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Quadrupede bluetooth Spider


After printing pieces to Prusa I3 is the new 4-legged spider with bluetooth comm :)


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Let's Make Robots 07 Jun 20:27
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3d Printed Quadruped

Primary image

What does it do?

Obstacle avoidance via ping, hand tracking (eventually)

Still lots to do, but I finally got this guy printed and assembled. He has 3DOF per leg using cheap 9g servos :( I'm using Inverse kinematics for his movement. I just started programming him and got the IK working for one leg. The ping((( is just stuck in the mega2560 for now. I'll be adding a tilt/pan head when I get more servos, and the wiring needs some cleaning up :p I just found out about LMR last week and so far it's awesome! Hopefully by the end of next weekend I'll have some walk sequence video to show off.

Cost to build


Embedded video

Finished project


Time to build

20 hours



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