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Intel Edison Arduino Expansion ---> dymanixel motors

I was wondering what the best method to control DYNAMIXEL AX-18A motors from an Intel Edison with arduino expansion board would be, I have teh Arbotix-M, the UartSBee, the Edison with Arduino Expansion Board, and the Arduino Uno. I really want to make it so that I can use the Intel Edison w/ expansion board, and send that to the Arbotix-M. Can you help me?


A Tool For Spying On Serial Data

[Piotr] was working on a recent Arduino project when he ran into a problem. He was having trouble getting his Arduino Pro Mini to communicate with an ESP8266 module. He needed a way to snoop on the back and forth serial communications. Since he didn’t have a specialized tool for this task, [Piotr] ended up building his own.

The setup is pretty simple. You start with a standard serial cable containing the TX, RX, DTR, and GND wires. This cable connects the Arduino to the ESP8266 WiFi module. The TX and RX lines are then tapped into. Each wire is routed to the RX pin of two different serial to USB adapters. This way, the data being sent from the Arduino shows up on one COM port and the data being transmitted from the module shows up on the other.

The next piece of the puzzle was coming up with a way to see the data more clearly. [Piotr] could have opened two serial terminals simultaneously, but this wasn’t ideal because it would be difficult to compare the timing of the data. Instead, [Piotr] spent less than an hour writing his own simple serial terminal. This one connects to two COM ports at the same time and prints the data on the same screen. The data from each COM port is displayed in a separate color to make it easy to differentiate. The schematic and source code to this project can be found on [Piotr’s] website.

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Showcase your project: ListComPorts per Windows

Marco Lai ci propone un software da lui sviluppato per semplificare la gestione delle porte COM su di un sistema Windows, nel caso vengano utilizzate differenti schede Arduino in una volta sola:

Spesso mi capita di usare diversi tipi di Arduino collegati allo stesso pc e diventa abbastanza frustrante capire quale sia la relativa porta COM, dato che nell’IDE viene elencato il nome della porta senza la descrizione del tipo di dispositivo associato.
Quindi devo accedere a gestione dispositivi e controllare nella voce Port (COM e LPT) quale sia questa associazione, in modo da caricare gli sketch sui giusto relativi dispositivi.
Il problema poi aumenta quando collego e scollego le schede dalla porta usb, magari invertendo l’ordine sulle porte, ottenendo così nuovi assegnamenti di COM che mi costringono a tenere aperta la finestra gestione dispositivi.
Ho scritto una piccola utility che elenca le porte COM con la descrizione del dispositivo collegato, in questo modo lavoro meglio e quando ricollego le schede posso cliccare sul pulsante aggiorna per ottenere la nuova lista aggiornata.

Maggiori informazioni, così come il link per scaricare ListComPorts, possono essere trovate qui.

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Processing communicating with Arduino via Bluetooth problems

I am at my wits end! Ive spent the last three or so hours trying to get this to work with no avail.

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