Iron Man Casemod

This is a job I have done a few years, in 2012.It is a computer + animatronic Iron Man.Briefly explaining it : Beginning in Phase 1 , Pepakura 2. Phase , planning robotics 3. Phase , assembly. Pepakura Search much on the parts that make up the persoangem and then print and start the process of r...
By: Sandman.Gor

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Instructables 02 Aug 13:22

Driving Dozens of Buttons

This project came about because I was trying to think of the best way to get input from a large number of buttons, while requiring the minimum number of Arduino pins. I started with the wonderful tutorial at the Arduino site demonstrating how to get input from one button (see: https://www.arduino....
By: fototrip

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Instructables 02 Aug 08:56

How to deal with 4 digit 7 segment display

This is a basic 4 digit 7 segment display. this display have two types(common anode and common cathode). In this instructable I'm going to tell how to display charactors in this disply. I'm not using any other IC or controler circuit fro this project (Only Arduino UNO Bpard). Conecting pins to Ar...
By: ErangaG

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Instructables 01 Aug 18:44

Simple calculator based on Arduino MEGA

Nowadays, doing calculations isn't a problem at all. Powerful calculators can be bought for few Euro or easily installed on phones and computers. However, we decided to turn our Arduino into a calculator because we think it could be a really interesting experiment. It's actually a very simple calc...
By: techrm

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Instructables 01 Aug 18:04


HI, Sorry for the delay of this tutorial. Here in this tutorial I will teach you how to Control two LED using Arduino. this is the basic principle of traffic light systems. Where light changes from one color to other color after a delay of few minutes. If you had missed my previous instructables che...
By: appytechie

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Instructables 01 Aug 16:37

Arduino Mechanical Keypad

Hello! My name is Adriano and I'm 16.I live in Italy and before that this 'guide' starts i want to say sorry for my pooooor english :3 What ? I decided to build a Keypad with Arduino while I was looking for a Razer Tartarus. I thought that I had to build something that was nice to play with..I'm ...
By: AdrianoD2

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Instructables 01 Aug 16:11

Turn an N64 Controller into a USB Gamepad using an Arduino Leonardo

The easiest way to turn an N64 Controller into a USB Gamepad is to buy an N64 Controller Adapter for around £15. However it can also be done if you have an Arduino Leonardo or any other Arduino board with built-in USB communication.What you will need:An Arduino Leonardo (Also possible with oth...
By: BobJones6732

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Instructables 01 Aug 15:42

Simple LCD touchscreen for arduino

This is a guide showing an easy way to set up an LCD touchscreen interface with arduino, or other similar microcontrollers.It's also shameless self-promotion of my kickstarter... which focuses on making it super easy to program a nice GUI.This example is a basic stepper driver control system. Step...
By: john.howarth.10

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Instructables 01 Aug 14:53

Beautiful and practical clock with calendar

Use I2C_LCD to make a beautiful and practical clock with calendar.I2C_LCD can display bitmap, graphic and character, you can make beautiful UI for your project with I2C_LCD.I'm sure you'll be interested in this work.Materials have to be prepared:I2C_LCD Display Module x1Seeeduino Lotus - ATMega3...
By: Joney S

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Instructables 01 Aug 14:52

Lesson 2: Using Arduino as a Power Source For a circuit

Hello again, students, to my second lesson of my course to teach basic electronics. For those who have not seen my first lesson, which describes the very, very, basics of circuitry, please see that now. For those who already have seen my previous lesson, let us begin. What is Arduino? To start of...
By: gearsngenes

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Instructables 31 Jul 22:59