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New Project: Coffee Cup Spy Cam

Take your cup of Joe from classic to classified with a tilt-triggered spy camera. The trick is to modify two paper coffee cups — install the device in one, slide it into the second, and align holes cut in the bottoms of each. Two LEDs can be seen through the […]

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Ready, Set, Joust! Win a Robotics Starter Kit from Make: and RadioShack

Now is your chance to win a Make: it Robotics Starter Kit! Read more to learn how.

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Smart Remote Control Doubles as Super Simple IR Sniffer

Want to sniff a remote control or other IR device's control codes? The Smart Remote Control will make quick work of that, combining an Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit.

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New Project: Smart Remote Control

Combine the Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit to create a homemade 'universal' remote control that you can navigate with your laptop or smartphone.

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Never Forget to Set an Alarm. Because This Alarm Clock Sets Itself!

Built with the Arduino Yún and using Temboo's online services, the SMART Alarm Clock automatically sets alarms based on Google Calendar events. And if you act quick and design an enclosure for this project you could win a Maker's Notebook!

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New Project: S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Clock

Combine the Arduino Yún with a TFT Touch Shield to assemble a homemade alarm clock that automatically sets alarms based on calendar events and even emails with the correct code word. And it looks cool too!

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Monitor the Health & Vitality of Your Home Garden with Weekend Projects

Two Weekend Projects from our archives are ideal for challenging makers to hack their houseplants and collect data from their garden.

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Sensing Hot and Cold with Weekend Projects

Combine an Arduino, an ultransonic distance sensor, and some common components to build a classic "hot/cold" project. Once assembled, we'll walk through the software "sketch" loaded onto our Arduino, and experiment with three variations of the "hot/cold" theme, all the while using the same circuit.

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Arduino Micro shrinks your favorite DIY platform down to ridiculous proportions

With the Arduino Leonardo, everyone's favorite hackable microcontroller turned a new page. Now it's time to bring that simplified design and slightly expanded feature set to the rest of the family, including the itty-bitty Arduino Micro. The tiny, embed-friendly board was designed with help from Adafruit Industries, one of the biggest players in the DIY market. At the heart of the Micro is the same 16MHz ATmega32u4 chip that powers the Leonardo, which means all the necessary USB controls are baked into the processor. Obviously, the layout here is different, so you wont be mounting the Micro to any shields, but with 20 digital I/O pins, 12 analog input channels and seven PWM channels, there's plenty of room for wiring up your own expansions. Amazingly it crams all that capability in a package just 48mm long and 18mm wide. The Arduino Micro will be available exclusively through Radio Shack and Adafruit first before becoming more widely available next month. The board is available with headers for €21 (roughly $23) and without headers for €18 (about $27). For more, check out the PR after the break.

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Build a Basic Infrared Motion Alarm with Weekend Projects

Build a motion-sensing alarm by combining a few common components: an Arduino, a PIR sensor, a piezo buzzer, and a breadboard. All you need is some jumper wire to connect them all, and the software to run it.

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