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Picaxe as an I/O expander for Arduino

As I was thinking of new features for my robot, I realised how painfully short I was on pins! The Arduino Mini just doesn't have enough! I'm not thinking of upgrading to a Mega, seeing how pricey it is and also because it's pretty huge. That's when I though of I/O expanders. Unfortunately, most are designed to be shields for anything but the Arduino Mini, so, again, I didn't know what to do. That's when I thought of using a Picaxe for expanding! I'm thinking of using a PWM or an analog pin from the Arduino as an output to a Picaxe input pin.

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Let's Make Robots 13 Feb 02:55
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Naughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)

This challenge is simple. Build a robot that can play naughts and crosses (Tic Tac Toe) against a person. It does not matter how. points are awarded for originality with bonus points if it can win or be drawn every time.

You can use any processor from a picaxe 08M to an IBM BlueGene/Q super computer. You must post video of the robot playing again a human for 3 games in a row.

The due date is 1st of February, 2013.

There will be 3 prizes:

  1. DAGU Spider cotroller
  2. DAGU Micro Magician V2
  3. DAGU Mini Driver

I will judge the contest.

Line robot sensor

Hey guys, i want to build a line following robot and I was scouring ebay for some sensors


I found these but I wasn't sure if they would work, as I haven't done this before. They're pretty cheap.

Let's Make Robots 27 May 05:14
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Interfacing yor robot to your PC using Gobetwenio (can work with any MCU)

I am currently working on a project where I need to teach my robot to "see" using an ultrasound sensor. In particular it must find and collect drink cans on a playfield and return them to a specific location.

To make the programming easier I wanted to take the sensor output from the robot and display it on the computer as a chart. As I am a terrible programmer I did a quick google search and came up with Gobetwenio.

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Solarbotics - Robotics & Electronic Components

Solarbotics has been sharing electronics, kits, and BEAM Robotics with the Geek community for over 17 years. We're based in Canada and send packages around the world every day, with free shipping in North America for orders over $99. Designing an Arduino-based mobile solar-powered data logging cat collar? We can help!

Let's Make Robots 24 Apr 20:09

Moving to Arduino, and other questions


I sort of started this question on another page, but I thought I'd move it here so I'm not hijacking someone else's page.

2 questions here;

1: I'm looking to move from using picaxe to Arduino. Can anyone give me any pointers on where to start? (I know this question's probably been asked elsewhere on LMR)

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Let's Make Robots 15 Apr 09:19
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Can Arduino shields be used on Picaxe


I'm new to robotics, and just bought my first "LMR start here" robot kit. I haven"t recived it yet, but I am all ready having great plans about how to modify it (as I guess all newbies do).

So I have searched around to see what is out there, and I see that there are a lot of modules (or shields as they seems to be called in the robotics world) that can be conected stright to the Arduino.

So my question is, having just bought a Picaxe-28 Project Board, with a Picaxe-28X1 Microprocessor; can the Arduino shield be used with the Picaxe-28 Project Board?

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Let's Make Robots 14 Apr 03:43
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Let's Make Robots 01 Jan 00:00
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