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Some tips and tricks for controlling a servo with an Arduino

Servos aren’t particularly hard to control with Arduinos, and in fact there’s a library available just for that purpose. Actually making the connection between the board and servo and managing one’s power usage will require a bit more finesse.

In the video below, Jeremy S. Cook explains how you can create an adapter that goes between your servo and an Uno, including a capacitor to help even out voltage spikes. While in most cases you would want to supply power your servos separately from the Arduino, this technique seems to work well in a quick round of tests. 

In addition, the clip shows how to attach a servo and then detach it to cut it off, using a function outside of the main loop and no additional hardware. This would be very helpful in applications where power is at a premium — or if you just don’t want the servo jittering back and forth!

Arduino Blog 06 Nov 19:26
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Autonomous robot pet

3/6/18- Just finished the front legs! Woohoo! I did several test runs on one of them, the most recent being documented in the video. But I screwed up the movement range in the test Arduino sketches, since the servos can no longer rotate fully. I hope I didn’t strain the servo too bad...


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