Massimo and Dale at the opening of European Maker Week

Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi and Maker Media’s Dale Dougherty will be in Brussels next week to help kick off European Maker Week at the Opening Conference. During their keynote, they will address European citizens in hopes of inspiring Makers to build projects throughout the weeklong celebration taking place all over the continent. Those wishing to learn more can do so by checking out the agenda and booking their free ticket for Monday, May 30th at the European Committee of the Regions.


European Maker Week is the first initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome, in collaboration with Startup Europe, to raise awareness around the significance of the Maker culture and its ecosystem, as well as foster creativity and innovation in schools.

Europe is not only home to the highest number of fab labs, Makerspaces, and hackerspaces in the world, it’s also the birthplace of disruptive projects like Arduino, Raspberry Pi,  micro:bit, and RepRap. Every year, there are over 50 Maker Faires, Mini Maker Faires, and the flagship Maker Faire Rome, which drew attention from 100,000-plus visitors in 2015.

European Maker Week, which will be held May 30th to June 5th, will play host to more than 450 events across 28 countries. Click on the map below to find the the event nearest you:

Sound detection RGB lamp using Arduino

Hello,To begin with this project is not finished yet!In this project I am making a lamp with multiple colors using RGB leds. My idea is to try to let the lamp change color if it detects a sound in the area. If you get annoyed from the changing colors every time you make a sound, you can always put t...
By: Yanniboy1994

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Instructables 25 May 14:36

4-wire Touchscreen interfacing with arduino

In this post, we are going to interface 4-wire touch screen with arduino and make 4*3 keypad from them and labelling them as 0-9, * and #. List of components: Arduino Uno4-wire touch screenGlue gunConnecting wireSoldering ironBase for touch screen Soldering the touch screen Carefully solder th...
By: chandankmr02

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Instructables 25 May 13:18

Arduino Electric Door Opener Security System

Hello! In this Instructables guide I will show you how to make your own password unlock door system by using the Arduino uno board. I made my own circuit by using the ATmega328 micro controller but this is an optional step. In this guide I will help you to make it easily on breadboard by using the A...
By: Ardumotive_com

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Instructables 25 May 11:41


ACTIVATING HOME APPLIANCES with voice using bluetooth is a simplest way of making your home "A SMART HOME". In this series of STEPS.we are going to find out how cool is that to switch on the fan by simply sitting in a place.INTERESTINGLY you can command your ARDUINO like "IRONMAN COMMANDS JARVIS"i h...
By: alt_sense

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Instructables 25 May 10:30

Electronic Giraffe Puzzle

This puzzle incorporates a design created on inventor that when all of the pieces are together LEDs light up. Each piece has a photocell sensor, powered by an arduino, underneath it and when the puzzle is completed with a border of LEDs lights up. This idea is fun and can be used to entertain people...
By: kdegroot7

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Instructables 24 May 23:02


Hello world! Today i made a code for the ttp223b capacitive touch sensor. A sensor that i am testing for my webshop, and it does its job! So soon i will add it to my webshop at The code is really easy and can be used with normal buttons to. Follow the next step for the schematic, ...
By: vandenbrande

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Instructables 24 May 22:56

Detecting motion with an Arduino and two wires

Connor Nishijima has come with a unique way to detect motion using an Arduino Uno. The active media developer is polling an ADC pin with a pair of wires twisted tightly together — one plugged into A3, another plugged into ground — and generating readings whenever a large living object (like his two cats) is nearby.

“The closest I have ever come to explaining this is capacitive coupling. So what it is is the antenna is leaching a little bit of electricity off you, and you are leaching a little bit of electricity from the antenna. The differential that happens when you move around is what the Arduino is picking up.”

He’s calling this effect “Capacitive Turbulence,” and so far he’s only got it work on the Arduino, no luck using other boards with ADCs. You can watch him explain this magical phenomenon in more detail below!

Arduino RDM Relay

So far I have been using DMX but that meant I would have to reprogram my arduino every time I want to change the DMX start adress so I decided to switch to RDM. Gather the parts MAX485 Female and male xlr's Arduino uno rev3 Relay of your choice 2 led's 4.7k resistor Breadboard or pcb Jum...
By: DavidB56

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Instructables 24 May 20:11

How to Make the Knock Lock for Arduino Starter Kit

In this instructable i will be showing you a video on how I made a knock lock using the arduino uno starter kit. I did run into a few problems along the way but figured out a solution after thinking it over. this is the first arduino project I have made so i went solely off of the directions in the ...
By: Joey John 9821

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Instructables 24 May 18:39