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The Arduino Fundamentals Certification Exam is now available in Spanish and Italian!

For enthusiasts, the Fundamentals Exam is the first tier in the Arduino Certification Program (ACP), designed to test entrants knowledge in Arduino-related electronics, programming, and physical computing.

The exam is available for everyone interested in officially certifying their skills and knowledge on Arduino, that could, for example, be referred to in a resume for academic or professional purposes.

Get your students, colleagues and friends certified!

The Fundamentals Exam is now also open to schools, academic institutions, universities, and companies that are interested in getting their students and employees officially certified!

The Fundamentals Certification offers the right balance of academic excellence and real world skills to give students the confidence and motivation they need to succeed both in educational and professional environments.

It is a great opportunity for companies who are interested in certifying their employees to refresh and add new skills to their repertoire.

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El examen de Certificación Fundamentals, está ahora disponible en Español e Italiano

Para entusiastas, el examen de Certificación Fundamentals, es el primer nivel del Programa de certificación Arduino (ACP), diseñado para evaluar el conocimiento de los participantes en electrónica, programación y computación física relacionadas con Arduino.

El examen está disponible para todos los interesados ??en certificar oficialmente sus habilidades y conocimientos en Arduino, que podrían, por ejemplo, mencionarse en un currículum con fines académicos o profesionales.

¡Certifica a tus estudiantes, colegas y equipo de trabajo!

La certificación también está disponible para escuelas, instituciones académicas, universidades y empresas que estén interesadas en certificar oficialmente a sus estudiantes y equipo de trabajo.

La Certificación Fundamentals ofrece el equilibrio adecuado entre excelencia académica y habilidades del mundo real, para brindar a los estudiantes la confianza y la motivación que necesitan para tener éxito tanto en entornos académicos como profesionales.

También es una gran posibilidad para compañías que están interesadas en certificar a su equipo de trabajo para actualizar y agregar nuevas habilidades a su repertorio.

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Siamo lieti di annunciare che l’esame per la certificazione Arduino Fundamentals è da adesso disponibile anche in spagnolo e italiano! 

Desideriamo rendere accessibile la Certificazione alle scuole, alle istitutuzioni, università e aziende che siano interessate a certificare ufficialmente i propri studenti e dipendenti! La certificazione Arduino Fundamentals offre il giusto equilibrio fra l’acquisizione di abilità accademiche e lavorative, fornendo agli studenti la sicurezza e la motivazione necessarie per riuscire nel mondo accademico e professionale. E’ inoltre un increndibile possibilità per le aziende interessate ad aggionarne, migliorare e/o accrescere le capacità dei propri dipendenti.

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Become a certified member of the Arduino community

As recently announced, the Arduino Certification Program : Arduino Fundamentals is a structured way for you to enhance and validate your Arduino skills. Although the exam has been available in the U.S. since May, we’re excited it to roll out to the EU and rest of the world (except Brazil).

Arduino Fundamentals provides you with the opportunity to gain official recognition for your knowledge in Arduino-related electronics, programming, and physical computing. If you pass the test, you will be rewarded with an Arduino Fundamentals certificate in your name containing a unique QR code to ensure authenticity. 

If you think you can answer 36 questions in 75 minutes, then you can become a fully certified member of the Arduino community and enhance your resume for just $30.

A free online demo is also available to help give you an idea of the types of queries you will be challenged with. Feeling confident in your Arduino abilities? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try!

Samsung Joins Arduino Certified Program with ARTIK family

We are happy to announce that Samsung has joined the Arduino Certified Program with the launch of its new ARTIK platform. The collaboration was announced today, during the Internet of Things World in San Francisco, on stage by Young Sohn – President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics – and Massimo Banzi, Co-founder of Arduino.

The ARTIK family is among the elite group of Arduino Certified processors that are compatible with the Arduino ecosystem. The ARTIK platform can be programmed utilizing the Arduino Software Development Environment (IDE), allowing developers the benefit of tapping into the Arduino community for ideas, insights and best practices. Arduino integration brings the open ARTIK platform into the hands and minds of makers, hobbyists and first-time programmers, who will join developers in discovering new possibilities for the Internet of Things.

Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystem, Samsung Electronics said:

“Our approach is to provide open platforms to help accelerate the development of IoT for our customers, developers and end users. Being part of Arduino’s Certified Program helps millions of developers familiar with Arduino IDE to take advantage and focus all of their energy to building new and innovative products.”

Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder of Arduino said:

“Arduino Certified ARTIK gives the Arduino passionate community the right tools to create something revolutionary in IoT, in a faster and easier way”

Selected conference attendees were given the ARTIK development boards to begin immediate development and all those in attendance were asked to join the ARTIK platform alpha program. More information about the ARTIK platform and development tools may be found at