Smart Car Automation with E-Mail notifications - IoT using Arduino, ESP8266

This is an IoT based project implemented on the car. There is not much difference between the logic and process in this project and in real world. In this world of IoT, smart car is an uprising part of Internet of Things.I have used different sensor and a micro-controller as simple as an Arduino an...
By: DebadriD

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Instructables 26 Jun 20:08

Smart Home Network With ESP8266 and RFM69

In this project I will show you how to create a network of Arduinos with RFM69 transceivers to turn on and off lights in your home. This network is made up of a base Arduino with an ESP8266-01 to be able to control your lights on a computer or phone. The Arduinos connected to the lights will communi...
By: KenPham

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Instructables 26 Jun 19:48

Voice Controlled Home Automation

Hello there, In this instructable, I'm going to teach you to make a voice controlled Home Automation. We'll just tap on our mobile and control our appliances by our voice. Trust me it's not so hard to make as it sounds. Just follow the steps and you will make a Home Automation for your own. Our home...
By: Be_Learner

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Instructables 26 Jun 19:30

Make and Share Compiled Files of Arduino Sketches!

Hi!Maybe you want to share your Arduino code in compiled format file for a Homework project or simply to impress your friends that you know Assembly ;), or you want to prevent illegal use and re-distribution of your proprietary libraries, or better, you are you onlywant to move further and flash yo...
By: JuanToño

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Instructables 26 Jun 17:44

Temperature and Solar Sensor Using Arduinos

These temperature and solar sensors are specifically designed to be used in the classroom. They are built using Arduinos, dallas temperature sensors, and homemade solar sensors produced by the QESST program at ASU. Constructing your Arduino and Case Because K-12 students are expected to be using ...
By: allisonwolf93

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Instructables 26 Jun 16:55

Automated GreenHouses

Plantduino Greenhouse Hydroponic Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System Automated Greenhouse Arduino Grove WiFi Enabled Greenhouse IGreenhouse - Intelligent Greenhouse
By: Nick_Arm

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Instructables 26 Jun 13:51

4x4 Keypad With Arduino and Processing

Don't like LCD displays??Want to make your projects look appealing?Well, here is the solution. In this Instructable you'll be able to free yourself from the hassles of using an LCD screen to display content from your Arduino and also make your projects look good with this amazing and free GUI softwa...
By: Chinmay17

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Instructables 26 Jun 13:04

Home Automation With Blink (eye/organ)

To control appliances with eye blink and provide system for cheap home automation. Aim Well the aim was to design a simple, cheap and easy to build home automation system which can be controlled by simple blink detection such as eye or any organ movement. A few requirements for the system were:1....
By: m_29

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Instructables 26 Jun 09:50

Weather Matrix Display

About the projectFor this project I'm going to create a mini weather status from a 8x8 matrix display.I will be using Genuino MKR1000 to fetch temperature, humidity and condition of weather within a selected location.Show status to display in an slide animation pattern.ChallengesSince 8x8 Matrix is ...
By: imjeffparedes

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Instructables 26 Jun 09:31

Arduino Guitar Effector

This is an Arduino based guitar preamp+effector. This instructable contains basic information about how to build a circuit on a breadboard and an Arduino code to drive the system. The guitar effects are not implemented here, but some examples can be found from another project of mine:
By: sangww

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Instructables 26 Jun 04:53