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New Micro Magician V2

The new improved Micro Magician V2 is here! It has all the features you loved in the original Micro Magician but with an ATmega328P, improved power supply that can work at lower input voltages and both 5V and 3.3V LDO regulators for powering all your sensors. The new black and yellow PCB looks great and is easier to read.


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Rocket Brand Studios now carries the Micro Magician


A wonderful package showed up today and inside were the first batch of the new Dagu Micro Magician Arduino board. Put simply, it is awesome.



It is really packed full of goodness, with IR, a sweet motor driver, and even an accelerometer. Just a great board for small bots.

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D.A.M. v.1 (Dog Annoyance Machine)

Primary image

What does it do?

Does a little dance, annoys dogs.

This isn't really a project I set out to build-it's just an intermediate phase in the development of Serv-O.  I took the "brain" I made for him:

...and slapped it on my Magician Chasis with a 7.2v RC battery.  The Mega is actually a 328, despite what the sticker I made says. The other two chips are a 74HC14 and an SN754410, with a 7805 limiting the voltage.

Cost to build


Embedded video

Finished project



Time to build

4 hours



URL to more information


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Learning to use "make" files to compile a new Arduino bootloader

G'day everyone. I am not a professional programmer, I have not had any training in C language. Previously I had a lot of support from LMR and learned to write an Arduino Library. Now I am trying to compile a bootloader and need help again. I've installed WinAVR and AVR studio and have been trying to find out how to use them. It seems I need to learn to use a "make" file but I cannot find any good information on how to do this. Most information on the net assumes I am a programmer.

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Micro Magician robot controller - I can finally tick the project complete box!

I started designing this controller in December 2011. After 4 months and 2 previous revisions it will finally be shipping out April 2012. I think this is DAGU's best Arduino compatible robot controller yet!

Designed for small robots using small batteries, the Micro Magician is a 3.3V controller running at 8MHz.
Working from 3.6V to 9V means this constroller can run from a single LiPo cell or 3x NiMh batteries.
Reverse polarity protection means no blue smoke if you get your power wires crossed (reverse polarity diode rated at 3A).

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