Manual Piano W/ Presets Songs Using Arduino

Arduino Piano Keyboard interfacing with LCD has 2 mode.The Manual Mode & The presets mode. I used 7 Pushbutton for a simple 7 keys piano and 1 button for Setup Mode to switch to 7 presets songs.. Preset mode songs: Click the setup mode button first.super mario stage 1super mario stage 2 fur elise ...
By: ECEPanda

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Instructables 14 Oct 06:30

ESP8266 Weather Station That Displays Data on a Website

In this instructable, I will show how to make a weather station that directly sends data to your website. Therefore, you will need your own domain (Ex: To start, here are the materials you will need:Items: Feather Huzzah($16.95) Micro USB cable with Data($1.99)Battery Pack($25): I'll ...
By: msolonko

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Instructables 14 Oct 03:53

Dymo Rides Again With This Dot-Matrix Label Embosser

For a five-year-old future Hackaday scribe, there could be no greater day than that on which a Dymo label maker appeared in the house. With its spinny daisy-wheel to choose a character and its squeezy handle to emboss the letter into the plastic tape, there would follow a period of going nuts kerchunking out misspelled labels and slapping them on everything. Plus the things look like space guns, so there would have been a lot of pew-pewing too.

This Dymo dot-matrix label maker bears no resemblance to our long-lost label blaster, but it’s pretty cool in its own right. The product of collaborators [Felix Fisgus] and [Timo Johannes] and undertaken as a project for their digital media program, the only thing the labeler has in common with the Dymos of old is the tape. Where the manual labelers press the characters into the tape with a punch and die, their project uses a dot-matrix approach. Messages are composed on an old PS/2 keyboard through an Arduino and a 16×2 LCD display, and punched onto the tape a dot at a time. The punch is a large darning needle riding on the remains of an old CD drive and driven by a solenoid. When it comes time to cut the label, servo driven scissors do the job. It’s a noisy, crazy, Rube Goldberg affair, and we love it. Check it out in action in the video below.

We applaud [Felix] and [Timo] for carrying the torch of embossed label making. It’s a shame that we’ve turned to soulless thermal printers to handle most of our labeling needs; then again, we’ve seen some pretty neat hacks for those too.

How to Connect an ESP32 to the IoT Cloud

This instructable comes in a series of articles about connecting hardware like arduino and ESP8266 to the cloud. I'm going to explain you how to get connected get your ESP32 chip connected to the cloud with AskSensors IoT service. After the big success of the ESP8266, the ESP32 is a new chip from Es...
By: askSensors

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Instructables 13 Oct 23:56

FPV Arduino Rocket Turret!

So, I made remote control FPV rocket turret. It is based on Arduino and NRF24L01 radio modules with amplifier and antenna (up to 2 km open range) and FPV camera Eachine TX-02 (3 in 1: camera + transmitter + antenna). You can watch a video about making this baby! Also this project is a continuation o...
By: Mad Gyver

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Instructables 13 Oct 14:36

Controlling Two DC Motors With L293D IC

Controlling Two DC Motors With L293D IC Details about Motor Driver What is a Motor Driver?A motor driver helps to control the speed of the motor with a small current which is amplified to a higher current signal. Motor driver inputs as low current signal and gives higher current. There are many m...
By: mdabusaayed

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Instructables 13 Oct 13:18

Arduino Vibration Sensor | SW-420 | Arduino Tutorial | DIY Projects

frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreenArduino Vibration Sensor | SW-420 | Arduino Tutorial | DIY Projects #CircuitDIYHello , Today in this video tutorial i am going to show you Step By Step How to interface vibration sensor sw-420 with arduinoThis Electronic Project is Ve...
By: afzalrehmani

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Instructables 13 Oct 12:15

Radar No Telefone Móvel - Radar On Mobile Phone

Olá.Gostaria de contribuir com a comunidade e apresentar algumas partes de um projeto que venho desenvolvendo há alguns anos.Há cerca de 4 anos venho desenvolvendo um robô para o mapeando de ambiente, podendo ser um labirinto, achando uma saída ou ponto pré-determinado. O robô foi construído na plat...
By: Armando LeonardoS

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Instructables 13 Oct 05:46

IOT Temp - Cheap, Durable Temperature and Humidity Internet Logger With Display

I wanted to share a small project that I think you will like. It is a small, durable internet enabled temperature and humidity internet logger with display. This logs to and optionally, either locally to a Raspberry PI or your own emoncms server. It features the LOLIN (formerly WEMOS) D1...
By: wt29

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Instructables 13 Oct 01:26

Light Sensitive E-textile Bag

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the e-textile bag to create a smart object that reacts to the amount of light recorded by an ambient light sensor. Prepare the Arduino Board We will be using S4A to program the board. Therefore, we need to first set up our Arduino adequately. Download...
By: Digijeunes

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Instructables 13 Oct 01:23