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Arduino vs. Phidgets vs. Gadgeteer

A few days ago, we saw a dev time trial between the Arduino and Phidgets, a somewhat proprietary dev board that is many times more expensive than an Arduino. The time trial was a simple experiment to see which platform was faster to prototype simple circuits. As always in Hackaday comments, there was a ton of comments questioning the validity and bias of the test. Not wanting to let a good controversy go to waste, [Ian Lee] tossed his hat into the ring with the same dev trial with the Gadgeteer.

The Gadgeteer has the same design philosophy as Phidgets: modular components and a unique software system -the Gadgeteer is based on .NET Micro Framework – that allows you to get up and running quickly. Unlike Phidgets, the Gadgeteer is priced competitively with the Arduino, and the mainboard is priced within an order of magnitude of a single ATMega chip.

[Ian] pulled off three project with the three development platforms: blinking a LED, moving a servo, and building a pedometer with an accelerometer. For each trial, the time taken and the price of all components were added up. Here’s the relevant graph:

According to the tests, the Gadgeteer won by a large margin. We’re not going to call this a definitive test, and no sane person should think it is. It does, however, highlight the benefits of a well-designed ‘module-based’ development system combined with a good IDE: the Gadgeteer is consistently faster than Phidgets, and just a bit more expensive than an Arduino.

While a time trial consisting of one developer writing code to blink a LED, move a servo, and read a pedometer is hardly enough to make any conclusions, it does demonstrate that the Gadgeteer isn’t that much more expensive than using an Arduino. We’ll leave the rest of the discussion to the commentors below.

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