DIY Arduino Based Pulse Induction Metal Detector

This is a relatively simple metal detector with excellent performances. This detector can detect a small metal coin at a distance of 15 centimeters, and bigger metal objects up to 40-50cm Pulse Induction (PI) systems use a single coil as both transmitter and receiver. This technology se...
By: mircemk

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Instructables 23 Apr 22:39

How to Use Attiny85 With Arduino

I bought a new Digispark's Attiny85 Board.But was unable to use it for two days just because of the driver packages. And finally after searching a lot I found the answer. I refered various tutorials for this and tried. I was getting an error for COM port in Arduino. Here I solved for it.Pinouts: Al...
By: alaspuresujay

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Instructables 23 Apr 19:41

Bluetooth Plant Watering System

*** WHAT IS A BLUETOOTH PLANT WATERING SYSTEM*** This is a electronic system powered by the ARDUINO UNO (micro controller) board. The system uses Bluetooth technology to receive data from the user's phone. ...
By: cool_d_u_d_e_

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Instructables 23 Apr 16:27

Capture cinematic shots with this object-tracking camera slider

When filming your projects—or day-to-day life—static shots can be fun, but having a moving perspective often looks even better. The challenge is keeping the camera pointed at your subject, which maker Saral Tayal addresses with his automated slider.

This Arduino Uno-controlled slider is powered by a pair of brushed DC motors with encoders attached for feedback. One pulls the camera along a pair of rails on a set of linear bearings, while the other adjusts the camera’s horizontal angle using trigonometry to keep a particular object in-frame. 

Code and print files are available in Tayal’s write-up, and some beautiful resulting shots with an explanation of the project can be seen in the video below. 

Interfacing Vibration Sensor Module with Arduino

There are several critical machines or expensive equipments which suffer damages due to vibrations. In such a case, a vibration sensor is required to find out whether the machine or equipment is producing vibrations or not. Identifying the object which is continuously vibrating is not a tricky job if the proper sensor is used to detect the vibration. There are several types of vibration sensors available in the market which can detect the vibration bys sensing acceleration or velocity and could provide excellent result.

Circuit Digest 23 Apr 11:22

Arduino Tutorials

Tutorials for how you can use an Arduino and different sensors.
By: taste_the_code

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Instructables 23 Apr 10:18

Beginner’s Guide to Use DHT11/DHT22 Sensors W/ Arduino

You can read this and other amazing tutorials on ElectroPeak's official websiteOverviewIn this tutorial, you will learn how to set up DHT11 and DHT22 sensors, and measure the environment temperature and humidity.What You Will Learn: DHT11 and DHT22 features and differences DHT11 and DHT22 structure ...
By: Electropeak

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Instructables 23 Apr 06:32

Use Your NES Controller As a Smart TV Remote

Turn your classic Nintendo controller into Smart TV remote with the help of an Arduino Uno. This is a quick and simple project suitable for beginners. I will also show you how to fix the Panasonic bug in the Arduino IRremote library.daniscubla.malignani's Instructable and randofo's Instructable were...
By: barbecue_donuts

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Instructables 23 Apr 05:52

Arduino Watch

This is my personal solution for an Watch by Arduino. The aim this project is work around arduino pro mini and 7 pin oled display (SPI). All components wired in a PCB Universal Experiment Matrix:- Arduino Pro Mini 328 Module Atmega328P- 0.96 Inch SPI OLED Display Module- IIC Module Precision Clock M...
By: robertodelle

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Instructables 23 Apr 00:36

Arduino 2-in-1 Model Train Controller

Forty years ago I designed an op-amp based model train throttle for a couple of friends, and then about four years ago I recreated it using a PIC microcontroller. This Arduino project recreates the PIC version but also adds the capability to use a Bluetooth connection instead of the manual switches...
By: Boomer48

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Instructables 22 Apr 23:14