Arduino Motion Detection Light

Hi, this is my new Arduino Motion Detection Light. It is powered by an 9v supply for the arduino and 5w for light. If a man or an animal pass through the PIR sensor, it detects and will start the relay(as the light turns on). If there is no detection, then it will stop the relay(as the light turns o...
By: Gabriel Aron

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Instructables 06 Dec 07:07

ESP8266 DS18B20 Temperature Node-RED MQTT

This time the integration of ESP8266 and the Node-RED platform was realized integrating a sensor DS18B20 of Protocol of Temperature Onewire.From an HMI or SCADA Web creator on Node-Red-Dashboard using as base the MQTT Protocol and pubsubclient library converting the ESP8266 into MQTT Client.Tutorial...
By: Jhon_Control

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Instructables 06 Dec 03:26

Arduino Guide Dog

Ok the title is a bit exaggerated :) . This project was started with much loftier expectations but I soon worked out that the idea I wanted to develop would require much greater programming skills that I currently have. I do however hope that this will spark your interest and you will have a go at b...
By: GrandadBob

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Instructables 05 Dec 22:48

Arduino - Obstacle Avoiding Robot 4WD

Arduino Tutorial Obstacle Avoiding Robot 4WD - For beginnersIn this tutorial, you will make obstacle avoiding robot. Video Tutorial This tutorial involves building a 4WD robot with an ultrasonic sensor that can detect nearby objects and change its direction to avoid these objects. The ultrasonic ...
By: MertArduino

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Instructables 05 Dec 21:58

An Arduino-controlled automated whiskey distillery

If you simply want to have a drink now and then, building your own automated distillery probably isn’t the easiest way to obtain alcohol. As shown in this Instructables post, however, it can be done. On the other hand, if you create your own “NanoStillery,” you’ll have to contend with possible legal and safety issues while running the process… and of course, the risks of actually using the product.

Though the writeup appears quite good, with three control panels, custom mechanical components and a nicely-welded frame, it’s likely not a good project to attempt without a bit of engineering experience!

There are three panel boxes in the NanoStillery™, the main panel is driven by an Arduino Mega and the secondary one houses an Adafruit Feather GPRS board for transmitting data to the interweb. The third box has a large 12V power supply and a bank of relays in it.

The main control panel receives information from the various sensors in the system—temperatures, pressure and alcohol vapor levels and controls various valves, pump and the boiler heater via the relays. It then communicates with the Adafruit Feather via the I2C bus which then sends the data to a database where it is accessed from this webpage.

The GPRS module could very well have been bolted into the main control panel, but, for one, I had run out of room and secondly, I wanted the module to be removable so that it could be used for other projects in the future. Getting the two ‘machines’ to communicate with each other effectively was quite challenging. It was OK if the numbers were just simple small integers, but as soon as more complex ‘floats’ were involved, some serious number crunching code had to be developed.

Want to learn more? You can find all the necessary information on NanoStillery, including its code, over on Instructables.

The Rex800 looks like a dinosaur Terminator

The Rex800 looks like a dinosaur Terminator, a terrifying proposition, and perhaps a great merchandising opportunity!

YouTuber “RobitFactory” is in the process of creating a 1/10 replica of the “Sue” dinosaur skeleton, now featured at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. What he has at the moment is a rough frame made out of tubing, as well as a metallic gray head with glowing red eyes.

The video takes us through the build process, along with some of RobitFactory’s future plans which include voice-activation. It’s an ambitious project, and in preparation for upgrades, he’s switched out the Arduino Uno used originally for a Mega board, and installed a Molex connector on the head so it can be easily disconnected. It will be exciting to see where this build goes!

Intrigued? Be sure to check out the RobitFactory’s YouTube page.

Arduino Blog 05 Dec 21:05

Capacitance meter with TM1637 using Arduino.

How to make a capacitance meter using Arduino displayed on the TM1637. Ranging 1 uF to about 2000 uF. Parts required Resitors:1x: 220 Ohm1x: 10 kOhm (Or something else but you will have to change the code after what you use, 8000 Ohms would work as well.)Capacitors:Have a range of capacitors wh...
By: gustavio101

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Instructables 05 Dec 18:56

Simple RGB Notification Bar

Previously we have seen how to make a portable application to control an ArduinoControl Arduino with a portable AppLet's see how to use this to make your own rgb led notification bar using a small led strip.To keep it simple, we will only be able to choose between 6 colors. First, we will make our ...
By: madnerd

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Instructables 05 Dec 16:29

Brain Controlled Light Bulb

A Future technology experiment Description This is brain human interface experiment to control any electrical appliance via just thinking in the mindWhen you think something in the brain the neurons inside the brain communicate each other to carry information from one place to another, these comm...
By: tulsap

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Instructables 05 Dec 12:09

Car seat belt reminder

Often I find that my wife get into our car and don't wear seat belt. I had to remind her to do so every time she steps in. Some time even I forget to tell her and once I was ticked because she was not wearing that. My car has a indicator LED in dashboard that tell if driver is not wearing a seat bel...
By: Sandeephooda

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Instructables 05 Dec 12:08