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Upcycle an old coffee pot into an IoT ramen maker

Ramen noodles can be a quick snack or meal, but per this IoT ramen maker by Clem Mayer, you don’t even have to run to the microwave to prepare them. 

His project used a vintage electric filter coffee machine to heat and dribble water into the waiting brick-o-food, then a stepper-driven pusher adds flavor powder. More seasoning can be dispensed via a servo-actuated syringe, and another stepper is used to stir everything.

The setup is controlled by a MKR WiFi 1010 board, giving Mayer the ability to start meals/mix in hot sauce from the convenience of his phone via a simple web app. Results are… edible-ish, but if you want to build your own, files and more info can be found here.

Washing machine becomes ‘universal’ rotary tool

If you have a broken washing machine, you may want to think twice before disposing of it. As Stephen John Saville shows in this multi-use rotary table project, they can provide a wealth of parts, from the actual physical structure/table of the build, to a motor that’s able to run via AC or DC, and various other mechanical components. There’s even an electronic timer salvaged from an old microwave.

To keep the turntable running at the desired speed, he used an Arduino Nano connected to a triad circuit, along with an LM393 chip and optocoupler to implement closed-loop control. User feedback is shown on a 16×2 LCD screen, updated every two seconds to avoid interfering with speed control functions. 

More info on this clever hack can be found in its well-detailed write-up, and be sure to check out the very entertaining video of what’s involved in such a repurposing feat below! 

Arduino Blog 14 May 14:17