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Heart Rate Monitor using Android and Arduino

Last week I decided to buy some stuff from local reseller of Arduino. I bought a Kyto Heart Sensor that transmits heart pulses to a receiver via radio frequency. The RF receiver can then be interfaced to an arduino and then pass the results to an Android device for visualization.


Fixing the ADK Library to work with Arduino 1.0

If you’ll try to create a sketch using the Android ADK library on  the latest version of Arduino (1.0 as of this writing), you will get several errors just like this:

This is because they renamed some header files and also changed the signature of some commonly used functions. Initially I thought it will take [...]

Android + Arduino 06 Apr 01:07

How to use a Tricolor LED and a Mini Buzzer

So I’ve made a little not-so-challenging game that uses a tricolor LED, mini buzzer, arduino and of course our Android device. The mechanics of the game is that you need to choose a color, red, green or blue from the Android app and then the accessory (arduino) will randomly pick a color after [...]

Controlling a Micro-Servo

In this post, I’ll show you how to use a micro-servo in Arduino and be controlled from an Android application. Let’s start by describing what a servo is.

A servomotor is a motor in which the shaft rotates in micro steps. You can control the servo by sending the angular degrees by which it [...]

Sensing Light Variations using LDR

Today, I’m going to show how easy it is to read data from an accessory to your android device. In this example, we are going to use a special kind of resistor whose resistance is dependent on the amount of light falling on its surface. It is called Light-Dependent-Resistor or LDR or also known [...]

Android + Arduino 26 Mar 16:03
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Getting Started with Android and Arduino

Writing applications on Android is cool but writing applications on Android that can talk to the physical world is totally awesome. I recently bought a Seeduino ADK Board, which is actually a clone of an Arduino board that has support for the Android Accessory Development Kit. You can find more information about Seeduino here.

Android + Arduino 25 Mar 17:13
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