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Gruesome/Awesome Web-Controlled Puppet

Twitr_janus is a live physical avatar — a puppet that can be controlled remotely through Google Drive, Twitter, and Skype. Inside: an Arduino and webcam. Outside: hot glue face (shaped with a silicone latex mold) and paper mache skull (shaped over carved polystyrene).

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Glowback: Arduino-Powered Clay Sculpture

Ben Hollis and Eva Funderburgh chose an unusual material to house their Arduino in: clay. Glowback, the little creature they’ve created, has nodules on its back made of transluscent porcelain. The porcelain gives off a soft glow in staggered rhythms provided by the super bright LEDs underneath the nodules.

With physical computing being used more and more in fine arts, it’s exciting to see a project such as this one. See Ben Hollis’ site for full documentation.

MAKE » Arduino 14 Jun 20:00