Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device

This Instructable will provide you with the instructions to build a Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device. The device consists of two parts: the Transmitter and the Receiver. The Transmitter senses motion, flashes an infra red LED light(viewable with night vision and some cameras), and se...
By: waylon meurs

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Instructables 25 Apr 08:34

Arduino stuff

Various project pieces that involve an Arduino. Arduino Web Enabled RGB Lighting A watering controller that can be home networked Arduino sprinkler valves + wifi + twitter Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control SOLAR POWERED ARDUINO WEATHER STATION how to use the IR library wit...
By: DBrianKimmel

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Instructables 25 Apr 05:12

AC Power Switch with No Moving Parts

In this instructable we look at how to use a Thyristor (TRIAC) as an AC line power switch. Great tool to use in home automation projects for turning on or off a light or building your own thermostat.
By: ForceTronics

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Instructables 24 Apr 21:51

In Russia, you have to type out your selfies

Dimitry Morozov, better known as vtol, is a Russian musician, engineer and artist who decided that selfies were far too modern for his liking. Instead, he wanted people to wait for their gratification, and so hooked up an iSight camera to an Arduino-controlled Brother sx-4000 typewriter. Once a person sticks their face in front of the machine, named i/o, the typewriter painstakingly hammers out a portrait in ASCII art. The hardware was shown off at the 101 festival in Smolny, St. Petersburg in Russia, which ended earlier this month - but you can still see the device in action if you watch the video.

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Via: Kotaku

Source: vtol

Engadget 24 Apr 18:38
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Mini Drill

Little instruction as plywood, old CD-ROM to make drilling machine for printed circuit boards.
By: АндрейВ

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Instructables 24 Apr 17:26

DIY Motion Detection SMS Alarm System

In this project I will combine a cheap PIR motion sensor with a TC35 GSM module to build an alarm system which sends you an "INTRUDER ALERT" SMS whenever somebody tries to steal your stuff. Let's get started ! Watch the video ! This video gives you all basic information you need to get this build...
By: GreatScottLab

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Instructables 24 Apr 16:57

Arduino Controlled Electric Candle

When I first started playing with InstaMorth I quickly noticed that it does it pretty good job at diffusing light, so I thought I would make up an imitation electronic candle which I could reprogram. InstaMorph is a moldable plastic, which when heated up to 60C (less than 66C) it becomes soft and ca...
By: spyclub

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Instructables 23 Apr 21:23

Arduino IDE: Nightly Builds are now Hourly Builds

The Arduino IDE is a collection of modules written in different programming languages and available for three operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux.

Every time you download the Arduino IDE, you are actually downloading the result of a careful packaging process, intended to make the download as small as possible and to give you the easiest possible out-of-the-box user experience.

The process is fully automated and it’s repeated every time we publish a new feature, or we fix a bug you helped us find, or we merge code you contributed.

The resulting IDEs are called Nightly Builds: they contain the latest and greatest (and, possibly, buggiest) from the Arduino IDE.

We started delivering Nightly Builds about two years ago as a way to ease your life in giving us feedback: you don’t need to be a developer to try a Nightly.
You may have read replies to github issues saying something like “Your issue has been fixed. It will be available with the next nightly build“.

But sometimes nightly is just not enough, because you can’t wait to try what we coded following your suggestions or to see your contribution becoming available to everyone.

So welcome Hourly Builds!

By the time we push new code for the Arduino IDE, it will take at most an hour for the build to be ready to be downloaded and tried. This will allow a much more fluent conversation and prompt feedback when solving issues and implementing new features.

Arduino Blog 23 Apr 16:51
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ESP8266 WiFi DB18B20 temperature sensor (ESP8266 Arduino IDE without Arduino)

In this tutorial we will show how to build ESP8266 WiFi temperature sensor with DB18B20. We will use Arduino IDE, but without Arduino. Data will be sent to EasyIoT server (Windows or Raspberry Pi) for nice display and logging. Materials ESP8266 moduleDS18B20 temperature sensor4.7K resistor3.3 V p...
By: EasyIoT

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Instructables 23 Apr 10:33

What's Next... The Binary Game

What’s Next... The Binary GameBefore you read any further, I have to express myself in a four letter word that upsets a lot of people but is needed at this point.............................................. MATH ...........................................Now that I have said it and sent scads...
By: paulindallas

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Instructables 23 Apr 01:18