Lets Make a Magic Crystal Ball With Magic Spells! ~ Arduino ~

In this, we're gonna make a Magic Ball that uses a motion sensor and an RFID scanner to control the animations of the LED lights inside. Materials You Need For this project, you're going to need the following tools and materials:An Arduino Uno An MPU-6050 Sensor with Accelerometer, Gyroscope, an...
By: CarpLeters

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Instructables 20 Jan 00:31

Magische Antwoord Doos

Hallo daar, vandaag gaan we een kijkje nemen in de bouw van de "o zo fantastische" Magische antwoord doos. Dit is een apparaatje waar je een "Ja, Nee" vraag aan kunt stellen voor die momenten dat je twijfelt over een beslissing.Voor het bouwen van de basis van deze doos heb je een aantal onderdelen ...
By: Thorbear

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Instructables 20 Jan 00:24

Arduino Tutorial - Motion Sensor

Neste tutorial iremos explicar o funcionamento do um sensor de movimento HCSR501, através de uma pequena montagem que controla uma lâmpada ou candeeiro. Esta montagem activa um relé, que por meio de um sensor liga uma lâmpada ou candeeiro sempre que este detectar movimento à sua frente.Este sensor ...
By: Crazy Taz Projects

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Instructables 20 Jan 00:14

Secret Compartment Mini Drawer

This instructable will show you how I made a drawer closet with a secret compartment.Ill mainly will use small details to describe the actions I made. Arduino setup In my project I used an Arduino to get every thing running because the system is electric.the picture shows the solenoid we are goin...
By: Diffjab

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Instructables 19 Jan 23:48

Arduino Gas Sensor

This Gas sensor will allow the user to measure gases such as carbon monoxide and methane as well as flammable gases and act as a breathalyzer. Acquire Parts Gas Sensor Breakout Board * 4MQ-7 carbon monoxide, MQ-4 methane, MQ-3 alcohol, MQ-6 LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)Jump WiresRGB LED Common An...
By: azharr825

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Instructables 19 Jan 23:25

Desktop Organisor With LCD

**Being Edited**For the HKU arduino project I decided to make a desktop organisor featuring LCD screen that displays inspiration quotes to pick you up when you rotate your potmeter!I'll be covering the arduino technical stuff mostly, as long you got something like a wooden box to hide your Arduino a...
By: TimS391

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Instructables 19 Jan 23:01

Arduino Mini Control Pad for Photoshop

Here're I'll be showing you how to make a little tool to help you work in Photoshop faster!Keyboards specifically made for PS aren't new, but they don't exactly offer what I need. As a painter, much of my time in Photoshop is spent adjusting the brush setting, and I think that simple shortcut button...
By: NikeC2

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Instructables 19 Jan 22:47

Arduino MusicStump: Light, Captive Touch and a Buzzer

An interactive tree with an LED ring at the top, a buzzer to make sound and a captive touch sensor inside that changes the color as you touch it. To make this fun little thing you'll need the following:Electronics:- 1x Arduino Uno- 15x cables- 1x soldering iron with a round tip- 1x Adafruit 8-key ca...
By: YoD3

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Instructables 19 Jan 22:33

Animatronic Mask With Moving Eyes

Hi there!For a school assignment we had to discover Arduino. So I decided to make an animatronic mask. It is more like a wall decoration. The whole function of it is to make people slightly uneasy, since the eyes will be moving. It is inspired by the doorknockers from the wonderful film Labyrinth by...
By: KyraD5

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Instructables 19 Jan 22:17

Handheld 6 Note Music Box / Instrument (Easy to make & Improve!)

Hi there! Inspired by Martin Molin, a member of a Swedish band called Wintergatan, I recently fell in love with music boxes and everything about them. People making songs for music boxes are still using the old-fashioned way of punching the song note for note, hoping the timing would end up working ...
By: WesselMast

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Instructables 19 Jan 22:14