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RoboRium - The Robot Emporium is an online robotics store by JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India that offers a variety of products ranging from tools, electronic development boards, starter kits, microcontroller programmers, motors, mechanical kits and other hardware items related to robotics and home automation design, development & production which are acquired from international suppliers and delivered to customers at competitive prices.

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Let's Make Robots 29 Mar 12:53
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Multi-Function 4WD Arduino Robot Car Kits Multi-Function 4WD Arduino Robot Car Kits

It's a nice shop for getting some inexpensive robot kits like some arduino stuff.Maybe the customer service there isn't that good at robots,but the products they sell are great.

Let's Make Robots 16 Nov 02:00
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DSS Circuits - bringing SMD to DIY

This is a cool site with some interesting PCB's including an I2C GPS Arduino sheild. The owner of the site, Wayne Truchsess has also written a great I2C library that I am using now.

Check out his open source tracking device that featured on Kickstarter here:

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Let's Make Robots 18 Sep 06:52
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UPGRADE INDUSTRIES - Home of BoardX: The Open Source, Miniature Robotics Motherboard

Rocket Brand Studios now carries the Micro Magician


A wonderful package showed up today and inside were the first batch of the new Dagu Micro Magician Arduino board. Put simply, it is awesome.



It is really packed full of goodness, with IR, a sweet motor driver, and even an accelerometer. Just a great board for small bots.

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Webshop warehouse in Erfurt - Germany.  Boards from SeeedStudio, DFRobot etc. Solar panels, robotics, motor, servo. 

Very Cheap Arduino Clones!

Hey everybody!

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Solarbotics - Robotics & Electronic Components

Solarbotics has been sharing electronics, kits, and BEAM Robotics with the Geek community for over 17 years. We're based in Canada and send packages around the world every day, with free shipping in North America for orders over $99. Designing an Arduino-based mobile solar-powered data logging cat collar? We can help!

Let's Make Robots 24 Apr 20:09

South Trader - South Africa

One stop electronics and robotics shop. Arduinos and many other items in stock and waiting to be shipped. Have your say on our forum. Tell us about your projects and ask your questions. We are as passionate about it as you are. Electronics is for everyone :)

Let's Make Robots 17 Apr 14:51
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