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Saying HI again. Still here building bots...

Hello again!

It has been ages since I have been on LMR and I missed you guys something fierce! :-)

I have just built another "generic" Arduino based bot (it WAS NOT fun getting the driver to install in Windows 8!!!)

(I will try and get a picture and more details up when I can, but basically it uses a Arduino Uno, a servo/Sharp rangefinder combo and a L293D bridge chip to control 2 very low power motors driving the wheels in differential form. Like I said, pretty generic.)

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Let's Make Robots 17 Feb 22:41
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GOduino III Robot Controller

This is my first PCB project so I would appreciate the feedback.

The GOduino III is an Arduino compatible Open Source Hardware robot controller. It's a simple and inexpensive robot controller (appx. $25). I built this controller for my robotics workshops as well as for my personal projects.  The GOduino III can be inserted into a breadboard for easy prototyping. 

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