How to Control Stepper Motor using Potentiometer and Arduino

Stepper motors are increasingly taking its position in the world of the electronics. Starting from a normal Surveillance camera to a complicated CNC machines/Robot these Stepper Motors are used everywhere as actuators since they provide accurate controlling. In this tutorial we will learn about the most commonly/cheaply available stepper motor 28-BYJ48 and how to interface it with Arduino using ULN2003 stepper module.

Circuit Digest 21 Aug 13:29

4-digit 7-segment Led Clock With Manual Adjust & Alarm, Thermometer & Higrometer Using Arduino

For RTC clock I use DS1307 homemade module, but works without changes with DS3231 module. For thermometer and higrometer it use DHT11 sensor, but with a small change in sketch can be use DHT22 (AM2302) sensor.I use led display named LFD080AAG-103-01 (4-digit 7-segment common cathode)."Brain" is Ardu...
By: niq_ro

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Water Level Indicator

The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328 (Arduino Nano 3.x). It has more or less the same functionality of the Arduino Duemilanove, but in a different package.This is a project which is based on the Arduino Nano and it's interfacing with other sens...
By: goks_lf

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Instructables 21 Aug 08:00

Kit Arduino: Sensor De Movimiento Y Buzzer

Materiales:ArduinoJumpersSensor de movimiento Buzzers2 Leds (preferiblementes de diferente color)2 resistencias de 330 ohm Se conecta Tierra/Negativo/GND (diferentes nombres para lo mismo) en la protoPin 3: a una de las patas del sensor de movimientoPin 8: a una pata del buzzer Pin 12: al ánodo ...
By: Jefgd

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Instructables 21 Aug 05:14

Guess the Number With Arduino KeyPad

This is a simple and funnies project with an Arduino UNO and the famous "keypad shield".The Keypad shield is a famous shield for Arduino UNO that has an LCD and 5 switch buttons. You can use the LCD and buttons for creating everything you want. The most projects use the Arduino UNO and the keypad sh...
By: masteruan

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Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects | Arduino UNO As ATmega328P Programmer

Programming ATmega328P using Arduino as ISP ( In-System Programmer) allows you to use Arduino features on a breadboard or PCB. It mostly helps when you are making your college project. It reduces the cost of project and size as well. So simply do the testing on Arduino and finalize the project on ...
By: OrientalHornet

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Bluetooth Based Home Automation Via SmartPhone

As we know that our life is full automation. Either we are at home or in a car or either in a office. Now i am taking this step to make my home full automatic.As we also know that Smartphone is also present in our pocket. Then i have decided to make this system for my home. In this instructable i wi...
By: awaiskhawar

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Hello ! In this Instructables we shall learn how to make a 4x4x4x LED Cube using Arduino. I have explained the making of the cube step by step in a sequence. The total cost of this project is 500 Rupees.Watch this Video For Better understanding..I have attached the link to the arduino code and the r...
By: The_Technocrat

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How to Make LED Chaser Using NodeMcu ESP8266

Click to Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instructables: Copyright © 2018 AVI SOFTWARE INDIA. All rights reserved. Components Required Node...
By: avisoftwareindia

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Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 (Arduino Project)

In this project I will show you how to use two ultrasonic sensors connected to your Arduino board.I’m providing a full step-by-step guidance to expalin how to use this kind of sensors, and I'm explaining in details both hardware and software parts in order to turn this guidance the simplest way that...
By: MegaDAS

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