July 2014 release of Wise Clock 4 software

This latest code release includes:
  1. introduction of the two-faced (Kandinsky) feature, on 2 or 4 displays;
  2. fixes related to screen centering for 3 or 4 displays (Big, Stopwatch etc);
  3. fix for Pacman app on 3/4 displays;
  4. fix for Words app on 3/4 displays (so the text does not start scrolling in the middle of the screen);
  5. improved the font definition for digits (effectively making them 5x7 pixels; see photo below);
  6. fix for Score app (swapped button functions);

I am sure that there are still a few bugs to fix.
As well, some improvements would be nice, the most notable being the better use of a screen with 3 or 4 displays, especially for the Big mode, where the time is still shown on the (center) 2 displays. (This would call for spreading out of the digits, or even the definition of a wider font.)

[original story: Wise time with Arduino]