Arduino RC Car

In this instructable i will be showing you how to build your won rc arduino controlled car Step One, It's easy! The First step in making an Arduino Remote Controlled car is to obtain one!Materials: R/C Car (Most will work just some will be easier)Soldering ironSolderArduino (UNO)Ranibow wireBread...
By: Dragonslayer2577

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arduino RC car

For a class project we are turning a RC car into a car that is controlled by an arduino the main objective is to make this car do a figure 8 using the arduino. Getting started Take the top of the car off so you can see the circuit board and unscrew it from its holder. Finding the right pi...
By: Joe Kingham

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Arduino RC Car

This is a GUIDE on how I programmed a RC car with a Arduino for a school project!Hope that this helps you your project! First step is to pull the body off the car so that the motherboard is visible. Then the mother board will need to removed from the secure location on the body of the car, DO NO...
By: Cameron Holcombe

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Arduino RC Car

Primary image

What does it do?

Drives and avoids obstacles

I had bought a RC Car from walmart for about $15 to use with the Arduino Motorshield a while back (see here). Fortunately, I had taken some pictures before I removed the RC receiver circuit from it. Turns out that its lot more efficient to use the onboard controller along with an Arduino instead of using a motorshield. I didnt some research and found out that many “cheap” RC cars use the same Realtek TX2 & RX2 chips inside. I was lucky enough to find the same inside this RC car.

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