LCD Weather Monitor

We are always fascinated with a display that shows some information like weather, status or anything which is to be monitored. So today I will use this TFT LCD display along with arduino for displaying weather and brightness. You can print anything on the display. As an example I have chosen weather...
By: SayantanM4

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Instructables 22 Sep 18:12

Digital Dimmer Circuit Easy and Cheap

Its a nice,clean,cheap , reliable digtal dimmer which dimms the light or fan using the pwm of ac using an Arduino How its different from others all dimmers i saw with arduino and other microcontrollers were detecting the zero crossing and then firing the pulse to control the duty cycle of AC si...
By: Johermohit

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Instructables 22 Sep 14:46

Voice Activated Home Automation

I was thinking about writing an instructable, since last year though i read instructable daily on So, here is my first attempt i hope that you all appreciate my efforts. I am a B.Tech final year student of ECE department. It's a project based on the day to day need of people. Usin...
By: Amrit1111

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Instructables 22 Sep 12:24

Arduino MKR Fox 1200 Sigfox Meteo Station

Sigfox is a French company founded in 2009 that builds wireless networks to connect low-energy objects such as electricity meters, smart watches, and washing machines, which need to be continuously on and emitting small amounts of data.Sigfox employs a proprietary technology that enables communicati...
By: masteruan

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Instructables 22 Sep 09:15

Arduino and Pi Breathe New Life into Jukebox

What do you do when someone gives you a Wurlitzer 3100 jukebox from 1969, but keeps all the records? If you are like [Tijuana Rick], you grab an Arduino and a Rasberry Pi and turn it into a really awesome digital music player.

We’ll grant you, making a music player out of a Raspberry Pi isn’t all that cutting edge, but restoration and integration work is really impressive. The machine had many broken switches that had been hastily repaired, so [Rick] had to learn to create silicone molds and cast resin to create replacements. You can see and hear the end result in the video below.

[Rick] was frustrated with jukebox software he could find, until he found some Python code from [Thomas Sprinkmeier]. [Rick] used that code as a base and customized it for his needs.

There’s not much “how to” detail about the castings for the switches, but there are lots of photos and the results were great. We wondered if he considered putting fake 45s in the machine so it at least looked like it was playing vinyl.

Of course, you don’t need an old piece of hardware to make a jukebox. Or, you can compromise and build out a replica.



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How to Use A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module With Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: © 2018 AVI SOFTWARE INDIA. All rights reserved. Components Requi...
By: avisoftwareindia

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Instructables 22 Sep 05:26

Simple $10 Crypto Currency Display

Hello Everyone!Want a fun way to track the prices of crypto currencies? Tired of checking the prices online? Why not get a device to do it for you!In this Instructable I will show you how to build a device that connects directly to your WiFi and displays the latest price for multiple different crypt...
By: witnessmenow

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Instructables 22 Sep 02:22

I2C Arduino Lab6

This lab will connect two Arduinos together using I2C to send a RGB value from one to the other and control a RGB LED using those values. Connecting the Two Arduinos step 1. You need 2 Arduinos and 2 bread boardsstep 2. connect the ground on the controller to the breadboard.step 3. Connect the A5...
By: dentonwm1

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Instructables 22 Sep 00:40

Create a gesture control unit for your PC using Skywriter and Arduino

While keyboards are great, and custom shortcuts can make things even better, why not do away with buttons and knobs altogether, controlling your computer instead via simple gestures? Maker Ben James has done just this, creating a unique interface using a Skywriter device to pick up finger movements, along with an Arduino Leonardo to emulate a keyboard on his laptop.

Since the Skywriter can detect a number of gestures, James assigned various swipes, taps and circular motions to keyboard commands. As you can see in the video here, the results are pretty neat. 

More info on this project can be found on his blog post, and its code is available on GitHub.

L298 DC Motor Driver Demos/Tutorial

In this short series - I will attempt to show different methods for using the L298 H Bridge Motor Driver Board.The L298 is commonly found in hobby and educational robots. This was put together, not to show a complete working two wheeled robot, but to attempt to explain the ideas behind the operatio...
By: kd8bxp

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Instructables 21 Sep 19:17