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Teenager automates his family’s holiday lights with an Arduino Mega

As first reported by the Des Moines Register, this year 14-year-old Josiah Davenport decided to animate 3,500 Christmas lights on his family’s home with the help of an Arduino Mega. The lighting pattern is synchronized with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter,” which passersby can listen to by tuning in to 89.5 FM on their car radios. 

This ambitious installation was started back in July, and took around 100 hours of research, programming, and assembly. How the lights look at night can be seen in the first video below, while the second and third outline how everything was assembled.

Davenport notes that it’s been a fun endeavor, but is happy to see it come together, hoping that it brings a smile to people’s faces this holiday season! You can read more about the project in his local newspaper’s article here.

12 dazzling holiday light displays with Arduino

There’s nothing like a dazzling display of lights to help get you into the holiday spirit. Every year, enthusiasts share the magic of the season by decorating their homes with artfully strung, animated bulbs, while some Makers take their projects to the next level using open-source hardware.

2016 did not disappoint. A quick Google search revealed a bunch of Arduino-controlled LED shows that you’ll want to see!

Did you deck out your house? Share it below! Also, don’t forget to enter your Internet of Holiday Things projects in our latest contest here.