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Quadrupede bluetooth Spider


After printing pieces to Prusa I3 is the new 4-legged spider with bluetooth comm :)


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Let's Make Robots 07 Jun 20:27
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servo for mini hexapod


I want to build a mini hexapod and i would like a suggestion from you for a cheap servomachine (de kserw an to grafw kala auto) to use, which will be sufficient for this project.. I have found these here on my own:

HobbyKing HK15148

HobbyKing 928BB




Let's Make Robots 04 Dec 19:11
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TaLoS Humanoid Robot

Primary image

What does it do?

Balance to one leg, move hand, move head with Power Led on
Hello everybody,
I am back one year later, with my latest construction Red Dragon biped robot
After my second construction, named Red-dragon V2 (humanoid) was too heavy and tall, wasn’t successful, I moved on constructing a new one Humanoid Robot, which I called it Talos.

Cost to build


Embedded video

Finished project


Time to build

400 hours



URL to more information


1650 grams

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