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Googly Eyes Follow You Around the Room

If you’re looking to build the next creepy Halloween decoration or simply thinking about trying out OpenCV for the first time, this next project will have you covered. [Glen] made a pair of giant googly eyes that follow you around the room using some servos and some very powerful software.

The project was documented in three parts. In Part 1, [Glen] models and builds the eyes themselves, including installing the servo motors that will eventually move them around. The second part involves an Arduino and power supply that will control the servos, and the third part goes over using OpenCV to track faces.

This part of the project is arguably the most interesting if you’re new to OpenCV; [Glen] uses this software package to recognize different faces. From there, the computer picks out the most prominent face and sends commands to the Arduino to move the eyes to the appropriate position. The project goes into great detail, from Arduino code to installing Ubuntu to running OpenCV for the first time!

We’ve featured some of [Glen]’s projects before, like his FPGA-driven LED wall, and it’s good to see he’s still making great things!


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Googly Eye Arduino Shield proves geeks just wanna have fun (video)

Look, not every Arduino accessory has to be useful. Heck, some of them don't have to do anything at all except, perhaps, make you smile. And that's all the Googly Eye Arduino Shield promises to provide -- a little cheer and personality to add to your latest hack or project. The $7 shield is simply a platform with stacking headers, so you put another shield on top if you like, that sports a pair of googly eyes. Best of all, it's completely customizable. The kit comes with two pairs of different sized peepers which you can place wherever you want. Add all four if you like! The blank white slate leaves you plenty of room to doodle, add a smile, eyelashes or, if you simply must ruin it by adding functionality, a mini breadboard. You can see the Evil Mad Scientist-made shield in action after the break but, honestly, if you're not sold yet you never will be (also, you probably don't have a soul).

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