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Good luck to OKdo, a brand-new global technology company in the microcontroller and IoT space

OKdo’s focus is to create an ‘outstanding’ experience for all microcontroller and IoT customers, whatever their background, goals and ambitions. Bringing them the latest products, solutions and ideas to inspire and enable them to create technology that makes life better.

Visit OKdo’s new website to see the Arduino based inspirational Industrial case study where Fluid Intelligence’s oil performance monitoring service enables  industrial customers in the Logistics, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing, Chemical and Energy sectors to maximise their operational reliability and reduce the waste generated by up to 50%

Massimo Banzi, CTO and Co-founder of Arduino explains: “We’re excited to be partnering with OKdo. With our roots in open source, Arduino has transformed into a company that serves professional designers by providing complete IoT platforms, as well as continuing to enable students, educators and makers to innovate by making complex technology simple to use.  There are a lot of Enterprises that need simple and secure technology for adding connectivity to their devices, together, Arduino and OKdo can make that happen.”

Richard Curtin, SVP Technology at OKdo commented  “At OKdo we’re excited to work with Arduino to help them meet their objectives and grow their business. We support makers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and global businesses turn their visions into reality. Like Arduino, the philosophy behind OKdo is to put technology in the hands of those who have the biggest potential. Together with Arduino we can work with customers and businesses to help them do something amazing.”

To find out more about OKdo visit or follow them on Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram.

Meet a new Genuino reseller in The Netherlands

Joining a list of others from GermanySpain, Italy and Portugal, Europe’s latest Genuino reseller hails from The Netherlands! Let’s give a warm welcome to Pieter Floris, who we recently had a chance to catch up with to learn a little more about the work he’s been doing with!

- Tell us a bit more about

Early in 2009, I was searching for a good “learning kit for Arduino” for use in a physical computing course at Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD Avans University – Breda). I found the ARDX kit from Oomlout. I had some email contact with Aaron from Oomlout, got a list of components, started gathering parts, composing kits, and a few weeks later, was born. The ARDX kit was my first product (including the Arduino Duemilanove at that time). In the years following business was growing, I started reselling Adafruit, Sparkfun, Pololu, and I was even one of the first shops outside the U.S. reselling the Teensy boards. I still focus on education, making lots of kits for schools and universities.

- What’s your company’s super power?

From the start, I wanted a personal approach, the latest gadgets, and super fast delivery. It’s very satisfying to hear from happy customers! Big thanks to the Maker community–they give me super power!

- Do you have a favorite Arduino/Genuino project?

My favorite Arduino/Genuino project is “Blink,” the first blinking LED is magical.

Contacts Store Website  – Facebook – Twitter

Meet DigiWare: Indonesia’s new Genuino reseller!

First, Malaysia. Then, Thailand. Now, Indonesia is home to an official reseller of’s sister brand Genuino! Andi and Ardi of DigiWare are pictured below, also showing off the Certificate of Participation from the latest Arduino and Genuino Day organized in their location. Thumbs up to that!

- Tell us a bit more about DigiWare

DigiWare was established back in 2008 in Surabaya, Indonesia. We provide electronic components, embedded modules, and robotic parts. Besides our retail store, we also have an store and continue updating our product portfolio with the latest technology trends. One of the favorite products line is Arduino (Genuino), of course! We have been participating in Arduino Day activities since 2015, and finally became Arduino reseller in early 2016.

- What’s your company’s super power?

We have a solid technical support and training team, which makes us different from other stores. We even developed an Arduino community for vocational school called A-UDIK. Our mission is to hold Arduino training for the vocational school’s teachers and students throughout Indonesia.

- Do you have a favorite Arduino/Genuino project?

We would have to say one of the most interesting projects using Arduino/Genuino is the Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Robotic Urban Farm System) by Paul Langdon–which can be found here. It’s very useful for our environment and farmers.


DigiWare Store Website  – Facebook

Meet ThaiEasyElec, the first Genuino reseller in Thailand

Great news! Thailand now has an official reseller of’s sister brand Genuino boards! Say hello to ThaiEasyElec and its CEO Chutiman Yongprapat.

- Tell us a bit more about ThaiEasyElec..
We founded Venus Supply Co., Ltd. on 2004 to sourcing and reselling SMD electronics component, evaluation boards, robotics kit, sensor, etc. Mainly focus on rare products that are hard to find in the Thailand market. Also, we have a research and development team to support our customers hardware design and production needs.

In 2006, we launched an e-commerce website ( to provide Thai hobbyists, students, teachers, researchers, and developers with a fast and easy way get hardware. We started with a small office in our founder’s apartment, and in 2011, opened our training center. Today, we have various embedded training courses, such as Embedded Linux, Windows CE, Eagle PCB design, and also customized courses for customers.

In total, we have three departments dedicated to e-commerce, R&D, and education.

- What’s your company’s super power?

We are experienced on various technologies related to embedded systems and we can design hardware, firmware, and software.

- Do you have a favorite Arduino/Genuino product?

– Sure! Our 3G Shield product is our favorite. We already provide an Arduino library for it, too.


ThaiEasyElec Store Website  – FacebookTwitter

Meet Cytron: a new Genuino reseller in Malaysia

There’s a new Genuino reseller in town! Everyone say hello to Cytron, who is excited to have a number of Genuino products available for its Malaysian customers.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Youn Koon Hong (pictured above holding a Genuino Uno) to learn more about his company: 

- Tell us a bit more about Cytron. 

We are the largest e-commerce store in Malaysia providing off-the-shelf electronics and mechanical parts to assist Makers, inventors, and engineers in experimenting with their ideas. You can easily turn your concept into a reality using our parts and our services.

- What’s your company’s super power?

We know how to support Makers and our experienced team can assist you along the way.

What’s your favorite Arduino or Genuino project?

We’ve been doing tons of projects using Arduino, especially since it’s an excellent platform for anyone, whether an amateur or pro, looking to build electronics. Here’s the link to our top 10 favorite projects.


Cytron Store Website  – FacebookInstagram – Youtube  – Google+


Meet Core Electronics: a new Genuino reseller in Australia

We’re happy to introduce you to our new Genuino Reseller in Australia: welcome Graham Mitchell of Core Electronics holding a brand new Genuino Uno R3!

- Tell us a bit more about Core Electronics.

Core Electronics is based in Newcastle, Australia. Since 2007, we have brought together creative products from around the world (now including Genuino!) to empower innovative Makers in Australia. The Arduino team and community have been an integral part of the Maker Movement, and we’re honestly excited to support Genuino here in Australia.

- What’s your company’s super power? 

It would have to be that Core Electronics is powered by a staff of Makers and DIYers. This means we’re passionate about what we do and “we get it” when it comes to product support.

- What’s your favourite Arduino or Genuino project?

Robotanic” from VIVID Sydney 2015. VIVID Sydney is a very popular annual event where art, technology and commerce intersect. The “Robotanic” installation was a digital garden of organically shaped nodes with plant-like characteristics. Each node varied in shape and height. When touched, the nodes would put on a show of erratic light and would respond to motion-sensors, which triggered sounds associated with nature as if the environment was coming to life. At the heart of each node was an Arduino Mega.

It was a sensational project and we helped with a couple of product selections to get the team on track. I’ve showcased this project as it’s an example where creativity meets technology; enabled by Arduino and the broader community.


Core Electronics Store Website   – FacebookTwitter – G+

Meet Melopero: a new Genuino reseller in Italy

After GermanySpain, Canada and Portugal,  now it’s time to introduce a new Genuino Reseller from Italy: Melopero.

- Tell us a bit more about Melopero

We founded Melopero in 2015. Since then, we constantly added new products to our portfolio, the objective was to create a company of makers for makers. We have been waiting so intensely for Genuino to become available and finally we have it. Welcome Genuino!

- What’s your company’s super power

We love to support our customers giving them advice on the best hardware solution they can use to build their amazing projects.

What’s your favourite Arduino or Genuino project?

The Inebriator – Arduino Cocktail Machine by Ian Cooper and Jake Osborne

Why: Making a good cocktail is an art, and it’s not easy to mix the right quantities in the right sequence. This machine solves the equation! See video on Youtube.


Secret Knock Detecting Lock by Steve Hoefer

Why: We like this project because it’s an effective way to show the ability of Arduino in sensing the real word. See video on Youtube and explore how to make it on Instructables.



Melopero Store Website  – FacebookTwitterYoutube  – Google+

Meet PTRobotics: a new Genuino reseller in Portugal

This week we’re presenting a new Genuino Reseller from Portugal: welcome Pedro Costa Silva of PTRobotics!

- Tell us a bit more about PTRobotics

Born in 2010, we are a startup that follows a lean business plan and our mission is to supply and support  engineers, inventors, designers and students with the products they need to accomplish their projects and ideas. As a micro-company in Portugal with a team of passion driven, highly motivated and skilled professionals, we represent and distribute worldwide brands, we have  more than +4000 different references in stock, with clients from  offices, laboratories, private and state organizations, foundations, schools and colleges,

- What’s your company’s super power

We support our clients in a many different ways, using a constantly improving process, interacting with them as individuals, who may or not need technical specific solutions. Our goal is to enable the individual tinkerer/engineer/student/inventor to get the products they need to make their ideas a reality.

- What’s your favourite Arduino or Genuino project?

I’m developing right now an Audio Matrix and a Speaker Matrix, both running on Genuino Uno. I’ll share them when they are done!


PTRobotics Store Website Portugal  – FacebookTwitter –  Linkedin – Youtube

Meet RobotShop: a new Genuino reseller in Canada

This week we’re happy to  introduce a new Genuino Reseller from Canada with Julie Gendron of RobotShop!

- Tell us a bit more about RobotShop

At RobotShop, we specialize in personal and professional robot technology and offer a wide range of robotic products and services in this sector. We have offices in USA, Canada and France. Our vision is to be the world leading source for personal and professional robot technology that help increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty and security of individuals. We are also committed to promoting and advocating the interest and necessity of robotics use towards positive ends, allowing humanity to attain a better world.

- What’s your company’s super power

Putting robotics at your service!

- What’s your favourite Arduino or Genuino project?

We enjoy Arduino robots and projects from beginners that are starting in robotics. For example this Arduino robot from a beginner on the Let’s Make Robots Blog and forum. We like it because it represents the Arduino and Genuino brand well with a simple and fun “do it yourself” / hobbyist project. This is the meaning of Arduino; for anyone to be able to build a robot or interactive project easily. This is why we help the way we can, by providing Arduino tutorials that can help beginners as well as more advanced Arduino users.


RobotShop Store Website Canada  – FacebookTwitter –  Google+

Meet BricoGeek: a new Genuino reseller in Spain

Some weeks ago we started introducing to the community our list of resellers and the updated page where you can find resellers of Genuino and Arduino products around the world.

We started with Watterott from Germany and now, in the picture below,  you can see Diego and Oscar from BricoGeek  based in Spain and ready to ship  Genuino Uno and Genuino Mega  boards!

Let’s get to know them better:

- Tell us a bit more about BricoGeek

We started our company in 2005 and later in 2007 we became one of the first Arduino official distributors for Spain and Portugal. After winning a board in a contest organized by I had so much fun with my new board, I continued to make more projects which I posted in our blog and realised that this little board was really easy to understand and I could make  great things with it. Many of our viewers also enjoyed our projects and started making too. And here we are, 10 years later, sharing projects and growing our community of fellow makers!

- What’s your company’s super power?

We aim to be honest and don’t fool our customers. We try to make BricoGeek a good place to share knowledge and ideas and it seems our customers love that as much as we do.

- What’s your favorite Arduino or Genuino project?

[Oscar] There are so many projects I like and it’s hard to keep track of all of them but I recently discovered a really cool project called “Cubetto” which is a game with a little robot to help kids understand and learn programming. And from the same guys another one called “Toot” also for kids and based on the Montessori learning system. Im working on very similar projects that hopefully I will release them in a few weeks (but shhh it’s a surprise for my daughter! ;D). I really enjoy when I make a project that helps young people learn new technical skills, you will be surprised how smart kids can be when they really enjoy learning.


BricoGeek Store Website  – FacebookTwitterYoutube - InstagramGoogle+