH meter, a spectrophotometer, and a PID-controlled hot plate, [M. Bindhammer]’s design has a nice cross-section of the instruments needed to start biohacking in your basement. Since the piggybacks on an Arduino, all the data can be logged, and decisions can be made based on the data as it is collected. One example is changing the temperature of the hot plate when a certain pH is reached. Not having to babysit your experiments could be a huge boon to the basement biohacker.

Biohacking is poised to be the next big thing in the hacking movement, and [M. Bindhammer]’s design is far from the only player in the space. From incubators to peristaltic pumps to complete labs in a box, the tools to tweak life are starting to reach critical mass. We can’t wait to see where these tools lead.

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Blinds Automation using LinkIt ONE

Automating you blinds, is a great weekend project, you can put together using Mediatek LinkIt ONE platform and 3D printed parts for which the STL files are attached in step 2.To rotate the blind wand/rod we will use a continuos rotation servo. And the movement of the blinds will be triggered from a...
By: CarmelitoAndrade

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Instructables 27 Nov 23:06