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Build a 1930’s Style Dieselpunk Cellphone

Adafruit’s Fona microcontroller, with a GSM phone module, can be used to make your very own dieselpunk cellphone that can make calls and store contacts.

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How-To: Brake Light Backpack for Cyclists

Check out what MAKE alum Becky Stern has been up to over at adafruit, lately.

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Ultimate Ardunio Microcontroller Pack: Last Chance to Save $30!

Still haven't picked up an Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack? Sunday at Midnight PST is your last chance to save $30 on this kit, the equivalent for getting an Arduino FREE!

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TFTweet – Displaying Tweets on an Arduino Shield with the Raspberry Pi

Drew Fustini recently got his hands on an AlaMode and used it display tweets from his Raspberry Pi to an 2.8" TFT LCD Touchscreen Shield. The AlaMode and shield are connected to the Raspberry Pi which runs the Arduino IDE and a bit of Python code to make it all happen.

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Voice Controlled Lighting

Mike Pieters shows how to control a table lamp with an Arduino and SimpleVR voice recognition shield.

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New in the Maker Shed: Arduino Mini R05

Arduino recently updated their small form-factor Arduino Mini and it's now shipping from the Maker Shed. The Arduino Mini R05 is based on the same ATmega 328 processor as the Arduino Uno, but measures a scant 1.25"x0.73" making it perfect for breadboards and embedded applications.

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Make the Scariest Pumpkin Ever

This classic project from MAKE alum Mark de Vinck is a great last minute project that will scare the candy out of any unsuspecting trick-or-treater. It's a relatively simple build that can probably be pieced together with items you have laying in your junk pile or picked with a quick trip to RadioShack and the auto parts store.

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In the Maker Shed: Getting Started with Arduino Kit

Are you interested in learning more about Arduino but don't know where to begin? Check out the Getting Started with Arduino Kit available in the Maker Shed!

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Arduino-Controlled Vocal Effects Box

Amanda Ghassaei built this sweet vocal effects box:

This effects box uses an Arduino to sample incoming audio at 40kHz with 8 bit precision, the audio data is then digitally pitch shifted and distorted to produce a wide variety of effects. To minimize the amount of computation required by the Arduino, I used a technique called granular synthesis to perform the audio processing. Essentially, as audio comes into the Arduino it gets cut up and stored as small (millisecond or microsecond sized) samples called “grains.” These grains are then individually manipulated and played back; they may be lengthened or shortened, stretched or compressed, played back in reverse, copied several times, or mixed with other grains.

Hear her remix of Over the Rainbow! [via Arduino]

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Megoperation – Huge Fun at Maker Faire Detroit

This giant-size version of Operation from Brian of the Lansing Makers Network was an enormous hit at Maker Faire Detroit. The game is played just like the original and uses scaled up pieces and kitchen tongs as tweezers. An Arduino detects any false moves and reports them to a computer running a custom Processing sketch. In addition to keeping score, the sketch also keeps track of the the fastest times, peak usage, number of games played and any other information Brian, a self proclaimed data fanatic, could think of. I was a bit disappointed that the ‘scare you to death’ buzzer of the original was left out. Maybe he could work that in on the even larger version he’s building for next year?

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