Make a Bird Activity Monitor and Feeder with Arduino

Create a digital bird feeder that can monitor weather and bird activity.

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Pong Controller

Control Processing games with arduino. Build Circuit what you will need:arduino unobreadboard8 Jumper wires2 potentiometersconnect the potentiometers to the A0 and A1 pins Write code for arduino int firstSensor = 0; // first analog sensorint secondSensor = 1; // second analog sensor int thirdS...
By: tdawson4099

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Instructables 28 Mar 19:53

Duel of the Fate

This is a pong game works on Processing with two Arduino potentiometer as controller. Circuit Example Arduino UNO x 1Mini breadbaord x1Potentiometer x 2Wires x 12 Example Code For Arduino In this project you will need to code in both Processing and Arduino.For Arduinoint secondSensor = 0; // s...
By: KahnTE

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Instructables 28 Mar 19:53

Arduino-controlled 360° camera trap for animal photography

Using an Arduino, wildlife observer and hiking hacker Andrew Quitmeyer modified a spherical camera to take pictures when motion is detected.

If you’d like to photograph wildlife without actually being there to scare the animals off (or because you would eventually get bored), a great solution is a camera trap. These devices can trigger a camera when animals move nearby, hopefully capturing interesting images. Generally, you need to point your camera in the right direction, but Quitmeyer got around this by using a 360 camera instead to eliminate this placement bias.

In order to control the device, he rigged up his own system with PIR motion sensors and an Arduino Uno to prompt the camera as well as power it on and off. The hack looks effective, though voiding an expensive camera’s warranty like this will certainly scare a few Makers off!

You can see more about how this project was pulled off on Instructables, and find the Arduino code used on GitHub.

Automated Guided Vehicle

In dit stappenplan wordt er uitgelegd hoe een automatisch geleid voertuig wordt gemaakt. Hiervoor wordt gebruikt gemaakt van een dubbelzijdige kabel in de hoogte. Op de kabel staat een 24V DC spanning, deze dient als voeding voor het wagentje. Het doel van het wagentje is om op een bepaald moment ee...
By: NathanL108

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Instructables 28 Mar 16:48

How to Maek Game of Life Using ATtiny13A and Mini Breadboard.

I challenged making a Conway's Game of Life at 1 KB using ATtiny13A.Used to display MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module LED Display Module.Because ATtiny13a does not have a pin for displaying the Game of Life.And using MAX 7219 makes the circuit very simple. Sketch I wrote in a program at ATtiny13a using A...

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Instructables 28 Mar 13:06

DIY Arduino Variometer for Paragliding / Делаем Вариометр На Ардуино

All paraglider and hang glider pilots can be devided into two categories: those who have the variometer and those who want to have it. In this post you'll see, how you can make such device with your owh hands and not pay a lot of money. Of course, the DIY device will not have such precision as the f...

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Instructables 28 Mar 10:54

Arduino Led Matrix Connection

An LED matrix or LED display is a large, low-resolution form of dot-matrix display, useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human–machine interfaces. It consists of a 2-D diode matrix with their cathodes joined in rows and their anodes joined in colum...
By: SreeR18

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Instructables 28 Mar 08:33

The WunderThing

Hello there,For my first ever instructable let me tell you about A Wunderful Thing. This was a fairly recent project where my goal was to build a weather forecasting refrigerator magnet (20 of them actually, shown in the pictures is one of my batches). These were sort of an extension of a project fr...
By: guruino

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Instructables 28 Mar 03:22

Arduino Colorful Clock++ Using Neopixel Strip

Features of the clock Arduino micro-controller based Hardware & enclosure procured from local stores RTC controlled by battery All functions controlled via IR remote control. Multiple modes of Display: Dot mode, Seconds arc mode, Minutes arc mode, Hours Arc mode, All Arc mode, Night mode(Au...
By: ravijag

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Instructables 28 Mar 02:01