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Avr OS on Arduino

What about an OS to run on your Arduino? Ok not in the way big os, remember Arduino has limited performance, but some of the basics, like spinlocks/multitask can be integrated with the AVR Os. As you know Arduino uses an AVR Compilant Processor, so its easy to port the code. The user [chris] sent us the way to do it, with also a simple sketch to print the classic “Hello World”.

avr-os is a library that provides a very basic rutime that enables your program to multitask.
The library uses pre-emptive multitasking to switch tasks and each task has its own stack that is restored when a task is resumed. An AVR timer is used to provide ticks and this interrupt is used to switch tasks.

All the instructions and the code to do it is stored at the [website]

Arduino Blog 11 Dec 17:04

leOS and looper: task scheduling made easy on Arduino

In his website, Leonardo Miliani proposes a simple prototype of a pseudo operating system for Arduino, dubbed leOS (which is the acronym of little embedded operating system). Its goal is to provide the user with the capability to periodically schedule any given C function according to a specific time period. From his blog:

To be honest, it should more correct to say that leOS is actually something that is halfway a simple prototype of an real-time operating system (RTOS) and a scheduler. [...]

leOS can run simple tasks that don’t require excessive CPU time but it can be useful in all of those situations where the user wants to let a task run itself out of the main loop.

Based on the experience pursued during the development of leOS, Leonardo also proposes another project, named looper, which resembles a simple task scheduler. Its goal is to provide a much lighter set of APIs for scheduling tasks on the microcontroller, if compared to leOS.

More information and source code can be found here, for leOS, and here, for looper.

[Via: Leonardo Miliani's website]

Arduino Blog 29 Aug 10:05

An alternative Language/OS for your Max-32

Did you buy a Digilent Max-32 for the 32 bit processor and the Arduino compatability (these boards are VERY Arduino compat.)

Do you know you have an entire OS including the Basic language available to you for FREE???

See the following website for details on: (StickOS).

(By the way, those with a Uno-32 boards are not left out, you can do the same thing!)

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