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Ping pong balls launcher

Hi everyone!

This was my first CNC and 3D printing project. 

It is a functional ping pong balls launcher designed to be controlled by an arduino (or any other microcontroller). It uses a servo to dispense the balls and two motors with wheels to give speed and shoot them.

All the plastic pieces can be printed using an 3D printer and the bases can be done using a CNC or a laser cutter. Have a look at the thingiverse page:

In order to build this you will need the following material:

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Monster Catcher

Primary image

What does it do?

Catches Monsters Under the Bed

This is the LMR robot for the today's Campus-Party Berlin. Its purpose in life is to help children if they are afraid of monsters in the night. The Monster Catcher stays under the bed and makes noises to catch the monsters...

The Monster Catcher is a collective work of Drakuni, Antonio, Isotope, TinHead, Frits, RobotFreak, Lumi and Francisco.

The Making

Here some impressions from the making.

Frits, Nils and Antonio elaborate on the ideas. It is important that it is a very easy-to-make robot that does not need rocket science software and hardware.

Cost to build


Embedded video

Finished project


Time to build

10 hours


URL to more information


300 grams

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