Home automation system using Arduino and SIM900 GSM module

Hi there! As I've was almost finishing my studies at Faculty of Engineering, I had to make a graduation project and my thought was to make a jaw-dropping thing (I know that's hilarious :D ) to show everybody that I'm a good prototype maker and I can turn ideas into real and useful things. I know GSM...
By: Timofte Andrei

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Instructables 28 Jul 14:25

Digioxide: A Portable Device That Makes Art Out of Environmental Pollution

In an effort to raise public awareness of environmental pollution, artist Dmitry Morozov has created a device called that makes digital prints from the pollutants it detects.

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Build your own Talking Tom toy with SCRATCH and Arduino

Do you like Talking Tom? What about making our own interactive (Arduino/Scratch) Talking Tom toy? In this instructable we will show you how to build this toy using sensors and bi-directional ScratchArduino communication to make the program in Scratch not only command the puppet, but also to contr...
By: awangenh

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Instructables 28 Jul 12:20

A Better Google Glass For $60 (This One Folds)

For [Tony]‘s entry for The Hackaday Prize, he’s doing something we’ve all seen before – a head mounted display, connected to a Bluetooth module, displaying information from a smartphone. What we haven’t seen before is a cheap version of this tech, and a version of Google Glass that folds – you know, like every other pair of glasses on the planet – edges this project over from ‘interesting’ to ‘nearly practical’.

For the display, [Tony] is using a 0.96″ OLED connected to an Arduino Nano. This screen is directed into the wearer’s eye with a series of optics that, along with every other part of the frame, was 3D printed on a Solidoodle 2. The frame itself not only folds along the temples, but also along the bridge, making this HMD surprisingly compact when folded up.

Everything displayed on this head mounted display is controlled by  either an Android phone or a Bluetooth connection to a desktop. Using relatively simple display means [Tony] is limited to text and extremely simple graphics, but this is more than enough for some very interesting applications; reading SMS messages and checking email is easy, and doesn’t overpower the ‘duino.

The project featured in this post is an entry in The Hackaday Prize. Build something awesome and win a trip to space or hundreds of other prizes.

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Projection-making Advertising Blimp. by AnTiProcrastination

Hi! This is AnTiProcrastination. We are from University of Michigan -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (see Logo. in Figure 1) located in Min Hang District of Shanghai (Figure 2; cited from www.ngeschool.org). AnTiProcrastination is formed as a team in the course "Introduction to Eng...
By: AnTiProcrastination

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Instructables 28 Jul 10:05

The RC White House Robot

This remote controlled, Arduino-based robot was created by a young student named [Quin] who likes to teach electronics classes at hackerspaces. It is an adaptation of this awesome, fast, fully autonomous mini Roomba that has since driven its way into the Presidential building during the 1st ever White House Maker Faire.

The quick, little device uses a robot chassis kit with an XBee wireless module so that the controller and the robot can be connected together. An NFC Shield was hacked and split in half so that the wires could be soldered in place.

[Quin]‘s goal was to develop a fun game that records the number of times the robot drives over NFC tags laid across a flat surface. Points are shown in the form of blinking lights that illuminate when the device goes over the sensors, keeping track of the score.

The controller container was made with an open source 3D printer called a Bukobot. The enclosure holds an Arduino and another XBee shield along with a joystick and a neopixel ring, giving it a nice polished look complete with a circle of beautiful, flashing LED’s.

We saw the robot in action during an Arduino workshop at a local 3D printing store/makerspace in Pasadena called Deezmaker. [Quin] told us that will.i.am, the musician, tried it out during the Maker Faire in Washington DC. He also said that he met Bill Nye the Science Guy there as well.

This simple project, and more inventions of his, has opened up many doors in the maker community. And yet [Quin] seems unphased by all the attention, staying very focused on teaching his skills to anyone who is eager to learn.

Documentation of the project is on his website (Qtechknow) along with this color-changing Christmas star; which is perfect for sprucing up a holiday Christmas tree. Another project is this methane sensing fart cap. All 3 can be seen in the photo below.

A video with the robot being demoed comes next. In it, [Quin] talks about what it was like to be invited into the White House.

Also, check out this spectacular video about the Maker Movement with [Quin] in it.

In addition, here is a Popular Science article and this feature in Make Magazine about him.

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Papercraft Automata Race Game littleBits Circuit

This instructable will show you how to create a game using littleBits. The game will start with a sound trigger. Each player will have to press a button repeatedly. The first person to press their button 25 times wins. A buzzer will sound to end the race while the winning machine will do a victo...
By: ricklon

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Instructables 27 Jul 20:36

Arduino water system to wet your plant

Irrigation system, for wetting a plant from remote with Arduino In this project we will see how to create a system that can soak its own plant / planter even remotely, using a bit 'of electronic devices. What do we need ? This project can be useful when we are at home and want to take care of ou...
By: jackbell16

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Instructables 27 Jul 13:32

Use your smart phone to control your table lamp! (Arduino + Android Bluetooth Home Automation)

Well, I gotta confess I have a very bad memory, I always forget to turn off those lights somewhere in my room when I go bed, and I'm too lazy to get up to turn them off, especially in those freezing winters. After I wrote this app on Android devices to teach my foreign friends Chinese swear words....
By: rshang

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Instructables 27 Jul 09:53

Infrared Tracking Camera Mount

This Instructable shows you how to make a camera mount that will track a 200Hz pulsing infrared (IR) light source. Tracking this 200Hz pulsing source and not simply the brightest IR light, makes this system more resilient to background IR noise. Although in this build i used my phone (Samsung S3) as...
By: MrSirLRD

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Instructables 27 Jul 07:49