DIY Kit for Bluetooth Motion Sensor, Arduino, BluTule.

This is an instructable how to create a motion sensor that reacts on human/animal motion and notify you on your smartphone. It is also an instruction how to assemble your DIY kit from Blutule Kickstarter Campaign. Materials Materials required for this projectArduinoBluetooth ModuleIR Motion Senso...
By: aso777

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Instructables 22 Aug 18:09

Danger Level

Hello Everybody! I am a total noob when it comes to Arduino, and today I wrote my first successful sketch! I wanted to share it and become a part of the Instructables community :) What it does is use a potentiometer to turn LEDs on and off and blink them when the "danger level" becomes way to high....
By: houstonino

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Instructables 22 Aug 17:25

Make your plant smile

This is a funny project that makes our plants “talk” to us. It’s very simple and you can create it in few hours. We use a sensor to read the soil moisture of our plant and a led matrix to dislay how the plant “feel”. You can use an ATtiny85 as a microcontroller. Order Materials Led Matrix Soil Hy...
By: thanasisloi7

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Instructables 22 Aug 16:31

Simple Wav Player Using Arduino

Talking about using Arduino to play music, is it the Arduino MP3 shield not the first thing you come up with? Or maybe some geeks will consider about tone() function? They are not the things our topic is about today. We don’t need any MP3 shield, tone(), or SD card. Only Arduino can perfectly pla...
By: ElecFreaks

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Instructables 22 Aug 14:07

Converting Float to string and character array in a few simple steps - arduino

Do you want to convert an floating point value to a string? If that is so, then there are two methods that i found really helpful. Float to String Using dtostrf dtostrf is a function that converts a float or double into a character array using only one line of codedtostrf(float, minimum width, pr...
By: yhtomitsy

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Instructables 22 Aug 11:13

Washing machine countdown timer - Arduino

Hello, and welcome to my instructable for a washing machine countdown timer. The timer is operated with the very popular Arduino microcontroller. See here for more information. Arduino Home PageAimThe aim of this project is to be able to delay the start of the washing machine by a few hours.Purpo...
By: sjowett

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Instructables 22 Aug 01:50

How I Fixed My MicroView's Bootloader

If you backed the MicroView project on Kickstarter this spring, like I did, then you've been eagerly looking forward to the day you'll receive yours in the mail. And you probably also know by now that the manufacturer, SparkFun, made a mistake in the manufacturing process and shipped a bunch of Micr...
By: jimthompson

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Instructables 22 Aug 01:28

New Project: Smart Remote Control

Combine the Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit to create a homemade 'universal' remote control that you can navigate with your laptop or smartphone.

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MAKE » Arduino 21 Aug 21:31

LittleBits Arduino at Heart Name That Tune Guessing Game

This Instructable is for a rhythm-only tune guessing game. You can do a similar game using actual tones if you have a speaker, but we don't! The only noise-making bit we have right now is a buzzer, so we used that instead. It makes it more challenging! :)The project uses several littleBits, includin...
By: CiceroDIY

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Instructables 21 Aug 20:08

A Custom Bicycle Dashboard

If you’re not satisfied with the lightweight digital speedometer that you can buy at your local bike shop, why not build your own bicycle dashboard using various electrical components and wood? DJ decided to do just that, and gives instructions with an electrical schematic, parts list, and Arduino sketch, in […]

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MAKE » Arduino 21 Aug 19:01