How to control an arduino car via Bluetooth (for beginners)

All we know that Arduino is an excellent prototyping platform, principally because it uses a friendly programming language and there are a lot of extra incredible components that provide us great experiences. We can integrate the Arduino with differents shields or modules and build fantastic things....
By: caiomoraes

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Instructables 25 May 00:58

Accelerometer bluetooth controlled Mini Car

Hi Folks,I just recently entered into the world of arduino and its amazing open source programming and developing.So i decided to make a cool accelerometer controlled Bluetooth mini car . This Sounds amazing but the concept is simple it is controlled by your android device (uses accelerometer and gy...

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Instructables 24 May 15:20

Arduino Iron Man Arc Reactor

This my first Instructable as an electronics geek , but I must apologize about the documentation poorness .I made this project for my cosplayer friend sake "Fouad Adel" .As you see in the previous pictures he's wearing iron man suite in Cairo Mini Maker Faire 2015 that Dale Dougherty attended person...

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Instructables 24 May 15:11


This Internet of things LED connects to the web and either turns the LED ON or OFF. (in this case my web page with a simple on/off button, but you can link it to any event/page on the internet, i.e. when temperature is greater than 20 degrees, turn on LED).In this example I have Steam Punk'd (with w...
By: KingConstantine

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Instructables 24 May 13:26

ATTiny84 - I2C Slave - Arduino UNO

I've been working on building the pieces that I need to make myself a CNC PCB Mill for a little while now and the next part of the puzzle is trying to get the Arduino to control 3 step motors simultaneously. Since the architecture doesn't support multi-threading or multi-tasking, my solution is to o...
By: baelza.bubba

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Instructables 24 May 12:53

Mini weather station with Attiny85

In a recent instructable Indigod0g described a mini weather station that works pretty well, using two Arduinos. Maybe not everyone wants to sacrifice 2 Arduinos to get humidity and temperature readingsand I commented that it should be possible to do a similar function with two Attiny85's. I guess t...
By: diy_bloke

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Instructables 24 May 11:52

Prevent Mobile over charging

This is my second time I change my mobile because I forget it all the night on charger.There is no charger in the market that stops charging your mobile when the battery is fully charged, and because I love My Lumia 520 so much, I decided to protect my little hero with a smarter charger.So, I brough...
By: Narzan Qarma

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Instructables 23 May 23:44

Arduino+nokia lcd data display (EASY VERSION)

If you've ever worked with arduino, you've probably wanted it to display sensor readings.Using the serial monitor is perfectly fine, but being the arduino badass you are quickly becoming, you probably want it to display the readings on something more sciency looking.Also, having your arduino connect...
By: Crtek

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Instructables 23 May 21:06

Color sensors and Arduino serial communication for beginners

Hi all, I'm going to talk about color sensors: how to build and calibrate one and how to use it with serial communication through an Arduino board.The last step explains how I used this project for a Gimp (stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program", here the official website: )...
By: giuliom_95

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Instructables 23 May 18:25

ESP8266 Web Server (Without Arduino)

Hey there,A few weeks ago I've created a project with an ESP8266 called: ESP8266 Web Server without an Arduino.That's exactly what you're going to build, if you follow all the steps in this Instructable.It's amazing what you can do with this $4 WiFi Module.The video below shows the final result of t...
By: RuiSantos

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Instructables 23 May 16:53