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Digital Rain Cloud



This is a very simple project that turns a Rainbow Cube Kit from Seeedstudio, into a digital rain cloud. It features a relaxing rain animation which is ruined by a not-so-relaxing yet somewhat realistic lightning effect. The animation has a very random pattern, and is quite satisfying to watch. The strategically placed cotton wool on the top of the cube makes all the difference to the project, and is sure to impress all of your friends. Luckily, I have done all of the hard work for you. You will find the full source code for the animation sequence below. You just have to provide the Rainbow Cube Kit and the cotton wool. Have fun !!


3*3*3 LED cube using arduino uno

Hello Friends,

In this post, we are going to make 3d led cube using arduino. It's 3*3*3 led cube, so require a total of 27 leds. For driving 27 leds we require driver IC like ULN2003.

List of components:
  • Arduino uno
  • 27 LEDs
  • ULN2003
  • Perfboard
  • 8 220 ohms resistor
  • Jumper wires

In 3*3*3 led cube, basically there are three layers. In first layer, ground is common for 9 leds and same for layer 2 and layer 3.

There are 9+3 output pins, 9 for anode and three for 3 layers.

We are using ULN2003 IC, since arduino can't provide enough current to drive all the 27 led simultaneously.

Check out the video:

L3D Cube Takes the Work out of Building an LED Cube

Building an LED cube usually means a heck of a lot of delicate soldering work. Bending jigs, assembly jigs, and lots of patience are the name of the game. The problem multiplies if you want to build with RGB LEDs. [Shawn and Alex] are hoping to change all that with their L3D cube. Yes, L3D is a Kickstarter campaign, but it has enough good things about it that we’re comfortable featuring it here on Hackaday. What [Shawn and Alex] have done is substitute WS2812b surface mount LEDs for the 5mm  or 3mm through hole LEDs commonly used in cubes. The downside is that the cube is no longer visible on all sides. The upside is that it becomes a snap to assemble.

The L3D cube is open source hardware. The source files are available from separate software and hardware Github repositories. Not next week, not when they hit their funding goal, but now. We seriously like this, and hope all crowdfunding campaigns go this route.

The L3D cube uses an open source Spark Core as its processor and WiFi interface. Using WS2812b’s means less I/O pins, and no LED driver chips needed. This makes it perfect for a board like Spark or Arduino.  On the software side, the team has created a Processing Library which makes it easy to create animations with no coding necessary.

L3D has all the features one would expect from an LED cube – a microphone for ambient sound visualizations, and lots of built in animations. It seems [Shawn and Alex] have also created some sort of synchronization system while allows multiple cubes to work together when stacked. The team is hoping someone will come up with a 3D printed light diffuser to make these cubes truly a 360 degree experience.

The L3D cube campaign is doing well, [Shawn and Alex] are close to doubling their $38,000 goal. Click past the break to check out their Kickstarter video!

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Incredible RGB LED Cube Tutorial

We’ve seen our fair share of LED light cubes before, but what makes this one different is its incredibly detailed, step-by-step tutorial.   The creator of this light show previously made a one color LED light cube and shared the trials, tribulations and instructions.  He has since decided to go multi-color, again while challenging himself and learning some new tricks along the way.

The project requires 512, 10mm RGB LEDs and an Arduino compatible microcomputer. The creator used wooden strips to create vertical panels of LEDs rather than horizontal layers for ease of building. The building and soldering took about one weekend and the software took about 70 hours. The author saves you time by providing most of the code for you.  Learn how to  fbuild your own RGB LED cube!

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