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Rivian’s R1T electric truck brings adventure to the EV crowd

Announcing a vehicle is one thing, actually following through and building that vehicle at a factory and then selling it, that’s an almost impossible feat for a new company. But like Tesla before it, Rivian has pulled it off and in doing so has built one of the best trucks on the road today, EV or otherwise.

The all-electric Rivian R1T starts at wallet-busting $67,500, but for that money, owners will get the latest technology out there in a truck that’s at home on the highway, around town, and crawling over rocks, and navigating muddy trails. We put one to the test in the rain in Northern California.

Acrimoto’s three-wheeled roadster EV combines weird with fun

The desire to make or at least market an electric vehicle as a performance vehicle is strong. The benefit of EV torque makes anything with some wheels and a little bit of power an off-the-line joy. But sometimes the performance vehicle in a lineup is best used at lower speeds. For example, the Arcimoto Roadster.

The companion vehicle to the Arcimoto FUV, the Roadster is the more performance-oriented vehicle from the automotive startup. Instead of a car sitting position, you ride it like a motorcycle. In our tests we realized, that likes its roofed sibling, the Roadster is more fun around town taking care of errands and turning heads.

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 delivers on its EV-of-the-future promise

Automakers have been struggling to produce an EV that looks futuristic but not pretentious. Starting at $39,700, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 seems to toe that line with a mixture of retro and futuristic design elements combined with technology that actually works as advertised.

The hatchback-esque SUV doesn’t just look cool, it’s a pleasure to drive and is the culmination of the technology Hyundai has been adding to vehicles for years. We got a chance to drive it around Southern California and suffice to say, Hyundai has produced a winner.

Mercedes’ EQS sets the bar for luxury EVs

The need to electrify its lineup could have resulted in Mercedes tossing an EV powertrain in its S-Class. Instead, it made the correct decision to create an EV-specific vehicle, the EQS.

With nearly all of the trappings of the S-Class, the EQS sets a new standard in luxury for the EV world. From the Hyperscreen to the comfortable and luxurious interior, the vehicle is almost exactly what the automaker needed to bring to the market as it jumps feet first in the world of electrification. Just don’t expect your tall friends to enjoy the rear seats. Watch the video above for the full story.

The all-electric i4 is a no-compromise BMW that happens to be an EV

Electrified versions of vehicles typically end up trading eco-friendly driving for the handling of a gas-powered counterpart. Batteries are heavy and while they lower the center of gravity, the extra weight does make itself known. Enter the 2022 BMW i4 M50, the first M-powered electric BMW that makes you forget about the 4-Series with all its petrol power.

Starting at $65,900, the i4 M50 is an all-wheel-drive delight behind the wheel that surprised us with its impressive handling and interior that’s actually more like a traditional BMW but with the latest version of the automaker’s infotainment system. We had a chance to drive it in the mountains and on the autobahn in Germany and, if you’ve been waiting for an electric BMW sedan that delivers that ultimate driving machine feeling, look no further. For the full story, check out the video below.

Volvo’s 2022 C40 Recharge adds fastback style to the XC40

The 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge is the automaker’s first EV-only vehicle. Of course, it shares most of its design and all of its powertrain with the XC40 Recharge. But it sets itself apart with a fastback design that makes it both a more distinct vehicle and more efficient than the XC40 Recharge.

Starting at $58,750, the C40 Recharge has a range of 225 miles and includes the new Range Assistant feature. The question, is whether it’s worth the extra $3,500 over the price of the XC40 Recharge? We had a chance to drive the new C40 in Belgium to find out.

BMW’s iX SUV sets the automaker on the correct EV path

You have to look past the grille of the iX. Just accept it for what it is or ignore it all together because that polarizing piece of design that actually doesn’t feed a radiator like it does the gas-powered X5. Instead it has a few sensors and it’s really a design feature. But look past it because behind it is BMW’s fifth-generation EV system, which is actually great.

While the inside of the iX carries the torch of the now-discontinued i3, the limitations of that vehicle, namely its short range, are gone. The iX starting at $83,200 has a targeted range of about 300 miles. Beyond the design, it handles and drives like a next-generation EV with a plethora of features that’ll make first adopters and those migrated from the gas-powered BMWs happy. We had a chance to drive it around Germany; watch the video above for our thoughts.

Automakers dial up the wattage on the future of EVs at Munich's auto show

After over a year of canceled auto shows due to the pandemic, Munich's IAA Mobility 2021 auto show is the first big opportunity for automakers to display their upcoming vehicles to the masses.

Companies including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche dropped new electric concepts and even showed off some production vehicles. Engadget has been in Germany this week, and here are four of our favorite new models.

Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan

Right out of the gate, Mercedes took no time to unveil its latest electric sedan, the EQE. While the EQS is the top of the luxury heap, the EQE gives potential buyers the opportunity to slide into Mercedes luxury without dropping as much cash. The EQE shares many of the same design elements and features as the more-expensive EQS including the optional 6-inch Hyperscreen and rear-wheel drive.

Mercedes-Benz EQG electric concept

Not stopping at sedans, Mercedes also unveiled a near-production concept version of the iconic G-Class aka, G Wagon. The EQG has the same distinctive look of the rugged, expensive offroader, but with a whole lot of lighting flourishes. 

How many of those will make it to production is unknown, and there's also no word on what it’ll cost and how long its range will be. But if Mercedes can pull off with the G-Wagon what it did with the EQS then the future of offroading — or driving around while shopping for high-end clothing — will be electrified.

BMW i Vision CIrcular Concept EV

BMW already has two electric production vehicles, the i4 and iX, headed to the US. In Munich, it took the opportunity to unveil the i Vision Circular concept, a vehicle that’s more about the future of manufacturing than it is about the future of driving. Built entirely out of recycled materials, the Circular is manufactured from mono-materials that are easy to recycle and take apart.

Porsche Mission R electric concept race car

For those excited about motorsports and the future of sports cars, the Porsche Mission R concept race car gave fans of the German brand a peek at what the future has in store. The all-wheel-drive vehicle uses a 900-volt architecture that supports DC fast charging at up to 340kW, and its battery is tuned for intense track days rather than cruising around town. While it’s currently a concept, the technologies found in the Mission R will likely make their way to the motorsports division and potentially into a future Cayman electric.

First look: Cadillac’s luxury EV debut seems like a winner

As parent company GM begins its rollout of EV’s based on the Ultium battery platform, automaker Cadillac is readying its very first electric Caddy, the Lyriq, for production. With a range of over 300 miles, a starting price of $60,000 and all the bells and whistles expected from the brand, the Lyriq could be a surprise hit when it starts landing in dealerships in the first half of 2022.

Cadillac gave us an opportunity to check out the vehicle at a studio in Los Angeles and while we can’t comment on how well it drives, it does look the part. It's a Caddy with some extra bits of flair afforded to an EV including vertical headlights and taillights that are an homage to the automaker’s classic fin era. Reservations for the 2023 Lyriq will open in September. Check the video above for the full story.

Holoride’s in-car VR gaming system leaves the track for the real world

Holoride’s VR gaming system for passengers caught our attention a few years back at CES when we were given a ride in an Audi on a track and had the game react to the movement of the vehicle while we played. Well, the company is back and this time they demoed two games and threw off the shackles of the track for the real world.

We took a ride in an Audi with the Holoride system and again enjoyed video games while someone else drove. The company is currently courting developers to build games via their recently announced SDK and are partnering with automakers to make sure that the data they need from the car to make their games a reality is available. Watch the video above for the full story.