LED Control

This project uses a potentiometer to control the movement of light along a row of LEDs. As the light "moves" from one LED to the next, the LEDs next to it fade rather than dropping off. This makes the light appear to move back and forth fluidly. Setting Up the Potentiometer 1.) Connect the power ...
By: Mordecai13j

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Instructables 12 Dec 22:39

Led Pot Pin Fade Control

This instructable will allow a user to turn the knob on a potentiometer and will cycle through all 6 leds based off the position of the potentiometer. There has also been code added to dim the neighboring leds based off which position the potentiometer is at. Parts List for this instructable you ...
By: dentonwm1

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Instructables 12 Dec 22:15

CSCI-1200 Final Exam Project 2

In this lab, you will using a 4x4 keypad to change the angle of a servo motor. The angle will be determined by a 3 digit input using the keypad. The keypad will not accept not numeric values. Hardware required for this project:1. Arduino Uno2. 4x4 keypad3. Servo motorLibraries required:Servo.hKeypad...
By: dykesl

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Instructables 12 Dec 22:13

LED Control

This project is part of my final for CSCI 1200.This project has 5 LEDs and a potentiometer. Moving the potentiometer changes between the LEDs and fades the LEDs that are next to the current LED. Get Arduino Ready For this project, you will need:Arduino UnoBreadboardJumper Wires5x LEDs5x 220Ω Re...
By: carmackj

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Instructables 12 Dec 22:00

Arduino Motion Sensor

I will be teaching you how to make a motion/ distance sensor with and arduino. Materials 1 computer1 arduno1 arduino plug1 breadboard1 ultra sonic distance sensor8 jumper wires2 led lights Setting Up the Arduino 1. Plug in your arduino to your computer and open arduino on your computer. Con...
By: darnoldgoldstein

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Instructables 12 Dec 21:21

This DIY machine mixes your favorite three-ingredient cocktail

Do you and your friends have a favorite cocktail? If so—and if it has three ingredients—then this Arduino-based cocktail machine from YouTuber “GreatScott!” may be worth checking out.

The device is capable of mixing three liquids, which in GreatScott’s case consist of vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice (also known as a Sea Breeze), in a drink size selected via a rotary encoder and LCD screen.

An Arduino Nano provides the brains for this operation, and each component is poured using a series of three peristaltic pumps. Meanwhile, a load cell underneath the glass holder ensures that the correct amount of liquid is dispensed.

The same setup could be used to make different three-ingredient drinks with a little programming work, or it could be expanded into a multi-drink unit with the addition of a few more pumps. You can see it in action below!

Arduino LED Traffic Light

For this project, you will need:3 x LEDs (Recommended colors: green, yellow, red)3 x 220-ohm resistor1 x Arduino UNO1 x USB Cable1 x Breadboard Setting Up the LED's You can now position the components however you like. Just remember that each LED has two leads - a shorter one and a longer one. Th...
By: Aleksandar Tsvetkov

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Instructables 12 Dec 20:07

CSCI-1200 Final Exam Project 1

In this lab you will be using a potentiometer to turn on and off 5 LEDs. The LEDs will include a fade so that the selected LED is the brightest, while the other LEDs are either off or slightly dimmer. Hardware required for this project:1. Arduino Uno2. Potentiometer3. 5 LEDs4. Breadboard5. Wires/Con...
By: dykesl

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Instructables 12 Dec 19:32

LEDS With a Potentiometer

Here we will creating a project that will have 5 LEDS that will be controlled by a Potentiometer. We will be doing a couple of things with it: such as controlling which leds are on with the Potentiometer and making the leds fade.Materials Needed: 1 Breadboard 1 Arduino Uno 5 LEDS 1 Potentiometer 15 ...
By: Keebo07

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Instructables 12 Dec 19:16

LED Row Fade Arduino

For this project I created a LED row fade from left to right, based on the position of the potentiometer. The materials needed are:1)Arduino Uno 2)Breadboard3)5 blue LEDs4)male to male jumper wires5)potentiometer 6)5 220ohm resistors Connecting the power Connect your wires as shown in this pictu...
By: crockettcal

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Instructables 12 Dec 18:58